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  1. I have found wax to be great, because it lasts more than RainX RainX is great but fades in a few days. Vinegar removes water spots and contamination amazingly well The wiper dont pick up wax, if you buff it off good once youre finished waxing it I also clean the inside of the windshield an RainX it so its easier to clea You dont need to loosen the pedal assembly, here is a video on it(Not mine, but is the same thing i did). The first video shows the pedal flex and in the second you can see where to put a piece of wood to bead it
  2. Your gas pedal assembly has some play in it, so if you touch the Gas pedal, the whole assembly moves a bit instead of the pedal pivoting. If you put a wood stick between the pedal assembly and the firewall, that stops the play and the throttle response is much sharper Personally, I actually pulled a bit on the pedal so a bit larger stick could fit and the assembly had no play at all. If you need anything about that, let me know lol
  3. Do it, it will be even better
  4. Have you done the paint stick mod on your throttle pedal ?
  5. -Speed Engineering Headers -Dual 3" Pipes -Dual 3" X-Pipes -Dual Magnaflows This Video is me Climbing + Towing, for more videos, visit my channel, views are appreciated:
  6. Here is a link, in my case, i just bough 2 3" Cherry Bomb X pipes for less than $50 bucks and welded them together https://corvettestore.com/c7-corvette-3-0-double-helixx-x-pipe-exhaustc7xpipe
  7. Thanks! I believe i got rid of the grunt when putting the X pipes I went with 2 X pipes trying to mimic the sound of a corvette, since Corsa sells a double X pipe for them
  8. I have a custom DiabLew Tune on my Diablo i2 I have had it for almost 3 years now, cero issues on my daily.
  9. This is my exhaust: -Speed Engineering LongTubes -Dual X Pipes -Dual Magnaflows -3" Dual Exhaust Sound:
  10. Hello, Everyone Just Wanted to share a video I was meaning to make for some months now, I lost a GoPro Camera on the process, so I had to save for a new one to make this video. If you like the video, a subscription to my YouTube Channel is always appreciated! This is my exhaust set up -Speed Engineering Long Tube Headers (1 7/8" Primaries to 3" Collectors) -Dual 3" X Pipes -Dual 3" Magnaflow Mufflers (PN 14419) - True Dual Exhaust to 3.5" Tips This is how she sounds while towing: Brief Exhaust clips: Thank you all for watching
  11. I have been using 0w20 on my 5.3 L83 truck since day 1 and now it has 40k miles. I live in Mexico, temperatures always stay around 70 deg F and rarely rarely do i go places under 32 deg (Mountains, etc) My truck has always burnt about about a quart of oil every 6,000 miles and i refill with 5w30, I have a custom PCV system OFF the intake to avoid any Carbon Build Up
  12. Will do, the reason i was wondering is that 0w20 is very difficult to get in Mexico, i only can get ACDelco at the dealer I disabled the AFM a long time ago (when i first bought the truck) but youre right about the VVT and The Oil Pump, those are important to consider
  13. Its been some time, which of you have ran 5w30 on Gen V L83s? I have always used 0w20 on my 2015 and everything has been just fine. Could i switch 5w30 safely? I live in Mexico an rarely see any freezing temperatures under 32 degrees F
  14. RC 5in knuckle kit ?

    Depends on the wheel diameter with the increased track, my stock 17" steelies fit fine but to clear while tucking the wheels you will need a larger diameter
  15. RC 5in knuckle kit ?

    I have 3" ebay lift spindles, 3" total lift, 2" wider track on each side and kept stock suspension geometry and ride comfort So far so good and the stance of my truck looks great

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