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  1. youre 100% right. add on the tax and shipping and now youre at $1500. for a leveling kit LOL? pass.
  2. putting in the mirrors requires playing around with some of the door trim-and if I recall the weather stripping as well. Theres a chance its not the mirrors themselves per se, but a few loose ends to tie up within and around the door. sorry thats super vague but kind of the nature of it.
  3. projectors are not inherently crap. GM projectors are crap.
  4. if i were you, and if youre after the best output in your lo beams, id do HID lows, LED fogs, and keep the Hi's as they are.
  5. Purchased mine on ebay. were cheaper than amazon at the time.
  6. OP do let us know the outcome of Of Mice and Chevy vs General Motors. Me and my cousin vinny have a case in which we believe were due compensation for these bug splatters on my front end.
  7. please be sure to report back on the changes of the vehicle and its driving performance after you get the BB tune. Very interested to hear your thoughts.
  8. the 5100s do not ride rougher (read:unpleasant) - I have two sets of them on both of my lifted trucks (an 84 k20 and a 15 2500hd). "Firmer" and "more planted" I feel are better adjectives to describe the Bilsteins. The truck became much more pleasant to drive going with the 5100 vs the stock shocks and the crappy lift kit shocks on all roads at all speeds
  9. 35x11.5 look great on stock wheels. IMO the 12.5's are just too bulgy
  10. it should. there was an option to choose either gas or diesel in the drop down. Give them a call before purchasing though. their tuning handheld is different from the one i got that is used primarily for diagnosing, and recalibrating etc.
  11. I would return that thing ASAP man I got this: https://superchips.com/shop/gm-flashcal-for-truck and it works very well. recalibrated my speedo and changed my tpms threshold as well. the directions, if I recall, are super simple. plug it into the OBDII under the dash, turn the key to "on" - DONT turn the truck fully on. the device powers on, and you follow the steps on the handhelds screen all the way to the end which is simply hitting ok, letting the handheld work its magic, and then unplugging. FYI measure your tires with a measuring tape while theyre on the truck to get their most accurate size.
  12. that makes sense! i read into your comment the wrong way. Thanks. Just picked up 3 cans of the wax coating from Daubert
  13. care to expound on that more? is your link a "rubberized undercoating"? im a little confused here with your phrasing...or are you meaning using other rubberized coatings NOT daubert X-121B
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