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  1. Curious on the cruise control if that was or could be fixed via tuning? Kinda doubt it with vacuum controlled. My old 2nd gen dodge diesel with vacuum cruise hated bigger injectors and such and would surge rendering it basically useless as well.
  2. Bilstein B8 5100 series

    You mentioned you have a 1500 truck. Your in the wrong forum, the 2500/3500 trucks are completely different shocks/setup.
  3. I built the light bar and the lights are the 9" 225w leds (more diodes that the typical 9" led light). I have actually thought about changing things up again and selling the setup. Would be the bar mount that goes the factory bumper mount (no drilling), the four lights, and the modified billet bumper grill to fit the light bar. The amount of light these put out is ridiculous and I feel looks better that the typical light bar that everyone has nowadays.
  4. Shock Install

    Spacers are still required with the Bilsteins as they are the same length as stock even though they specify the fit with leveled. They are easy to install, easy enough I did them on the ground quicker than if I spent the time to even get the truck on the lift.
  5. my thought was if you have a bad spark from the coil see if moving the coil over moves the problem as well
  6. Maybe swap coil/wire with the one next to it and see if things change or follow.
  7. My experience with the big magnaflow 3.5" muffler. Still have the mid pipe I made laying around if anyone is interested.
  8. Some extra input is the 2011+ trucks have a different ECU and makes some custom tuning more difficult that previous. Overall they can all have some mild issues but overall great across the board. My 2005 work truck has just over 200k and I've replaces a water pump gasket, steam port oring, repaired 5 broken exhaust manifold bolts, and an evap purge solenoid. Also anything prior to 2007ish 4x4 do a t-case case saver plate as preventative work.
  9. 6.0L Muffler Swap

    That's great, someone else might come across this muffler thread and want to install their muffler straight and square though instead of angled as yours.
  10. 6.0L Muffler Swap

    For guys wanting to install a muffler that isn't as offset as stock I built this pipe that gets rid of the factory drop down near that flange mount. It makes for a lot cleaner install instead of having your muffler sit and an angle. (I also went back to a stock muffler and have this left over for sale if anyone is interested)
  11. Have you had the truck/speedometer recalibrated?
  12. Looks good. How's the power with the 37s feel?
  13. The front is not pleasant to me but the side looks much better than the 1500 I think, at least the body lines match front to rear. Curious about more info on the direct injection engine coming in it.
  14. I thought there was the new body style 2015 HD truck that was the before aug '14 then the 2015.5 which was the after aug '14. Maybe I was wrong but the initial tell tale sign was tow mirrors without the marker/reverse lights amongst a few other minor details.

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