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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Nope, just the stock mirrors with the chrome covers wrapped in black.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I’m only at 3k so far. Was a little worried at first, but got the tire pressure correct, spun the tires when I got my new rims, and also rotated them. Really happy now. They are wearing great. It’s crazy what low tire pressure can do to these things. Also think I was towed in a little, even after 2 trips to get it aligned. All seems good now. They are so damn sexy, if they hold up I’ll be a fan for life.
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Bilsteins set at the highest setting, plus 3” maxtrac spindles. 3” blocks in the rear. 34” Ridge Graps (295/60/R20).
  4. ?? My local Chevy dealer has badass brand new lifted trucks out front constantly. A wholw bunch of em actually. I always assumed they were brand new, lifted from Chevy. Wonder if the warranty is still 100%
  5. It was quick. Ordered them on a Thursday I think, got them the following Tuesday.
  6. Thanks, I’m getting close to the look I want. When you add up all the numbers, my offset is pretty extreme and I’m running 34” tires. I should probably be running a full 6” lift but I didn’t want that look. For reference, I had no rubbing at all with the stock rims and these tires on my current set up. You really HAVE to at least have a level if you are gonna run anything even slightly bigger on our trucks
  7. Yup, that’s why I jumped on them. I absolutely love them. Once I get everything trimmed up I’ll be much happier. I emailed them yesterday about warranty. The inside of the rim had some missing spots of powder coating and I could kinda flake it off. But they look and feel amazing. Also balanced well for the bigger tires.
  8. Nah, rubbing the back of the fender well, at the body. Front is actually ok but I’m gonna trim it anyways.
  9. 20”, 0 offset, 295/60/r20 ridge graps, about 4.5” of lift in the front
  10. Thanks man. The forum won’t let me upload anymore pics or rotate them. Trying to get a few more shots up here. Loving the ridge graps. Had my guy turn them around to the more blocked out side. Also running them at around 42 psi which is helping them wear a lot better. Gonna go have the alignment checked again too just to be safe. i do have rub! Trying to figure out what I wanna do to fix it
  11. Stoked. Check em out, just a couple quick snaps.
  12. Ya I realized that. No drink foruming for me. But I couldn’t figure out how to delete pics lol
  13. 20” OEM Sierra chrome snowflakes

    Bump. Willing to off set cost of shipping.

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