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  1. Thinking I may have a problem with mine. 2016 2500hd with 37K. I have a slight clunk in the front end over small bumps and the steering has a bit of play. Shook the front end down and it seems to be play in the box or maybe the pitman arm. Need to look this TSB up and see how much of a pain it is for me to do it.
  2. Ah man thats frustrating. I hope they can figure it out for you.
  3. First I have really heard of this. Seems once in a while these trucks need torque converters but it doesnt seem like a common issue at all. Sure they are not talking about 1500?
  4. Well thats not what I expected to hear, keep me updated. I am on the fence about doing this but already get such poor MPG I can have it get any lower.
  5. I too run 285/70/17 on stock rims with no rubbing. I started with the truck stock and have plenty of room....now how they keys turned up some and could clear much larger.
  6. I use Fluid Film on mine and it does soften the wax....but I look at that as a good thing. Think of it like spreading peanut butter on bread-its soft and adheres well and is pliable....the jelly doesnt soak through the peanut butter and get the bread on the other side wet. FF is doing the same thing making the wax soft. Before, it could peal off in large chunks and let rust between the wax and the frame but by keeping it soft with the fluid film it remains pliable and wont separate off the frame. Plus, the FF acts as a protectant as well. I know thats a weird description but best I could think of. You do need to make sure to cover spots that get scratched (if you bottom out or such) but to me thats a small price to pay for keeping it clean.
  7. Thats fair...although I am not necessarily hoping for less expense (although I still believe the TM caused that transmission to fail sooner then it would have as the TQ friction material just became worn out). I am happy to spend money upfront to avoid an issue at an inconvenient time, thats all. I think my question has been answered. If I want to tune it and drive gentle I will probably not harm anything but may gain some fun in doing so. Either way, these are bullet proof platforms that run a very long time....which is why I bought this truck over the other two domestics.
  8. I would normally agree with this...but from seeing the failure I would have argued it may have lasted longer tuned. All my stuff has always been stock and never modded. But its tempting if you can make it a little snappier and keep parts from wearing. Keep in mind I am talking about having it tuned and someone who drives responsibly. I can average 16 mpg from my 2016 with duratracs and a level. I drive it gentle
  9. Oh no doubt, I think thats fantastic life from a stock transmission being used hard! But after seeing how it failed I am questioning if removing TM would have made it last even longer. I have read good things about Blackbear tuning and would hardly call them some limpdick on the internet.
  10. I have read all the threads on tuning a 6.0 and want some thoughts on this for longevity. A month or so ago I read about a member on this forum who uses his truck to max GVWR and had burned the friction material from the torque converter at 194K causing the transmission to fail. My thoughts on this are it was likely caused from the TM constantly trying to limit power going through the transmission and motor and allowing the TQ to slip at time when it should have been locked. Hypothetically, once a motor has been tuned and TM has been removed assuming that its driven with a light foot and not beat on, would a tuned truck have a better chance of lasting? I am talking more so about the transmission then the motor as I believe these motors are very stout. Lets hear your thoughts.
  11. Thank you! Trying to figure out how to post more pictures. I must have to host them elsewhere
  12. I have had them on my truck for the last 20K miles and like them so far. Shockingly good in the snow for what they are (I normally run studded snows) and pretty decent in the mud. As others have said a little louder on the highway but I rotate mine every 5K miles and they are wearing very very well. I expect to get at least another 20-30K miles out of them.
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