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  1. I have some, but mounted in bead locks. Great tires and make the truck look great. I posted a photo of the truck in the wheels tire topic. Here is a photo of my wheel tire setup.
  2. Brake caliper clearance. Spokes from mount pad. Unsure if that backspace will fit depending on the wheel.
  3. I went with some Walker Evans Bead locks on some bfgs. I have no rub, spacers, she clears brake calipers but just by a hair. 17x9 walker evans racing forged bead lock with some special engraving. 315,70,17 BFG ko2 CST lift at about 2 inch
  4. I have a 19 Z71 RST, I had the CST crew install standard coilovers on front and remote res on the rear. I personally do work on shocks suspension and you do need to let it settle. From the photo you posted my truck is setup the same but with the stock tires. Like said above we could try to get ext length of the shock but knowing CST, I doubt they installed the wrong or longer shock. I will post up photos of my front shocks as soon as I get some light on her.
  5. I agree 100% - I went with 19 RST... MAKE SURE IT HAS XM IF YOU WANT IT! that is my only mistake... 19 RST Z71 White - CST 3" lift... Turns heads even without putting on my Walker Evans beadlocks Gangly is right, Eibach would be the best "Cheaper" option.. My CST kit was a few grand. (But they ride great)
  6. I had the exact same thing happen to me.. unreal.
  7. I have been thinking that if the IOR cannot be upgraded, what if I replace the head and receiver to the IOS/IOT radio.. Just a thought and was curious if anyone else has thought the same or knows better to even try. Parts online would be costly but I'm not even sure if it would work. Gonna ask the local Chevy dealer if they have any info tomorrow.
  8. Also curious if this install went well. Would be really nice to get the HUD if at all possible/feasible.
  9. I have been looking online, does anyone have a shot of both cluster options? I really like the Denali style but not the blue in the gauges. Like you said make sure I know what I want. Trying to look up the part numbers and it is hard to see the actual cluster.
  10. Has anyone had any works Quirks since the install?
  11. Don't be too careful.. you do have the warranty. I have had mine at the dealer a few times already for recalls and even the brake computer failure. They reset and updated a couple things . I did not use my remote start for quite some time then said to hell with that.. I love the remote start feature and I'm using it again. No issues yet I say warm her up!
  12. I went in nice and calm... Even called ahead to let them know I was headed their way with the towed truck.. they couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. (called up the main dealer number) she told me that service will be gone but sales can help. That was such a bad experience, I was expecting someone to at least ask me what was going on and give me direction. I got pissed off because of their rudeness and utter blindness to see us in front of the glass wall. I always treat with respect and man that was not what I was expecting. Luckily they got it squared up the next day. But you are correct, they really do not know what is going on until they hear it from the end customer.
  13. I did have the recalls taken care of by the dealer about two weeks ago or so. Yes I did start with the app. When the truck was started back up only the check engine light on. Let's hope for the best. I will update asap
  14. I called up the tow, I didn't want to chance it with the socal freeways... My luck it would fail and I would bump someone haha. OnStar has a truck on the way, about 45 min total since I turned the truck on til tow arrival so I cannot complain, at least they sent a truck asap. Now let's see what GM say/does.
  15. I just got hit with this after work.... Started the truck and it started flipping errors... On the phone with onstar now
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