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  1. Thanks for the info, sounds about what I had in mind. please share a picture with us once possible, would love to see the result of this setup! safe travels! Thanks for the feedback TyGriff13, I am going to avoid 3.5 RC for now, what I learned from the guys around here; they are good for looks and city but I will still need much more stronger shocks if considering off-roading. I do off-road about once twice every month. Wow looks like a real beast brother, I like your setup! how big is your tiers? I love the overall look man, looks beefy. I am now thinking about going for Fox 2.0 as they come with 2 inch lift. really strong shocks compared to Bilstein 5100 (200 PSI) Fox rated at (300 PSI), which is 50% more stopping power. price is double too but the setup is around my budget. Saw the Bilstein 5100 being sold for quite good price, called the garage owner, such a good man, had a little talk, explained to him what I had in mind. The fella told me he owns 4 GM Trucks, 3 of them running 5100 Bilstein shocks (front and back), those 3 trucks he mainly use for city. the other 1 truck it has 2.0 Fox (Front and Back) apparently if you do off-road specially high speed (I live in Dubai so we got allot of sand dunes) and do little of Dune bashing, the stopping power of shocks are really necessary (so the front end of the truck wont hit the sand during off-roading) he did recommend the Fox 2.0 over the Bilstein for off-road use. He did recommend the Bilstein 5100s if the truck mainly used as city truck. Another info he did give me that FOX 2.0 ride better than 5100's as they do preform better on heavy loads (being installed on trucks). A member of GM-Trucks.com have installed them on his truck, 285s. Thinking to go on 285s not sure if I need any bigger.. or if 2'' lift will accommodate bigger tires to begin with.
  2. I will take the truck for light off-road (desert, dunes..) I just need to keep it safe from being hit from the bottom. I lightly get to offload so main concern is a daily use truck with not too high lift kit. I have seen the king and fox shocks, my budget is around 1000~1300$ for a decent lift. Plus I think with the 2-inch I can go 285 tiers, don't think I need to go bigger than that. What's your thought brother? thanks!
  3. Btj thanks for the support! how about https://www.desertcart.ae/products/6270975-rough-country-1305-2-5-suspension-leveling-lift-kit-factory-cast-steel-control-arm-models + Bilstein shocks? the rear shocks will still be short I guess?
  4. Thanks buddy, it all make sense now! how about going for 2.5 inch level kit + bilstein 5100 shocks? https://www.desertcart.ae/products/6270975-rough-country-1305-2-5-suspension-leveling-lift-kit-factory-cast-steel-control-arm-models
  5. Thanks for getting back to me about this, the ones I found are actually those https://psp.ae/product/bilstein-performance-shocks-15/ which are 2014-2018 compatible. and they can be lifted. does that mean they can be used to lift the truck? I am sorry this is new to me
  6. The rough country kit is 3.5 inch, thanks!
  7. Hope you guys are doing well! Found a lovely deal for a chevy 2016 - LT Z71 - V5.3 This is my first truck and looking to lift it. found a good price for Rough Country lift kit - 3.5 inch BILSTEIN 5100: https://psp.ae/product/bilstein-performance-shocks-15/ Rough Country KIT: https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-suspension-lift-kit-275-8.html Many people been complaining about how cheap the rough country shocks are, so I was thinking is it possible to install Bilstein 5100 shocks kit on this kit? or would they not fit into these? This way I would lift the truck + level it + have some what better shocks I thought about selling the Rough Country shocks instead Your thought and experience are much appreciated!

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