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  1. What exhaust are you running on your truck?
  2. I agree that a Honda generator may be a cheaper and better idea, plus you wont be adding the hours up on your truck while running it. If you do go for the inverter, see if GM can program you for a high idle (yes its available on the 6.0 gas). Its a build option on the website to have it programmed into the vehicle, but I see no reason why they couldnt flash it onto the truck for you.
  3. Drove in 4x4

    If these trucks break that easy from someone forgetting to shift out of 4x4 then we are going to have bigger problems when we actually use it for something difficult. Your truck is fine....
  4. Shock Install

    Sent you a PM
  5. Mine has this same noise, never found a problem but can always hear it at highway speeds when going into a headwind. I do not have tow mirrors.
  6. Shock Install

    What are people using for spacers? I have seen the small metal washer style ones that mount at the top and then the brackets for the bottom. Thinking the washer style on the top will be the most robust? I have a 2016 2500hd with stock keys turned up about 1.5" and bilstein 5100 which currently limit the drop.
  7. Awesome, thank you for the picture.
  8. Might just have to look into these. Do you have pictures of the back seat folded? Curious how much of the underside is covered or protected.
  9. How is this GM's fault? Sounds like an issue with the dealer instead of GM.
  10. Straight cut gears will make noise and thats what these trucks have. Mine does it, thought it was something wrong when I first bought the truck but its just how it is. Friend has three of these trucks as work trucks and all his does it too. Its normal
  11. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    Just to add to the mix if anyone ever searches this, I was successful in adding a OEM reverse camera. 2016 Chevy 2500HD LT with the 8 inch Mylink screen RPO IO5. Used the OEM camera and OBD Gene and it was simple as can be. Not sure why I didnt do this sooner.
  12. Burning smell

    No visible smoking? I could believe its stickers and stuff working their way to being worn in.
  13. Reverse Camera **UPDATE**

    So I found the plug I believe....now my remote locking tailgate doesn't function. Does this sound correct until I get it programmed or did I plug into the wrong spot? Only blank plug I could find.

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