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  1. Yes that is for the seat back but the seat bottom is what I am talking about 23170194 will it do both seats because it says it’s only for the driver seat
  2. Did the 23170194 also do the passenger side because online it says it only for the driver side. I have to do all 4 of mine.
  3. What did you find out I think I am going to get a custom tune and see if it helps.
  4. What did you find out I think I am going to get a custom tune and see if it helps.
  5. Maybe the ones in the TSB change the temp a lot more than mine does. I don’t know because the TSB doesn’t say anything about temperatures
  6. The way the TSB is stated it sounds like the thermostat is opening and closing to quickly which is putting stress on the radiator because the coolant is going from hot to cold too quickly.
  7. I thought the the same thing but there is a TSB for over cycling thermostats which cause radiators to leak
  8. Should I be worried that it has done damage to the radiator?
  9. Ok I haven’t lost any coolant that I can tell nor have I smelled any. I hoping it hasn’t hurt my radiator. Should have the new thermostat Saturday.
  10. How many miles have you put on it since you replaced the thermostat
  11. I have a new thermostat coming. I haven’t lost any coolant so do I need to worry about the radiator
  12. Hey guys I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3. I have noticed my temp gauge will get to 210 and then drop a little and then go back to 210 and keep repeating it. My 2011 stayed at 210 no matter what. Is this normal on these newer trucks I have heard other people’s do it too. It don’t even drop to the next mark below 210 just about halfway between the next mark and 210.
  13. Hey guys has anyone heard their mode door squeak before. When I turn on my A/C and the mode door opens there is a squeak at the very end of them opening all the way to the front vent position. I sprayed the actuator mechanism but didn’t change anything. It seems like it might be rubbing on the hvac wall. If I run the ac for awhile And the hvac box gets cold it won’t do it until it warms back up. Should I spray some graphite grease on the door itself so it won’t collect dust. Everything work fine with it. It’s on a 2011 Silverado. Here is the video https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=emb ... l38SXWHPR4
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