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  1. Hello, I bought my 17 a few months ago. Really haven't used 4x4 a lot. When I have I noticed when turning it seems to bog down/bind. It came with 20" wheels and still needs a NorCal mod, the tires rub when fully locked. So I thought it was that. But it binds down in 4x4 when turning slightly, so the rubbing isn't a factor. It almost feels like I was driving and the differential was locked ( a no no on hard packed ground). But I don't see the ability to lock the dif. Anyone have this issue? Is this just a Silverado 'thing" when in 4x4? Thanks.
  2. F Y I, this is what I got: OEM Size (P265/65R18 SL) Load Capacity: 2469 lbs. @ 35 psi. Passenger type tires are fitted with a 10% overage in load capability when used on SUV's, Light Trucks, and Vans because of the difference in load handling. This load overage can be removed when changing to an LT type tire. That brings the effective load capacity to acheive down to 2245 lbs. New Size (LT305/55R20 E) Load Capacity: 2273 lbs. @ 41 psi.
  3. Hi everyone, new guy here to the board. I just picked up a 2017 SIlverado (love it!) with 20" wheels and 33" tires. Can anyone give me a proper tire pressure for the tires seeing how they'er not stock so I figure the info on the truck is no longer correct. The actual size of the tires are LT305/55R20. Thanks!
  4. New guy here, hello, about to pull the trigger on a Silverado. Need an opinion. I can get one that's stock. The other I can get has 35's on 20" rims with a 7" trail master lift. I love the look but to the guys, and gals, who have jacked up rides, how stiff (uncomfortable) is the ride? My old truck, a toyota, had 33s and a 3" lift. But the truck was never comfortable to begin with. I'm not getting stuck in deep mud, but I do off road and go on the soft sand at the beach. Thanks guys.
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