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  1. I have a 2014 Silverado LT that is making a loud noticeable one time popping noise when making a left hand turn at low speeds I already changed the lower ball joint need some help hopefully y’all can point me in the correct direction it’s only when I make a left turn in drive through or at low speeds and dose t happens call the time
  2. Looking for recommendations based ofrom personal experience I’m considering getting Fox coil over 2.0 or 2.5 also Rancho quick lift. I currently have bilstein 5100 shock all around with stock springs and struts and I’m not quite satisfied with the ride quality over pot holes and bumps in the road are quite noticeable. I’m looking the best possible ride on my 2014 Silverado LT even considering new tires currently running 265/65/18 please help out this is my everyday driver mainly on freeway but will take on dirt roads every so often
  3. After doing some research in my option I feel that replacing the bushings on the existing control arms and replacing all 4 ball joints Upper and lowered the some high quality ball joints would be most cost effective with still getting the job done correct What do you think about not replacing the top and bottom control arms but updating the bushings and replacing the ball joints I’m also going to be installing my benstien 5100 in the front and rear.
  4. Working on my suspension for my 2014 Silverado I just purchased some benstein shocks 5100s and I need to replace my upper control arm including lower Ball joint I’m looking for recommendations I’ve herd good things about Moog products but wanted to get some onsite if Detroit Axel is any good seeming they are very inexpensive
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