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  1. Do the 2019 GM Step Assists fit the 2014-2018 model years? Trying to figure out if the 2019 Sport Steps will fit my 2016 Silverado. Thanks.
  2. well that's an odd tire size, and there are not any trucks that come from the factory with that setup. Most come 265/65/R18. 265/70/R18 is only a 1" taller tire overall. Meaning that it is only going to "lift" the truck 1/2". Almost going to be unnoticeable. I doubt that too many people even go with that option because it is not really a significant increase to warrant getting new tires.
  3. The way the fan and the compressor operate are independent. The fan only comes on after the compressor starts to spin up, otherwise, on a 100 degree day, it would blast out hot air. The compressor still takes a second to cool the air, but that 3 seconds of the fan speeding up save you from hot exhaust air.
  4. the delay in the A/C has to do with better wearing. If your engine turned on and went straight to 5000 RPM, it would be really hard on that motor. The A/C compressor does the same thing your engine does, spools up slowly and same thing when you turn it off, in an effort to increase the llife of the compressor, making it wear better. edit: changed "do" to "does"
  5. has anyone invested in an oil catch can? if so, what one and what kind of success??? Worth it?
  6. After driving my Silverado for a little over a year now, and having driven a few rental cars inbetween, i have realized that there is one very subtle feature that I love about my truck. With so many vehicles now using electronic cruise control, and not the old mechanical switch and buttons GM used to have, it is common for the owner to have to turn Cruise Control back on every time the engine turns off. I use my cruise control constantly, and i mean constantly (lowest it will let me set at is 24 MPH, if i could use it at 20, i would). BUT, every time i turn my truck off, and turn it back on, cruise remains on!!! I don't know if this is unique to chevy right now, but ive driven a lot of rentals recently that the cruise needs to be turned back on every time i get in it, and i find myself turning it on and off constantly because i dont remember if its on. So thank you, GM, for leaving my cruise control on and not turning it off when i didn't ask you to.
  7. I am currently the proud owner of a 2016 Silverado LT. However, I am looking to upgrade one part in particular: the Headlight Assembly. I noticed on the '16 and '17 models there are some higher equiped trucks that come with the clear turn signal headlight assembly. i was wondering if there was any way to swap my assembly, with amber hallogen bulbs, for the assembly with the clear lense and amber LEDs that some of the '16 and '17 trucks have. Thanks for the help!
  8. I have a 5.3L Silverado (2016) with 14000 miles. I did some testing of my own: On summer fuel (non-top tier gas) 87 Octane - 18.7 mpg over 400 miles driving (half city 30 mph, half highway 65 mph) 91 Octane - 19.0 mpg over 400 miles driving (half city 30 mph, half highway 65 mph) 87 Octane from Shell Station (top tier) - 20.0 mpg over 400 miles driving (half city 30 mph, half highway 65 mph) all the same route driving. filled up at almost completely empty. Put 25ish gallons in (only a 26 gallon tank, so damn near empty) Conclusion: Better off buying Shell or good top tier gas at 87 Octane than cheaper station's 91 or 93.
  9. I know this is a little late in the game to tell what I did: I have a 2016 LT that had the io5 installed with no reverse camera (and no navigation) I purchased the camera and tailgate handle w/camera hole from gmparts.com or one of those sites installed the camera and handle in the tailgate. the harness to the camera was a direct plug and play from the camera to the module under the bed of the truck by the spare tire. The previous harness controls the tailgate locks rather than trying to have my HMI reprogrammed by dealer or anyone else, I bought a 2016 io6 HMI (with navigation) from an ebay seller Provided them with the VIN and told them the VIN was not coded for backup camera, but that I wanted it added. no problem 3 days later, I installed the new HMI and, presto, worked perfectly with lines and all. had I had all parts at the same time, would have been less than an hour install time. Costs: $90 for camera, $35 for tailgate handle, $750 for io6 (navigation upgrade), $250 back from selling io5 Total: $625 to get stock camera and navigation added let me know your questions (I ended up selling my io5 HMI online) Edit: Added costs of what I did
  10. For everyone that is complaining about the padding, just test it for yourself. It is very easy to download countless free MPH Speed apps in your phone's app store. Before you leave or get moving, open the app. Jump on the highway and let the app do the work. GPS on your phone is very very accurate. Way more accurate than your speedometer. Take a mental note. Done. Questions answered.
  11. Does anyone with a tungsten metallic truck have a picture with black rims? Since the truck is more dark silver than black, I am cautious to put gloss black rims on it. Looking for what others have seen/done. Thanks!
  12. without remote start i had dealer pay for a third set for my truck, saw bill, $245 for one key and one remote.
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