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  1. I just got this puppy, so i can monitor Police/Emergency services near me to be aware of possible security problems. Its very fun for longer trips too.
  2. * Yet It shouldn't be too long for support to arrive for new 2019+ trucks. Im curious if the paint stick mod works for the newer ones
  3. I would Check if the Paint Stick Throttle Mod can be done to your Truck before you go spend $$ Also, if there is no tuner available where you live, there are also options. I bought a Diablo inTune i2 online and a custom tune from a guy named Lewis Eaton (Diablew) He makes the custom tunes and emails them to you, so you can download them to the intune and tune the truck´s ECU yourself
  4. Waste of Money IMO Save your dollars and g get a good Custom HP Tune
  5. Front Fox shock absorbers is a Coilover unit in itself. Out of the box it bolts to the truck using 5 nuts. Out of the box and installed it will raise your truck 2.5" The Fox part number is 985-02-018 and you can get them and installed on any shop like 4WheelParts or buy online (They are sold individually so dont forget to order 2) 4WheelParts: https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/fox-racing-shox-2-0-performance-series-coilover-ifp-shock-985-02-018/_/R-BKTK-985-02-018 Fox Page for more details: https://www.ridefox.com/product.php?m=truck&t=shocks&partnumber=985-02-018&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado+1500+&year=2015&position=Front They are very easy to install, so i wouldnt expect any shop to charge more than they normally charge for changin a set of shocks
  6. If you want to raise the front by 2.5" you can do it with either Coilovers or Spacers (One option or the other) A 2.5" Spacer with stock shocks will make the truck ride kind of bad, it will be bouncing like a basketball up and down like crazy A Set of Fox Coilovers will ride nicer but still it will be less confortable. It all depends on your budget and how much you want to spend on it, Just remember that you get what you pay for. If money was not an issue, i would go for a quality 3-4" full Lift with Coilovers, because good lift kits correct the geometry of the suspension and Coilovers will ride nicer. If you need any more detailed info, please feel free to DM me, i have gotten quite a lot of hands-on experience with suspensions by working at Polaris Dealer (RZR Cilover suspensions) and by tampering with my Silverado
  7. Putting spacers on stock shocks makes it worse. Changing the ride geometry to a couple of inches higher, makes the suspension hit the droop stops. To remedy this, people get UCAs to correct the Ball Joint angle and chop the droop stops so the suspension can extend a bit further down, but to me thats just hacking
  8. From the box, they come raised for a truck lift of like 2.5" but you can adjust them to any height you want. Keep in mind that the ammount of lift you adjust on the coilover will directly make the ride of the truck crappier, if you want it to ride well, leave the front ride height as stock If you want the truck to drive even nicer, you can remove the rear overload springs, i did it and the rear is very comfortable now, but ifyou carry more than 500lbs in the bed the truck will rake. You can help this by putting 2-3" lift blocks after removing the overload spring. The trucks stock come with very soft front shocks, that makes the truck feel "stiff" because the suspension vibrates a lot and youre bouncing all over the road I also use my truck as a daily and im very happy with it. Fox Coilovers at stock ride height are the nicest it has been, and i have tried Bilsteins and leveling kits before, so if you buy the coilovers you will save yourself a lot of daily headaches
  9. In my experience nothing rides better than coilovers My current set up in the front is a pair of Fox 2.0s set to stock ride height (Because i have 3" lift spindles) Rides like a charm, i need to change my rear bilsteins for Foxes If you put strut spacers (leveling kits) the truck will bounce like crap If you put Bilsteins, they ride good on the highway but are unconfortable on roudy terrain.
  10. In my personal experience, there is nothing more important (besides everything mechanically sound) than to prepare the windshield. Both inside and out. The way i do it is : Outside -Clean very well with dishwasher and rinse -Decontaminate with white vinegar/water mix, and rinse again -Dry very well -2 coats of Wax of your choice Inside -Clean very well with dishwasher and rinse -Apply regular RainX and clean off Use blue Shop Towels, theyre great and also they come perfectly clean from the roll Also a pack of 2 of wet towels to clean the steering wheel, your hands, etc (i dont like the interior of my truck sticky)
  11. If we are talking customer service i hear you! Most of the time they just make things worse with their apathy. I agree with you on the overpriced parts subject, you shouldnt charge premium prices for assembies that last less than the stock parts. Im curious now, i wonder if their UCAs with uniballs are any good.
  12. I wouldnt be inclined to blame cognito for that. Have you tried swapping the joints for Moogs and see how much they last? Ball joints, like any other parts that are subject to Wear and Tear, are not normally warranted, because they are directly under the pressure of abuse of the driver. If i drive like a maniac i can finish off a set of brake pads very quickly or boil the brake fluid and cause a miriad of issues, and that doesnt mean its the manufacturers fault. If we were talking about failing welds or a bent Control arm that cant widstand the abuse that is normal for even stock UCAs , the story would change, tho.
  13. Does the guy who uploaded this video know those Ball Joints are Replacable and Moog Sells them at quite affordable prices? If anyone has Cognito UCAs like these, the Bal Joint replacement part number is Moog K6292 or K6136 (depends if tyhe cognito UCA is for Aluminum od Steel suspension)
  14. About this, for example, ProComp´s 4" lift swaps the bearing carriers for taller ones, that will correct the UCA angle: I would buy this kit, you will spend a little more but will save you a lot of headaches in the future (ask me how i know about that) https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-4-inch-lift-kit-with-es9000-shocks-k1158b/_/R-DFCW-K1158B
  15. This Get a lift that has the bracket that relocates the transfer case lower down to correct the CV Angles. I dont know if you could get jus the bracket, but i personally dont like to mismatch parts
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