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  1. FYI Block in the back is labeled as motofab 2” block @ ~ $50. Block in front is ready lift 3” block @ ~ $120. Look the same size to me 🧐
  2. Agreed. And that’s definitely a major concern of mine which is why I’m just lookin for a little bit more. My angles are still what I would consider stock even with the 5100s. My last truck had horrible angles, I refuse to do that again. 😑🧐 Current angles with Bilsteins
  3. What exactly do you mean? What is the difference between guys running the 2.5" RC kit with a 2" bottom spacer and a 1/2" top spacer versus me getting my 1.8" from the 5100s on the highest setting and then adding the same 1/2" spacer for a bit of extra height? Ive also seen guys on here install the 5100s at the LOWEST setting on the 2.5" RC kit just because they needed new shocks and wanted to go with Bilsteins. I will check the paper work though for clarification.
  4. Yes I get confused as well. The spacers arrived today, I will measure them to see if they are an actual 1/2" spacer, than compare after installation. I agree about the amazon kit bolts. Just needed to hear it from someone else.
  5. Hey guys, Going to be adding a 1/2” spacer to my Bilstein 5100 setupto get the little bit of extra height I’m looking for. Wanting to know some opinions on the following 3 half inch spacers. I ordered these top coil spacers because at first it’s all I could find. Shortly after, I found these 1/2” motofab lower mount spacers which I have heard are much better and will mostly likely be returning the upper mount spacers and getting these. BUT, before I order the motofabs, I also found these hiding on amazon. Seems like a pretty identical product to the motofab spacers. I have some credit on amazon so that’s really the only reason I would buy these over the motofab blocks. So, what’s the consensus guys?
  6. Thanks, still working on making it my own. Hm, can’t seem to find 1/2” lower spacers, only top spacers. I also don’t wanna go through the process of moving the split ring cause that’s a pretty big job. At least more than I’d like to do. Guess I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  7. So you are removing the 2.5” and installing the Bilsteins and spacer? Probably gonna get much better ride quality if I had to guess. How is your clearance/angles up front with your current kit? With the 2” blocks, do you have any rake or is it perfectly level? Thanks!
  8. Howdy, My old account with my 2006 Sierra got deleted? So this will look like my first post because it is under this name. Anywho, upgraded to a 2014 SLT Z71 recently and I need some advice. I have Bilsteins on the front at the highest setting. The ride is fantastic, better than stock, which is a big deal because I refused to go back to the rock box I had before with my “lift keys”. Didn’t get as much lift as would have liked which brings me to my point. The truck needs something. The crew cab with the extended bed looks very awakard to me as it currently sits. I need a bit more lift and bigger tires. I also want a touch of rake as I use my truck for work and often have a load in the back. I was thinking 1/2” top coil spacers in the front and 3” blocks in the back. Not sure the Bilsteins plus spacer combo exists anywhere but I could be wrong. Then adding some 305/55/R20 or 295/60/R20. Will 1/2” spacer be enough? Should I go with a 1”? Will 3” rear blocks be too much for that front end set up?

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