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  1. What part numbers are you guys getting for the injectors? The ones that came out of my truck are 12668390, dealership said new replacement part was 12684125, but then looks like 12698484 is the newest part. I ordered 12698484 from GM wholesale dealer, box says 12698484 but the injector is stamped 12681212. Seems like a lot of conflicting info on this fuel injector issue.. 12681212 (that I just got in today) is grouped with 12668390 (that came out of my truck) under the latest replacement number so I'm guessing I can use these. Everywhere is back ordered so I guess I'm lucky I even got these
  2. Do you have a picture of either set up? Trying to get a reference of wheel size with a 285/60. I'm with you on 295/60 vs 305/55 route and why I'm trying to see what other people have done. I think the 305/55 may be too small of an OD. I'd really prefer not to run a wheel spacer, enough people are hesitant to make me not want to even go down that road.
  3. What tire setups are people running with Bilstein 5100's and Body lift? Been searching around and havent found too much luck. Tire options on stock 18" wheels (+24mm offset I believe) are pretty much: 275/70, 285/70 or 295/70. Thinking the 295/70 may be too much tire and rub sway bar. Wheel liner will be zip tied. Current setup: Bilstein 5100 at full height 1.5" Zone body lift
  4. Looking for any pictures with wheel color other than black or chrome. Anyone have any bronze or gunmetal?
  5. Does anyone attend any truck nights or meets in or around SC? Moved to Charleston about a year and a half ago and haven't seen anything so just wondering what you guys do!
  6. Did you paint the chrome headlight trim or get the headlight trim pieces from amazon that just stick on over the chrome? Was looking at getting these color matched but wasnt sure how well they would really fit?
  7. anyone order one of these recently? I tried calling my dealership but they said they need my VIN to verify it...
  8. bump for looking to trade/sell the Z71 grille
  9. What style of bowtie is everyone using to color match their grille bowtie? I would like to have the insert painted and have the chrome trim. But online sites never really clearly state how the bowtie comes (with chrome surround, if you have to drill out the gold, full replacement) and if its plastic or billet. Looking for a part number for a powder coated billet insert with or without the chrome trim included.
  10. EDIT : Planning on purchasing a painted grille for my 15 and swapping the insert with my current Z71 fins insert this does not work as the Z71 grille inserts and LT/LTZ honeycomb inserts are not interchangeable. Looking to trade my Z71 grille for a painted grille, can be any color. Prefer to have the black inserts.
  11. What is everyone getting for charging times on these and the hardwire usb connection straight to your phone if you checked. I have the Samsung Galaxy s7 and when it was a 8% it said it would take over 5 hours to fully charge... Read the same on the wireless pad and usb connections to the phone (in the console and on the dash connections)
  12. I think you saw my previous post with the vinyl squares? If not, its back a couple pages. Was never able to find a direct match, a couple I found were exact looking head on but when you moved the side it was way off. The depth of this color is extremely unique that it doesn't seem like a vinyl could duplicate it. From my understanding its the same with powdercoating, they don't use automotive paint codes so you're back to square 1 with looking for something you can "deal with" unless you just take it to a paint shop and get them to spray X pieces.
  13. Same thing happened to mine but was constant, drove me nuts. Sounded like the rear end bearings were bad. Ended up being the flapper valve, dealer replaced it with a new one.
  14. Looks just like my 03 when I had the torsion bars cranked too high. I can change those things out like a NASCAR pit stop lol. Popping noise could still be the CV axles, when they go beyond their limit they bind up and well you know the rest
  15. I have a UAG case on my S7 an it fits perfectly. Not completely encased over the front like the top tier Otterbox but all of the UAG cases are pretty slim and have a MIL-Spec associated with it and the phone is waterpr....resistant anyway. Unfortunately I did my own experiment over the 4th of July weekend and jumped in the creek with my phone in my pocket and she still works (Just as Lil' Wayne advertised)! Guess we'll see how long it takes for the corrosion to take over lol
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