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  1. I sold my 2.0 IO6 hmi on eBay for about what I paid for my 2.5 IO6 hmi on eBay. Seems like around $200 of my memory serves me.
  2. I had WAMS do my programming to add carplay/android auto to my 2015. I needed the HMI, radio module, and usb port to do mine since it is a 2015
  3. Yes, I did notice a difference. Maybe not huge like tuning a diesel but still noticeable. I first installed their 85 octane tune and trans tuning and that was noticeable gains in mostly transmission shifting and torque management. Then a few months later I installed the 91 octane tune and noticed a bit more power than previous. Say not crazy huge difference but enough to notice. I would do it again. I had a tune from Diablew on my 2008 2500 6.0 truck as well and we about the same results and feeling as the Blackbear.
  4. I have a blackbear tune on my 2015 6.0 truck. Pulls my trailer great.
  5. There are also ways to add android auto/car play to your 2015 like factory. I just did that on my 2015 by using components from a later model truck and some reprogramming. Well worth it IMO.
  6. Don't even have to dismount the tire. I have R&Rd sensors and I just deflate, use a high lift jack to deseat the outer bead, reach into the tire and remove the sensor then air up to reseat.
  7. I axle weighed mine and did the math on based on the tire weight/psi specs and rounded that to come up with 55 psi front 50 psi rear. I also had a friends shop re calibrate my TPMS to be at 50 psi for recommended psi.
  8. I'd be half inclined to remove it and remove your springs from the COs and check travel, clearances, and motions with it at bump. If all seems fine figure where full bump should be and trim it to just a touch longer than that to account for compression.
  9. Just finished up the 2.5 HMI/radio/usb upgrade in my 2015 to add Android Auto, Car Play, and the in motion unlocks through @GTPprix at WAMS. The process was straight forward and easy and the results are awesome. Highly recommend doing. I did run into a hiccup on the factory nav calibration afterward but all ended up ok and WAMS was very, very fast to respond and help out. Now to start sourcing an instrument cluster to finish the upgrade completely.
  10. We have a 2015 2500 6.0 WT truck here at work that the ac compressor blew up and sent metal throughout the ac system and everything had to be replaced. I think it had somewhere in the 30k-40k mileage range then. Seems like I've read about that a few other times too. Crossing my fingers on my persona 2015.
  11. Not clean and hidden but more bold and aggressive but I built this setup. Give you an idea of a non traditional setup more offroad race truck inspired. I have it for sale now here as well as I have changed up my bumper setup.
  12. My initial guess is the exhaust leak was making the reading to the o2 on the bank incorrect and so it richened up that bank and fouled those 4 plugs
  13. Are all 8 plugs fouled or just the 4 on that bank? Is it the bank that had the exhaust manifold leak?
  14. Ah, true, forgot it was just the clockspring to airbag. I remember that now when I was looking I was finding way more deals on wheels on ebay for 1500 trucks than 2500 and thought the same thing but held out and finally found a good deal on a 2500 wheel so didn't mess with that. When all said and done after buying a new wheel and clockspring and selling my old ones I was out of pocket under $100 for the heated wheel upgrade. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade
  15. I believe the airbag wiring is different between the 1500 vs 2500/3500 as well. Seems one has 1 plug vs other has 2.
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