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  1. Wow lol. Who wouldve guessed. Thanks for the heads up
  2. fog and headlight leds

    heres a shot of the HID in stock projector. shot the second photo going up hill- trust me theyre no where near aimed that high lol! cutoff is decent. not like what I had in my TSX/Lexus but for stock, I'm happy- basically it isnt bad enough imo to drive me to retrofit to a higher end projector/lens etc. also, 2015 with 20k miles boys haha- perks of storing the truck for 9 months a year and living in Asia
  3. 275/65/20 Cooper STT Pro's on No rub/level/trimming needed. Removed the lower valence too. Shouldve done this months ago. Looks way better, somewhat taller, and now the knobby tread of the tires can be seen from the front which is pretty cool too
  4. congrats. love my 6.0 as well. would opt for it over and over again
  5. Higher load index tires

    i have 275/65/20 STT Pros. Love them. Stock truck no lift/level. Stock wheels.
  6. fog and headlight leds

    low beam is your standard morimoto 5000k 55w HID from I think, theretrofitsource.com. I had 35w 5000k in my silverado projectors but wasnt thrilled about the light output. this is much better ouput imo.
  7. fog and headlight leds

    no, i have the OPT7 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SZK1420/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. fog and headlight leds

    no these are fine. did you put in the very high powered LEDs that have the fans connected to them? those bad boys generate a lot of heat. These are just standard bulbs. Had these in my Silverado fog lights and they lasted for years.
  9. fog and headlight leds

    here are some shots of 5000k HID with 55w ballasts and 5000k OPT7 LED fog lights. Hopefully these links work.
  10. fog and headlight leds

    i wouldnt use LEDs in my low beams, but would in my fogs (just to match the temp of the lo's). There is however a very highly rated Morimoto complete LED fog assembly you can replace the stock fog lights with that has a very good light distribution. i have 5000K HID in my stock projector low beams and the output is stronger than stock-of course- but also will be stronger than LED in the low beams
  11. E85 Power Increase

    where in NY are you finding E85?
  12. could you just remotely start the truck from your phone/app and let it run a bit every so often? thats what ive been doing when i store mine.
  13. no man. the gray is a great color for our trucks!!
  14. post more pics! I have a 2015 2500 in that same gray and that looks great!

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