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  1. SLT or Denali

    sounds like you were like me-anything but the chrome bumpers. The features I have now with my Denali I dont even use- prob a few I dont even know are there.
  2. Bitter sweet goodbye

    Yup! I did the same. Traded in my 9" lifted 1500 for a 2015 Z/28- I made sure there were already lifted trucks on their property as well before they gave me the runaround about how they dont want a lifted truck lol!
  3. Bitter sweet goodbye

    nice. that works out well.
  4. Bitter sweet goodbye

    did you trade the truck in with the lift Josh?
  5. Jerseytaylor Build 6.0 Build Progress

    Wheels are mounted and en route to me now. 22x14 Hostile Rage and 37x13.5r22
  6. fyi OP, 35x11.5r20's exist if you do not want so much bulge over the stock wheels vs the 12.5, 35" tire.
  7. 2017-2019 Gas or Diesel

    Im in a different boat here. I bought the 6.0 because all this truck will ever do is maybe tow one or two trailers-maybe ever. For example if we move across country and got to haul all over our stuff etc. The bed is primarily used most. I had a 2014 1500 prior but to me at least, it just felt too small and drove like a car. Call me crazy but there was just something about 1500s I didnt like. Very glad to be in the 2500 body style. The reliability of the 6.0 was a big factor for me even though my truck is about to have 37s on it soon so, we'll see ya mpgs. lol.
  8. Im running 275/65/20 Cooper Stt Pro. stock height and good bit of room. You shouldnt have any issue with 285/65.
  9. sounds great man! those drive by shots really show it growling nicely.
  10. stop playin games and post up a video/sound clip!....please
  11. Jerseytaylor Build 6.0 Build Progress

    thanks guys. went with 22x14. a good bit aggressive for sure but for a truck that gets rarely driven- I live in both Singapore and soon to be Europe, it wont be an issue at all
  12. Jerseytaylor Build 6.0 Build Progress

    after toying with many different setups in my mind, between leveling and stock wheels, and or a lift with stockers. I decided to just do it right (in my mind at least lol) and lift and get wheels and tires that fit the lift. sooo, 8" lift and 37's are on their way!
  13. Jerseytaylor Build 6.0 Build Progress

    The final step was to add on the 2016-2018 1500 LED tailights- no idea why we never received an upgrade (both for headlights and tails) but imo these really "refresh" the back end quite a bit. One day I may look to also update to the 2016-2018 SLT/Denali 1500 headlights but thats further down the road.
  14. Jerseytaylor Build 6.0 Build Progress

    Next step was also to correct what I felt were, at the very least, a terrible problem- the factory tires. Went ahead and put on 275/65/20 Cooper STT Pro. No level, cranking of the keys, trimming, etc, needed. I did remove the lower valence but it was after driving around with the tires for a bit- if youre going down this road with these sizes, you do NOT need to remove or trim- I did it just as a personal preference.
  15. Jerseytaylor Build 6.0 Build Progress

    Next step was to address the terrible headlights. went with Morimoto 5000k and 55w ballasts and 5000k foglights to match the low beams.

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