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  1. Yeah when I installed them they were moving fine. Even used a runout gauge to text axial play. Transmission is 6l80
  2. Also motor mounts were replaced last year and transmission mount is fine. No cracking etc. Have to really push on it to move it.
  3. Same driveshaft. I replaced the u joints. But that was way before this started happening. Maybe I used the wrong u joint clip size and they shifted a little. Just hoping its not my trans. Looking for some answers.
  4. My pinion angle i believe is fine. Truck is lowered..... Trans -6 shaft -3 diff +5 it started happening about a couple months ago. U joints were replaced. I think its 4th gear when I step on the gas pedal if feels as though I running over a rumble strip between 58-63 mph. The more rpms I am at at this mph range the vibration is stronger. Stops after the speed. No vibrations from 65 and above. Did a few WOT runs, no traffic on highway. No abnormal vibrations at 0-55 65-97. Only happens upon acceleration. 3.08 gear ratio. 2010 gmc sierra CC.
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