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  1. Aftermarket Shocks for AT4

    the 5100s do not ride rougher (read:unpleasant) - I have two sets of them on both of my lifted trucks (an 84 k20 and a 15 2500hd). "Firmer" and "more planted" I feel are better adjectives to describe the Bilsteins. The truck became much more pleasant to drive going with the 5100 vs the stock shocks and the crappy lift kit shocks on all roads at all speeds
  2. 2017 2500HD Tire Size

    35x11.5 look great on stock wheels. IMO the 12.5's are just too bulgy
  3. it should. there was an option to choose either gas or diesel in the drop down. Give them a call before purchasing though. their tuning handheld is different from the one i got that is used primarily for diagnosing, and recalibrating etc.
  4. I would return that thing ASAP man I got this: https://superchips.com/shop/gm-flashcal-for-truck and it works very well. recalibrated my speedo and changed my tpms threshold as well. the directions, if I recall, are super simple. plug it into the OBDII under the dash, turn the key to "on" - DONT turn the truck fully on. the device powers on, and you follow the steps on the handhelds screen all the way to the end which is simply hitting ok, letting the handheld work its magic, and then unplugging. FYI measure your tires with a measuring tape while theyre on the truck to get their most accurate size.
  5. that makes sense! i read into your comment the wrong way. Thanks. Just picked up 3 cans of the wax coating from Daubert
  6. care to expound on that more? is your link a "rubberized undercoating"? im a little confused here with your phrasing...or are you meaning using other rubberized coatings NOT daubert X-121B

    fyi check out his bumper. its cut as well.

    a 12 wide wheel and a 35" tire on just a leveling kit, oh yeah, itll rub tremendously- probably even worse than that. A bumper spacer, norcal mod, and then cutting the bumper up would help a lot to alleviate it. After looking on customoffsets, there are guys with leveling kits and 33's and 20x12s that are still rubbing. The joys have having square wheel wells! also...I have an 8" lift, 22x14s with 37" tires, a bumper spacer, norcal mod, and still had to trim my bumper lol- and i STILL slightly rub at full lock. I understand your frustration haha.

    also. use the customoffsets.com gallery. best tool to search for setups you may like.

    looks like a leveling kit and a 20x10 setup. the lip size is making me think possibly a 20x12 and he just rubs like hell when turning
  11. fog and headlight leds

    i have had a 2015 silverado 1500 and now have a 2015 Sierra 2500hd. Both got the HID treatment as the stock halogens were just terrible.No install issues. Just need to trim the dust covers to feed the wires through-make sure they get sealed up well after to prevent condensation forming inside. My 15 z/28's reflector and halogen setup was actually even worse so at least terrible lights run in the family lolll
  12. sounds similar to what I did. traded in my truck for this Z/28....and then I got a truck again lol
  13. Lights in mirror

    if there isnt a separate switch, your only way to fix it may be to park the opposite way you are now..if at all possible.
  14. fog and headlight leds

    I agree with you on that man. LED's are the future, but these (on the market currently) $50 drop in LED bulbs guys put in, and think simply because they are "whiter/brighter" than stock, that they are throwing more light, simply isnt true. Comparing my stock 2015 projector housings with a 55w 5000k HID vs the 2016-2017 half ton LED's that I have in there now, there is no comparison. The projector and HID in this scenario is far greater. But youre right-one day this will change when aftermarket LED technology fully supercedes HID's
  15. fog and headlight leds

    Jeez thats expensive. You guys really need to give pure white HID's (4300-5000k) a shot. these LED bulbs will never put out the same output as they can.

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