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  1. RC 5in knuckle kit ?

    Depends on the wheel diameter with the increased track, my stock 17" steelies fit fine but to clear while tucking the wheels you will need a larger diameter
  2. RC 5in knuckle kit ?

    I have 3" ebay lift spindles, 3" total lift, 2" wider track on each side and kept stock suspension geometry and ride comfort So far so good and the stance of my truck looks great
  3. Hello Everyone! As some of you may already know, Being a Polaris Dealer Employee is my day job. After selling several UTVs and Equipment, I have grown surprised and bothered that most people who have 4 Point Harnesses on their RZRs dont know how to correctly bucle up, and end up being even more unsafe than if using the stock 3 point SeatBelt I made a video about it, briefly explaining how to and how not to do it. If any of you know someone who has a 4 point harnesses on their Car/Jeep/Truck/Any other Toys, i would appreciate that you share this video with them, it may help at least one person avoid a scare at best and hopefully injuries Hope You like it, and if you enjoy what i do on my channel, a thumbs up and a suscription is always appreciated !!
  4. Thanks! I always appreciate subs! The good thing about steelies is that theyre cheap and abundant so when you destroy them it doesnt hurt too much to replace them (ask me how i know)
  5. Thank You! Stock 17" Steelies it came from the dealer with, painted semi matte black On the pics they were wrapped in 285-70-17 BFG KO2s
  6. Yes, Here are a few Also there are videos on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/badassengineering
  7. Thanks! My set up is: -GoRhino Winch Guard (without headlight brush guards) PN 23174B -Rigid Industries 30" E-Series Led Light Bar with Amber Covers PNs 130313 and 110933 -Rigid Industries 10" Radiance Led Light Bar with Amber Cover PNs 210043 and 110933 -eBay Special Chinese 9" Round Led Lights With Clear Cover PN ??? I work at a Polaris Dealer / Jeep & Truck Modification Shop in Puebla, Mexico which sells these, so i can get them with a good discount because my truck parked outside attracts customers one every while.
  8. Update on testing Car Wax instead of RainX after a couple nights of rain: Pros -Repells Water much more efficiently -Better Visibility -Easier Cleaning Cons -Much More Labor to Apply -Not Wiped Water leaves Marks when evaporated (But comes out easily on the next wipe) I will inform on the longevity of the wax after some time, but im guessing it will last more than RainX.
  9. 5.3L fuel usage?

    This man knows whats up
  10. Vinegar does an amazing job If you still have doubts try it on the rear or side window in a small area to see how it works Remember, dont use straight vinegar, 50-50 with water should be more than enough, and rinse after wiping it
  11. I´ll see if i can get it down here Thanks! Thanks!
  12. Hello Everyone! As the title suggests, i wanted to share that have finally stumbled upon the perfect product to clean windshields: Dirt Cheap, Super Effective and Easily Available: Vinegar Im Sure many old school guys have known this trick for years, but with all the hype detailing products have brought to the market, i have to say that, at least for me, it was not common knowledge Rainy season has returned to my city and No matter how hard i tried to get rid of grease and Spots of contamination like bugs, road grime or acid rain with DishWasher Soap and RainX, i just couldnt make the glass perfecly clear. That is, Until Now. The great thing about vinegar is that it attacks contaminants without interfering with RainX or Wax that you already have on your windows. This is specially important to me because i travel a lot and actually prefer driving at night, and cant stand glare. In case of an emergency (e.g. having an unexpected trip or a truck splashes me with asphalt or grease pothole water) Vinegar is pretty much available anywhere to get my vision up to speed. I know there are products out there which would be even better for cleaning automotive glass, but i havent found any that are readily available for me The steps i follow to deep clean my windshield are as follow: -Wash the Windshield with Dish Soap and microfiber towel -Rinse the Soap with clean water -Wash again with a mix Vinegar and Water of 50-50 and Shop Towel -Rinse the Vinegar with clean water -Dry The Windshield with clean Shop Towel -Seal the now Clean Glass with RainX or Car Wax I also Like to clean the windshield on the inside with RainX because it makes it super easy to clean. TL:DR I Made a Video Explaining the Steps and Show The Results up Close. I hope this thread helps anyone who is searching for an excellent alternative way of cleaning a windshield Regards to Everyone
  13. 5.3L fuel usage?

    We also run these as Fuel System Cleaner, may also help Part Number: Polaris 2881413
  14. 5.3L fuel usage?

    I work at a Polaris Dealer, and we have these additives to help with any problems down the line regarding bad fuel in our vehicles: It says "Prevents Ethanol Corrosion" Here is the data sheet: https://cdn1.polaris.com/globalassets/lubricants/msds/12403_polaris-e-10-fuel-treatmentm.pdf?v=4bd72f7f Part Number is Polaris 2881416 if you were to buy it online or in a dealer near you Im pretty sure you could run these in a truck or your other small engines no problem:

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