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  1. Awesome write up, thank you for the information.
  2. Am I understanding that the TC failed due to heat or did I just make that up? What are your transmission temps while towing? Fluid exchanged every 64K it sounds like roughly?
  3. Thats a bummer! Pretty good life out of the transmission though for the weight you pull.
  4. It sure seems from the springs. I can spray them down and it goes away for a few days. I may cut some small rubber pads and out them between the leafs to see if that helps. It's a pretty bad noise at times. I can make it happen if I cut sideways across a driveway or hill when it makes the rear axle flex. Can't believe GM hasn't figured this out yet....must be because the leaf spring is such a new design 😋
  5. Well the noise goes away for about a day if I lubricate them but it does come back. Thinking I will just live with it for now and maybe have some custom leafs made in a while that hopefully will solve it.
  6. Seems well worth the cost of fixing it, that is a very small amount compared to the cost of a replacement truck. I would bet you would have spent more by that mileage in a diesel with repairs....just a guess though. You are probably spot on with your theory of longer oil changes causing the problem while working the motor harder then most. I go off my monitor but change when I hit 40-30% life left and also dont use my truck as hard.
  7. I just sprayed a sillicon lubricant on mine and that helped....but when its making noise its very loud. I believe I am out of the 3 year warranty now :-(
  8. Sounds like you got pretty good life out of that motor before it needed work and ultimately didnt require that much work to fix it. Any idea what caused the failure?
  9. I have read up a bit on this but most people with the issue seem to have 1500's. I have a pretty loud clunk from the rear when going at low speeds in off camber situations. Pulling into my driveway causes it or moving in parking lots....sounds like I have a 10lb weight just flopping around in the bed of my truck. I re torqued the U bolts and leaf spring mounts and also cleaned and tried lubricating the leafs. I am pretty confident the noise is coming from the leaf packs. Has anyone else had this issue and how did they solve it? Truck is a 16 2500HD with 34K on it. Appreciate the input
  10. Got it. If you have the remote locking tail gate you should have the wire already run for the camera into the back side of the HMI unit.
  11. Need more details as to whats this going on? Trim level and year? Do you have a locking rear tailgate off the remote?
  12. Yeah thats not normal, a little surface rust sure is but not that much deep rust and corrosion. I am in New England and we love to salt the roads and my truck has less rust then that on it. I would imagine it may have been from transporting it on a boat maybe?
  13. Bilstein B8 5100 series

    Scratch that....I'm talking shocks on a 2500
  14. Bilstein B8 5100 series

    I promise you when I installed my 5100 they were the exact same length as the stock ones. They say they will work up to two inches over stock but the actual length is no different.
  15. Bilstein B8 5100 series

    They are the exact same length as your stock one. I did the same thing when I leveled out my truck and had to install spacers. You will still need to turn the torsion bars up to get it level, the shock wont help with that.

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