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  1. New cap

    thanks but no. Just bought stt pro 275/65 this morning oddly enough lol.
  2. Ride Quality 2015 GMC 2500 Z71

    i cant imagine 5100 bilsteins making it any worse! theyre what I will be using when I purchase my SuspensionMaxx leveling kit
  3. mind if i bump this? 22x10-24 andddd a 35x12.5... Doable? Thats the look I would like.
  4. CCM 4" Lift

    great info man. appreciate it. yeah if i go down this route, BDS will be what i stick for as far as a lift is concerned. If i choose to level, i will use CCM. just had to confirm this given the large price difference between the two.
  5. New or Used??

    haha! i drove 8hrs to get mine!
  6. CCM 4" Lift

    Hi guys Anyone running this lift? Care to share how it looks/drives/cv angles position etc? 4" front/ 2" block on the back. Price is great and other members (who have used their leveling kits) describe their products as being great quality and being a reputable USA based small shop. http://www.ccmoffroad.com/2011-2018-gm-2500hd-3500hd-4-front-2-rear-lift-kit/ whats your thoughts on this as well compared to say a 4.5 BDS lift? Thanks!
  7. New or Used??

    personally, I like to buy the (of course) cheapest/lowest mileage Certified Used truck/car I can find. good luck in your search. I too, had a 14-15 1500 Z71 Silvy and made the switch to the 2500. I chose a 6.0 Denali as it was a much better fit and higher trim at the price I wanted, for me and my needs.
  8. 2017 Denali grill options

    if you like it, perhaps an all terrain grille?
  9. New cap

    sweet truck. off topic- what brand/size tires? They look great
  10. heres mine! love this truck. Came from a 10" lifted 1500 2014 silverado. So glad I went with a 2500 this time around.
  11. Rear Window (upgrade of sorts)

    thanks guys. picked up the rear window. will keep you updated on progress.
  12. good to see this. now im very much considering running a 35x11.5/20 with my stock 20s. (from research, they appear to be the same width and offest as your 18s. )
  13. Rear Window (upgrade of sorts)

    at this point, from a looks perspective, im only interested in putting in the rear window with slider. ill work on making it power slide down the road. might be silly but i just like the look better lol. from what im reading its all one complete unit and is just a simple drop in. should be relatively easy for the dealer to do. nothing out of the ordinary
  14. Hey everyone. Does anyone have any experience with swapping out the oem rear glass (non sliding window) for a sliding window version? I will be keeping it to strictly OEM parts and getting the dealer to do the swap but anything i should look out for along the way? also.and I know this question is coming, initially it will not slide until I set up the wiring/ switch to make this happen. For now though, just the look alone of the sliding rear window is much more appealing to me
  15. Going off road in Denali

    definitely dont think you made the wrong choice picking a Denali over another model man..i know a huge majority of us on here will agree! nice truck

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