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  1. LOL, they're not that big but they certainly do smell awful, ha ha.
  2. We're kind of in the middle right now. We bought the Terrain this past spring with the idea that it would be a dramatic change from prior ownership of a Honda Accord. Our kids play ice hockey and we travel a lot, we needed the extra room and space and found this isn't providing what we were looking for. So, the Acadia is next, probably this spring. In the mean-time the only way we'll get the extra space for both of their equipment bags and luggage is by taking advantage of the roof rack. We have no choice since they both play every weekend we've found with both bags in the back you can't see out the rear window because they're piled on top of each other. We travel to Columbus, Ohio and Buffalo New York in the next couple months for tournaments and the rack is going to be absolutely necessary.
  3. I went ahead and called around and found out, low and behold, cross rails do not come standard on the SLT, but the side rails do. What is the point of that? So stupid. Anyway. I found these on Amazon because the dealership accessories only has a set for $195. This aftermarket package is $78, anybody have any experience with this or any other cheaper option that is simple to install? Fedar Roof Rack Cross Bar Cargo Carrier for 2010-2017 Chevy Equinox/GMC Terrain https://www.amazon.com/Fedar-Carrier-2010-2017-Equinox-Terrain/dp/B06WRS95ZX/ref=cm_wl_huc_item
  4. Why doesn't the 2015 Terrain SLT come with the cross bars that slide back and forth on the rails like every other normal roof rack? Can these be purchased after market, or is this designed this way for a reason?
  5. Does GMC sell a stock HID headlight which could be used to replace standard headlights on the SLT/SLE?
  6. Thank you sir, looks like we have the SLT2 then.
  7. We're fine with the built in GPS, but we will use the phones when the maps don't contain a destination we're looking for. On a side note, we just bought a 15 Terrain SLT and the GPS in that is awful, not from a maps perspective, from a UI perspective, the interface sucks and the map view you look at is terrible.
  8. What's strange is, both of my Ram 1500 SLT's were class 2 and were well over 7k lbs. Sorry, edit, I wrote class 3 but they were both class 2
  9. I'm in Pennsylvania and it's a 1500 short bed 5.5' Crew Cab.
  10. I'm actually taking my 2016 Sierra into service next Tuesday for a USB issue, I drove off the lot a week and a half ago and the iPod played fine. When I got home and decided to go back out for a spin, the audio system didn't recognize anything connected to USB. I checked the firmware on the iPod and found it needed an update so I updated it. The iPod worked for about 15 mins then disappeared again with USB being unrecognized. The manual suggested making sure to use proprietary equipment for all devices being connected to USB including Apple exclusive USB cables. So I went to Best Buy, bought the $35 Apple lightning cable and immediately tested the iPod, it worked again for 15 mins then stopped and USB was unrecognizable again. So, I'm now tired of screwing with it, I called service and they said to bring in the truck for a computer update. So that's my next step. My son's iPhone does still work on the audio system though. I haven't tried my Samsung S6 yet.
  11. Talked to GMC service today about our new Terrain, (bought 2015 SLT a week after we bough our 2016 GMC Sierra SLT). Wanted to replace the headlights and fogs with LED because we like the look of it and the actual candle power of the white light in the dark. Turns out GM doesn't make an LED upgrade package for headlights or fogs for the Terrain. They told me we have to check out third party options. So, is there anything out there that would provide a 3rd party option similar to the Sierra LED headlights? Another interest we had is to put the wheel well/fender trim on all four fenders like the Sierra, again GM doesn't make them for the Terrain, and the service tech told me there is no third party option either. Does anybody have any pics of their Terrain with customizations? Ours is "Cream/Champagne" color with double black/red pin stripe down the sides and 18" premium alloy/chrome wheels. Last question, How do you know if you have an SLT 1 or 2? The tag only states SLT but I see a lot of SLE's even have some of the same features.
  12. I just called GMC service at the shop nearest me and they ran the VIN, it came back as vehicle weight 3,942lbs. which is well below the 10,001 lbs + to be classified as class 3. EDIT - 12:52pm Emailed my salesman and he said it doesn't matter what the weight of the truck is, the original title is registered as class 3 and cannot be changed. That makes This makes no sense, why would a light truck be considered or classed at 3 when it's thousands of pounds under said classification?
  13. Ok, dumb question then. Where can I find out my trucks weight? I really don't need to be paying almost $500 more per year for being classed incorrectly.
  14. What is everybody elses truck class? It should be class 2, but the dealership classified it as class 3 and it changes my insurance by over $40 per month being labeled as such. I have 2016 GMC Sierra SLT premium w/ Off road package.
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