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  1. New shocks for lifted truck

    Hey Ryan So update on the Bilstein 5100's All four sides are super easy to install. As I'm lifted 8", it made it even easier to reach everything. The ride definitely improved and even more so after taking about 10-15psi out of each tire. Now that I'm at 50/55psi, it is much more pleasant to drive and feels more planted over bumps in the road.
  2. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    checking in for the HD guys here 22x14 / 8" lift / on 37s
  3. I can do $300 shipped. Im seeing the OEM non-sliders going for 388 shipped online. I can send more pics when you want. I havent even opened up the outer packaging yet.
  4. i mean... im feelin a little frisky. no but really soft cover. lol
  5. $150 ebay trifold. never leaks had it for years.
  6. if you need a replacement window let me know. I have a brand new and in box rear OEM rear window that I was going to use to change out from a non sliding rear window to a sliding rear window. Never got around to doing it so I have it just sitting around.
  7. lifted 8" on 37s and I had pretty bad wobble too. https://kryptoniteproducts.com/collections/gm-hd-truck-2011-2017/products/kryptonite-death-grip-tie-rods-w-pisk-kit-2011-2017 https://www.amazon.com/Rancho-RS5417-RS5000-Steering-Stabilizer/dp/B004YJSN1G both fixed me right up. I would say its about 95% gone now.
  8. New shocks for lifted truck

    i cant speak to your question regarding running the appropriate sized shock, however, I will say that I am at 8" of lift and switching to Bilstein 5100's this weekend. I'll let you know how they ride
  9. 6.0L Muffler Swap

    feel free to post a video clip thanks
  10. OEM 16-17 LED Headlights Added

    these are subpar to the 55w HID's I put into the OEM housings and greatly improved vs the oem housings without HID's as they came stock.
  11. lol the old retain value mantra when already 10k more in the hole vs gas. That theory might actually hold water if the diesels APPRECIATED in value- then I'd understand the logic.
  12. OEM 16-17 LED Headlights Added

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-17-18-GMC-SIERRA-LEFT-HEADLIGHT-DRIVER-LED-LAMP-OEM-H980/323748841807?epid=1879401839&hash=item4b60ef494f:g:XxEAAOSwo8NclWvT https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-2018-GMC-Sierra-1500-Denali-Right-Passenger-Full-LED-Headlight-OEM-16-17-18/123693225851?fits=Year%3A2016|Make%3AGMC&hash=item1cccb0d77b:g:o-MAAOSwDSRcjQqc took me all of 10 seconds man. you can do this lol!
  13. nice man. good choice going with 37s. Anything less with a lift like this or higher, for example, running 35's, doesnt look so great with HD's

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