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  1. I would still check transfer case fluid level as some have been low. But noise is normal
  2. Go look behind the bumper by the spare tire, there should be a junction block with multiple ports for plugs. You likely just need the camera and wiring from the tail gate to that plug.
  3. No, I am saying that others have had similar issues. A shudder is not normal, my truck does not do it and never has. I know others here have had them replaced
  4. I know when I got my remote start I also got an extra key made as well which I was able to program. I cant remember how but it did entail putting one key in and then the other.....or maybe that was with the new fobs and they key was already programmed. Sorry thats not actually helpful
  5. No, because it wasnt really apparent when I was under warranty and I am currently out of it. I did check to see if my lash adjuster bolt had backed out (they had a TSB for it) but thats nice and tight with no sign of an issue. I suspect mine has play in either the steering box or pitman arm and the electronic part is sensing the slop and tweaking out not being sure what it should do. Next time I have it on the lift I plan to see if I can trace the issue better.
  6. Ditch that truck! This must fall into the lemon law....even if they do fix it do you really want that much work done on a brand new truck?
  7. I think a few have had similar issues and it ended up being to torque converter. I wouldn't settle for normal, mine doesnt do it.
  8. Thinking I may have a problem with mine. 2016 2500hd with 37K. I have a slight clunk in the front end over small bumps and the steering has a bit of play. Shook the front end down and it seems to be play in the box or maybe the pitman arm. Need to look this TSB up and see how much of a pain it is for me to do it.
  9. Ah man thats frustrating. I hope they can figure it out for you.
  10. First I have really heard of this. Seems once in a while these trucks need torque converters but it doesnt seem like a common issue at all. Sure they are not talking about 1500?
  11. Well thats not what I expected to hear, keep me updated. I am on the fence about doing this but already get such poor MPG I can have it get any lower.
  12. I too run 285/70/17 on stock rims with no rubbing. I started with the truck stock and have plenty of room....now how they keys turned up some and could clear much larger.
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