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  1. my 6.0 threw a TC as well too. I feel like this was a recall back in the day for this configuration...dont quote me on that though.
  2. thanks man. sorry i thought you were genuinely asking- didnt want to lead you astray
  3. hi. the lift is not for sale nor removable without SERIOUS fab work, nor would it work for your half ton @Frankielozano214
  4. oops forgot to post the tail lights.. both the heads and tails will come with gen5diy harness adapters.
  5. for sale located in Dallas, Tx 2014-2019 OEM LED Denali/SLT Headlights and Tailights. Will come with Gen5diy adapters for both the headlights and tailights. Driver side headlight has a small repair on the bottom. see photo. 80% covered up with the body panel trim piece. Zero broken tabs on any of the lights. All lights are functioning perfectly, every light is illuminated. 800 for the headlights 700 for the taillights 22x14 Hostile Rage 8x180 with 37" AMP MT Tires $3k obo
  6. youre 100% right. add on the tax and shipping and now youre at $1500. for a leveling kit LOL? pass.
  7. putting in the mirrors requires playing around with some of the door trim-and if I recall the weather stripping as well. Theres a chance its not the mirrors themselves per se, but a few loose ends to tie up within and around the door. sorry thats super vague but kind of the nature of it.
  8. projectors are not inherently crap. GM projectors are crap.
  9. if i were you, and if youre after the best output in your lo beams, id do HID lows, LED fogs, and keep the Hi's as they are.
  10. Purchased mine on ebay. were cheaper than amazon at the time.
  11. OP do let us know the outcome of Of Mice and Chevy vs General Motors. Me and my cousin vinny have a case in which we believe were due compensation for these bug splatters on my front end.
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