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  1. It's always gotten decent fuel mileage unloaded. Hell, I was able to make it from where I live in Wisconsin down to Louisville, KY on a single tank of fuel... all while hitting stop and go traffic in Chicago and Indianapolis. I try to use quality gasoline when I fill up (Top Tier)... maybe got a bad tank of gas sometime in the past.
  2. 3 of the plugs came out of the driver's side bank (CYL 1,3,5) and the last came out of the passenger side bank (CYL 6). I don't run the truck particularly hard. It's a tow pig in the summer time for my boat, but that's only a couple times a month... and it's only about 5,000 pounds fully loaded so I'd hardly say the truck is being worked hard. I forgot to mention in my original post that the truck is completely stock, minus a muffler change. I have a buddy who is a tech for a local GM dealer, I may have him take a look at things sometime soon.
  3. The 6.0's don't get great mileage as it is, add in the 35's, lift, weight, and camper shell it's bound to go down... way down I would imagine. 8 mpg sounds about right to me considering the mods. If you know someone or somewhere to do a custom tune you might be able to gain some of that back along with a little extra power.
  4. These are the OE Delco 41-110 plugs that were in the truck since new, and as far as I know they are Iridium plugs. I was just a little shocked to see something like that with low miles.
  5. Hey guys. Out of curiosity the other day, I replaced the plugs on my 2015 6.0. It seemed like the truck would slightly misfire on a cold start for a few seconds and then clear up, hence my curiosity. Truck has 47,300 miles on it at the moment. I found that 4 out of the 8 plugs i pulled had the electrodes burned off. Any reasons you can think of why this would happen? I live in Wisconsin and it does sit outside in the winter time without a block heater, so the only thing i can think of is excessive idle time. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey guys. 2015 4x4 6.0 with about 29k miles. I've noticed that when I take my foot off the accelerator there is a slight clunk coming from what sounds like the transmission. Usually happens about 40 mph and under. I've gone to the dealer I bought the truck from, and they've basically washed their hands of it. I took a tech along for a ride, as well as a service advisor and both heard the noise, and have told me "they wouldn't know where to start with diagnosis". On an sort of unrelated note... when do factory warranties begin? I was under the impression that they begin on the date of purchase. This service advisor tried telling me that my factory warranty was expired. I bought the truck in September of 2016. Any input from you guys would be appreciated, I feel like I'm wasting my time at this point trying to chase it down.
  7. Thank you, I appreciate the answer! Like I said, I come from driving a totally different type of vehicle so tires for an HD truck I have zero idea about.
  8. What tires did you have the dealer install? I've always had good luck with Bridgestone on my previous vehicles... but then again, I came from driving a 1995 Caprice and 2012 WRX to my new truck. So I'm not sure what the best brands are for 3/4 ton trucks...
  9. There are a couple soundclips I found on YouTube of someone who had one installed on a 2014 2500 single cab. Has videos of both inside and outside the cab. Can't seem to find them right now.
  10. I recently made a trip from Milwaukee, to Green Bay... From Green Bay, to Eagle River... Eagle River to Paulding, Michigan in the U.P. and back to Milwaukee. Averaged about 16.8 with a best of 18.4 mpg in my 6.0. That's according to the dash. I was pleasantly surprised!
  11. Here's my truck! I've had it almost a year now. I couldn't be happier! Only mod so far is changing the trash can muffler out for an Aero Turbine 3535XL. Plenty more things I want to do though!
  12. My '15 2500HD has the factory aluminum 17's on it, but the stock 265/70/17 (optional Bridgestone Duravis) are too small in my opinion. I've looked all around this forum, but it seems everyone is either running 20's or 18's. Down the road the polished 18's will go on, but for now... I like the 17's. Truck is a Double Cab/Standard Bed Z71... not sure if that makes a difference with ride height/rake compared to other trucks. I don't want to lift or level, I already have trouble fitting in my garage!
  13. I swapped out the stock trash can with an Aero Turbine 3535XL muffler. I kept all the stock piping, even the tail section. It's a resonated muffler so I have zero drone on the freeway around 70-75. Probably one of the best sounding exhausts I've heard on a 6.0.
  14. Hello! I bought my 2015 2500HD last September, and came across this forum in search for what everyone is running for larger than factory tires. Hope to learn alot from everyone here!
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