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  1. I understand that when leveled these tires fit perfect because my truck is currently leveled with spacers and they do fit perfect without rub But i will be removing the spacers when i install these new height adjustable shocks. The Bilstein 6112 shocks that I am going to install are adjustable height and have 4 or 5 height settings on them that range from 0-2.0” or so of lift. My question is do I need to set it to the top setting (2”) in order to fit these tires or can I get away with setting the shocks at 1.25” which would be the third notch/ lift setting on the strut... in order to adjust these shocks I have to compress the spring and move a metal clip. So installing the shocks and looking for Rub Then making adjustments on the height would be a lot of work due to the fact the shock needs to be removed and the spring needs to be compressed each time an adjustment is made.... If I cannot figure this out Before I install these shocks then unfortunately I will have to do it the hard way and install them look for Rub and adjust as needed. But I am trying to avoid that at all cost LOL.
  2. I am not looking to do airbags at this time...I have sumo springs installed currently and they work great (which is why i want to leave the rear alone i.e. avoid rear spacer blocks) But with the 2 inch RC spacers in the front the front end Becomes just about level, maybe slightly high in the front, When I have a full load and trailer. I’m looking to be perfectly level or have a slight rake still when fully loaded. Pretty much I do not want my headlights pointing up while driving with a full load and trailer and I am hoping that the Bilstein 6112 at a lower setting than “maxed out” will achieve this result, The only trick is figuring out which notch is going to be the perfect fit / lowest possible setting for 275/65r20 to fit without rubbing.
  3. I know there will be no tire Rub if I set it to the top notch ... but Are you saying there will be no tire Rub on front tires if I set it to the third notch on the shock (approximately 1.25” of lift)? ...I will be removing the RC 2” spacer when i install the shocks.
  4. yeah that is the reason I am trying to get the best of both worlds by Finding the lowest possible setting that will still allow me clearance. I am trying to keep as much rake as possible but still have enough room to fit my 275/65/r20s...I also installed sumo springs in the rear so I should not have to worry too much about the rear end sagging.
  5. I currently have a 2 inch RC front spacer as well... 275x55r20 are stock size and will fit with no lift at all. I currently have the 2” RC spacer installed as well and the 275x65 fit great i am trying to figure out how low i can get away with setting the Bilstein 6112 front shocks I am about to install and still have enough clearance for 275x65r20.
  6. I agree the third notch is the perfect height for somewhat of a level but still keep some usable rake. I just want to be sure that my slightly oversized tires 275X65R 20 will fit at the lower level without rubbing. Its Good to hear their customer service is useful. I will shoot them an email also. I was just hoping someone on here had some experience with this set up and tire size 1st. Thank you for the reply.
  7. I know the 6112s are semi-new to the community. My question is what would be the lowest possible notch I can install these and still have enough clearance to fit 275X 65R 20 KO2s. I’d imagine the notch settings are similar to the 5100s accept there is 1 extra notch I believe. I have been searching online for the past week and cannot find anyone that confirms the lowest possible setting to fit these tires. I know I can install them at the highest setting and fit just fine, But I am trying to keep rake in the rear due to occasional towing and i do not want to add a leveling block to the rears. I was thinking the third notch (1.25” of lift) would work but I’m not sure if It will get rubbing. Does anyone have any idea on this? I currently have a 2.5 inch leveling spacer but do not want to install it when I switch to the Bilstein 6112s. Thanks!
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