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  1. I have a pair of Maxsa traction boards on the way. They're very similar to maxtrax but cheaper. I'd like to mount them to the front of the bed so they're out of the way. Anyone do this before?
  2. That's where I was leaning. Thank you. Not to find a deal that'll program the ECU for cheap.
  3. I've posted in a couple different threads and have yet to get responses. So here we go again. Does anyone have concrete information about which RPO codes are required for the OEM GM remote start kit? The codes I've seen referred to are for older trucks and no longer relevant to the newer ones.
  4. Should come with fobs, and paperwork and code, and a good latch. Any wiring should already be in the truck if you have the appropriate RPO code
  5. No Bose system. Base model stereo here. What do the Window and door functions have to do with the radio?
  6. Wow. Sounds awesome. And complicated. I'm looking for more of a plug and play kind of thing. Apple CarPlay capable radio, with a wiring harness that's plugs into the stock harness.
  7. Interesting idea. Would that be plug and play? I imagine I'd need all new trim pieces and wiring harness and have to splice it all together?
  8. Any thoughts on replacing the OEM basic stereo for something with Apple CarPlay? I've got a 2016 GMC 3500 base with the basic tiny little radio. I'd like a bigger screen, compatibility with the OEM backup camera (even though that is awful), and a trim ring that looks as stock as possible.
  9. "AQQ" is the code needed to for this work correct? Or is it "AP8"? I've seen both come up in threads about this and can't nail down which is required. According to the AC Delco list of RPO codes they mean the same thing..
  10. So pretty much the same as the standard fob. Trying to decide if the simple install of this is worth the lack of range as compared to an aftermarket unit.
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