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  1. Its been a few months, everything is going smooth and fine
  2. GM issued a recall on Vacuum Pumps because they are prone to breaking. Since I dont live anywhere near a GM dealer, The easiest fix I could find was just to delete it and run the booster on intake Manifold Vacuum, like most other cars. You could do that using the vacuum pump, but I didn't find any solid reason to do so. I have all my PCV to the exhaust, that makes a vacuum too using an PCV Scavenger System.
  3. Yes, you could do that either way. Once liquid gets into the vacuum of the intake manifold, it all atomizes anyway tho
  4. FYI I stopped using CRC intake cleaner because it contains Diesel Fuel and makes the engine knock a lot when applying throttle in the minutes after using it. SeaFoam is a fine cleaner, but if you want more cleaning power for the money, get the fuel injector cleaner that contains the most PEA detergents. That would be Techron Marine or Techron Concentrate and pour them like they were seafoam. Much less smoke and mess.
  5. Yes, and Yes. Sorry if I was explaining it very clearly at the beginning, but now you got it
  6. Exactly ! The Valve Cover breathers and center breather are all like a Bottle with 3 openings Cap one and the vapors will go out the other 2. Most of the PCV vapors go out the two valve cover breathers anyway Yes, but you can place the catch can anywhere you like, like under the bed or so. This is correct. Catch cans are condensers. Once they get hot, they stop working and all the vapors fly past them. Its something popular people spend hundreds of dollars on, but if installed in recirculatory mode, do little to nothing to prevent carbon buildup Its a problem, but you can manage it. I have videos on how to remove carbon buildup every oil change, to keep the problem at bay: Again, Catch cans only function when they're cold. Thats where the little oil you're seeing comes from Once the catch can heats up due to hot pcv vapors going through it, it won't condense them and let them into the intake anyway
  7. There are 3 PCV Breathers on Gen V engines: -One small 3/8" line that goes from under the throttle body to the manifold -Two bigger 5/8" lines that go from the valve covers to the Air Box Since the small line doesn't flow nearly as much as the other two lines, there is no point on keeping it around. You can Remove it and cap both ends. All of the PCV vapors will now flow out of the valve covers, as normal. Instead of going into the Airbox, you route them to The Catch can and ventilate to the atmosphere.
  8. It will blow off to the catch can and then to the atmosphere, instead of the intake box
  9. Im talking about the 3/8 Crank Vent line that goes to the intake manifold. You can remove it and cap both ends and only run the breather lines from the valve covers to the catch can I posted above. Its so small that there is no point in keeping it and running it to the catch can.
  10. Yes, Correct. I dont see the need of using the 3rd little line, you can just get rid of that and only use the other 2 Using it or not won't make a difference, but deleting it just simplifies the installation
  11. The only way to prevent Oil from returning to the engine is to NOT RETURN ANY LINE to the engine. You can cap and delete the little 3/8 pcv line and just run the two 5/8 Breather Lines to an Atmospheric Catch can. This is exactly how I was running my set up before the Evac System You would need a catch can like this one, that vents the air out of a filter. 5/8 Breather lines from the engine go into each fitting and they vent out of the filter:
  12. I capped my PCV line to the manifold, not a problem. You can Cap the intake breather tubes and run the Valve cover breathers to the atmosphere, or to an atmospheric catch can or like I did: to the Exhaust with a Crankcase Evacuation System. Its been years and I haven't had any issues whatsoever. You can get a glimpse of my set up in the video explaining how to delete the Vacuum Pump:
  13. Pretty sure it could be a little slack on the Yokes of the Driveshaft. You can check yourself by going under the truck and manually trying to turn the shaft to see if it has excessive play
  14. Im just saying that those are the Alignment numbers that work very well for me. You can try aligning your truck in the same way to find out if you like them as well
  15. I dont know specifically, but it sound like it would be less expensive with an Audio/Infotainment shop Or you can go ask your closest Chevy Dealer
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