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  1. Hood SCOOP 2500HD

    heres a question, lets say OP swapped out the scoop hood to a non-scoop and then needed warrantied engine work to be done...would this give GM leverage to deny the claim? i know they need to prove it caused the issue but...just a hypothetical question
  2. fog and headlight leds

    i replaced mine with 16-18 SLT/Denali 1500 LED assemblies. I'll be honest though, compared to a projector and HID, the output is subpar....but, the headlights look so much more modern now though so...lol
  3. wonder if the new gas versions will still have 4.10 gears.
  4. fog and headlight leds

    thats not an HID problem. thats could be a housing/projector issues.
  5. 2014 up headlight?

    in my 2014 1500 Silverado it was possible to swap the halogen up to projector. i would imagine going backwards would be no issue but I cant confirm with the 2500s
  6. OEM 16-17 LED Headlights Added

    they just pop right in and you use the required adapters from gen5diy. pretty easy.
  7. Sharing with you all. Wonderful upgrade for us GMC guys.
  8. Jerseytaylor Build 6.0 Build Progress

    checking back in. half ton SLT/Denali headlights are on! Man are they an upgrade...visually. Light output wise, I would say that the projector and my 55w HID's at 5000k are stronger. But again, visually, these make the truck look so much more modern up front. Also, idler and pitman supports added, a steering stabilizer and kryptonite tie rods. Truck drives extremely well now.
  9. seems like a lot of $ to be barely taller than a leveled truck...
  10. reviving this thread. can someone speak to the best ways to remove the existing lights? grille im fine with but whats the story with the small panel under the headlights?
  11. yeah i called about this too...at least for used trucks, they only give a few months free of remote start from the phone feature. i bought a used 2014 and had free onstar (free app features like lock/remote start etc) and never paid a cent...i traded that in and on my used 2015, they told me they stopped offering it in that way, and only offer it for a short trial period. mine ran out months ago and no shot i would ever buy it
  12. Amber Side Marker running lights led

    i would love to do this, but with white LED's that dimmed on and off upon opening the door, remote starting the truck, or hitting unlock on the key fob... something i've always wanted to do
  13. let me tag onto this thread...i just purchased the 16-18 1500 LED headlights to go into my 2500HD Sierra, what is the difficulty of removing the old ones and what obstacles should I expect? Wondering how the trim piece underneath each headlight comes off--push clips? screwed in?
  14. LOL "swap the bed"...I think this may be what youre looking for man... check with Gen5DIY to ensure its what you need. I swapped in the GMC half ton LED tails and headlights into my 2015 2500 Denali. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/14-18-silverado-p-p-harnesses/products/14-18-silverado-led-taillight-harness
  15. Stuff

    nice man. i just ordered the following, https://kryptoniteproducts.com/collections/gm-hd-truck-2011-2017/products/kryptonite-death-grip-tie-rods-w-pisk-kit-2011-2017 also got kryptonite UCA and LCA ball joints...37" tires and 14 wides- im beefing it up best i can too.

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