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  1. 2017 2500 IO3 Upgrade to ?

    Might be worth seeing if the guys upgrading to later model HMI/radios in this thread would sell you their leftovers and if can be programmed. I am on the fence about upgrading to HMI 2.5 as well for AA/carplay
  2. Radio

    Maybe now is the time to upgrade to a 2.5 HMI and radio to get android auto/carplay. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/213775-replacing-20-hmi-module-with-25-hmi-module-to-add-carplayandroid-auto-to-2014-2015-silverado/
  3. When using Google Maps navigation, does the screen in the instrument cluster display turn info, etc like it does with factory IO6 nav? Does it show call info, etc also for Android Auto? The volume paddle issue is a bummer for me, waiting to see what work around there might be.
  4. No power uphill

    Definitely let up know what you find.
  5. New shoes

    Posted in the 2500/3500 section, hence the curiosity about the shocks.
  6. Been lurking here from time to time but want to say thanks for the research and will be interested in upgrading my 2015.5 2500 when you get setup.
  7. The 10.5 AAM/14 bolt rear end has been in use since the early 70s and I feel a pretty solid axle. We use the same/similar ones in our rock crawlers with 40"+ tires and give them a beating with few problems. What actually failed in yours?
  8. Have a custom mid-pipe I built to install an aftermarket muffler (Magnaflow 12909) in my 2015 2500hd 6.0 truck. I removed the muffler and went back to stock so have this left over. This makes a cleaner install and saves your mid pipe if you want to revert back to stock. The aftermarket mufflers don't have as much offset as factory and the factory mid-pipe has a offset in it that accounts for that. With this straight mid-pipe it works perfect with the less offset of the aftermarket muffler and allows everything to be installed level with the truck. Here is my post about the muffler with additional info: I had this on a crew cab, 6.5' bed 4x4 truck. I'm sure other cab/bed configurations might need this lengthened or shortened but at least the hard part of the flange and hangers are done. Asking $75 for this custom mid-pipe. How it looked installed. muffler not included. Factory muffler to show the drop offset in the original mid-pipe.
  9. On my last truck (2008 GMC 2500 6.0) and this truck (2015 Chevrolet 2500 6.0) I kinda always wanted to remove the monster factory muffler and give the truck a little tone. I read some feedback and ended up with a Magnaflow 12909 3.5" muffler. After receiving I noticed the offset isn't the same as the factory muffler and wouldn't be a direct install unless you don't mind the muffler sitting in the truck at and angle to meet up to the existing exhaust. What I did notice was the factory pipe from the flange just in front of the muffler dropped down a few inches and if that were a straight section it would make the muffler offset perfect to reach the tailpipe section. I cut the pip as close to the rear of the factory muffler and unbolted the flange. I cut the welds on the factory ball flange and the hangers to make a new intermediate pipe that will be straight. I picked up a length of 3.5" exhaust pipe from a local exhaust shop and mocked up the muffler and flange and built the new pipe. With this pipe the muffler, intermediate pipe, and tailpipe were all level with the truck. With it all installed time to try it out. At idle the truck sounded great, not really any louder that stock but a deep rumble sound. Where I started to question it was driving, I would get a drone around 1600-1700 rpm that wasn't terribly loud but enough I noticed I turned the radio up a little more than normal. Above that and north of 2000 rpm it was fairly quiet in the cab and sounded great. A friend listened outside and said it wasn't obnoxiously loud but you could tell it wasn't stock and had a great deep tone to it. I tried it for a week and finally decided the drone area, especially when towing my rock crawler, was just more than I wanted to listen too on long trips so finally just put the factory muffler back in. No one else in the 2500/3500 section really mentions drone with the muffler but I did find a guy with a 1500 6.2 truck that tried and and removed because of drone. Maybe it has to do with my blackbear tune and something going on in that range differently that the others guys here. I had to grab another factory intermediate pipe since I had cut mine up for the flanges and hangers. A buddy bought the magnaflow muffler for his ram 2500 6.4 truck but I have this straight intermediate pipe left over I thought I would sell to someone else that might want to try a different muffler with a cleaner install. Pipe is 36.5" long from face of flange to end of pipe and you can see in the last pictures where the weld was and how much fit inside the muffler. PM me if you are interested. And now for the pictures: The factory intermediate pipe with the drop down near the flange: Cut the flange and hangers off the factory pipe: Muffler and new intermediate pipe: New muffler installed: Leftover intermediate pipe for sale after cutting muffler off:
  10. Bully dog is a rip off

    No experience with them but with my old 08 2500 6.0 truck I did the diablo/lew tune. With the canned Diablo tune you install first I noticed no real change, the custom tune didn't feel like any more power but much better shifting. On my 2015 2500 6.0 truck I am doing a Black Bear tune, I just sent in my data log yesterday so waiting for the return tune so I can try it. From all my reading a canned tune for these gassers really doesn't equate to much, you need to get the custom tune from Diablew or Black Bear.
  11. Seems I have ready somewhere that you get .2" per turn of the bolt on the torsion key. I turned mine 7 turns and still have a slight rake to it.
  12. Well if anyone is searching and come across this thread my 2015 Silverado 2500HD crew cab short box 4x4 6.0 truck with a full tank of fuel, fabric tonneau cover and swing case toolbox with a few small items (150 lbs for tonneau and toolbox I bet) weighs 6860 total. 3820 on the front and 3040 on the rear. I use these weights to get tire pressure ballpark'd.
  13. Been there. I tow a rock buggy on a custom trailer that's about 6k lbs plus about 1k lbs in the bed of the truck on trips. Got rid of my 2008 GMC 2500 6.0 thinking it was way more truck than I really needed and tried a 2013 ecoboost. While the ecoboost super crew was nice I found the temp gauge had a 30 degree dead spot programmed in and while towing up a hill the truck would hit 235+ and the gauge never moved. Oil pressure gauge is just a 7 psi switch. Had to repair something almost weekly. Only had that POS for 3 months and got back into a 2015 silverado 2500 6.0 truck and never regret it. I don't need to use the equalizer bars, I feel stable on the interstate at 85 mph, the gauges actually mean something (granted water temp runs about 210 on the dash but the scan tool indicates more like 195-200). I think the Fords are just dumbed down too much for the typical ford owner/driver...... Good choice on the replacement.
  14. Have no input but in for updates. MAybe post on performancetrucks as you might get more tuner oriented folks there too.
  15. In to follow for future updates. Thanks for sharing.

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