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  1. I own a 2015 Silverado 2500HD 6.6L D-Max Lt. My truck has cloth interior and does not have heated seats but does have a power drivers seat. My passenger seat is a manual seat. I have the opportunity to purchase leather seats and a center console from a 2018 1500 LTZ. I have already read nearly every post here and else where and know that It's not easy and for me, possible to make the heated seat portion work. I am ok with that. My question is, can I just swap out the bottoms of the seats with my current seats and bolt them back in? I understand that I can just buy Katzkin leather seat covers for my current seats but the guy I could buy this stuff from wants to sell it all as a package. 1100 for everything. The Katzkin covers for my truck are 600 bucks off ebay and the center consoles on ebay are about 800. So it would benefit me to buy this fellas stuff. Would it be possible to piece my seats bottom section to those seats and bolt them back in?
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