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  1. I went in nice and calm... Even called ahead to let them know I was headed their way with the towed truck.. they couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. (called up the main dealer number) she told me that service will be gone but sales can help. That was such a bad experience, I was expecting someone to at least ask me what was going on and give me direction. I got pissed off because of their rudeness and utter blindness to see us in front of the glass wall. I always treat with respect and man that was not what I was expecting. Luckily they got it squared up the next day. But you are correct, they really do not know what is going on until they hear it from the end customer.
  2. I did have the recalls taken care of by the dealer about two weeks ago or so. Yes I did start with the app. When the truck was started back up only the check engine light on. Let's hope for the best. I will update asap
  3. I called up the tow, I didn't want to chance it with the socal freeways... My luck it would fail and I would bump someone haha. OnStar has a truck on the way, about 45 min total since I turned the truck on til tow arrival so I cannot complain, at least they sent a truck asap. Now let's see what GM say/does.
  4. I just got hit with this after work.... Started the truck and it started flipping errors... On the phone with onstar now
  5. I also have the same issue with my 19 RST Z71 4X4.. When leaving on first start up she lunges and can't find a gear.. I'm at about 6k on mine, I do not expect much from GM... they got our money already
  6. Ahh.. man don't make me loose sleep over this haha. Really bummed about this guy's trailboss .. so far just the basic recalls for me
  7. Haha, mine was from USA and she was glued on with a fair amount.. if someone has a heat gun it could help not destroy the housing. The back of my harness clip was ripped off with the glue, thank goodness it wasn't the end that clips in.. and I tapped in so it was okay.
  8. Violet , white. 12v source. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  9. Bump, Anyone tried the 91? I do in 91 in mine but I can't tell anything haha
  10. I was told that gm is working on the update and that it will be fixed in the update.. mine had also been from day one
  11. I know the mirror I got was a plug in and play however the plug did not fit the harness that was tucked away so I hit the pins..
  12. Installed my gen8 hl auto dim mirror... It really does make a difference, simple install, I'm half ass smart with electrical and mine works great, I did have to run both power sources to the same spot as I couldn't find a constant 12v (was lazy and didn't test either) Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  13. This is what I have so far... I ordered the wheels today.. I'll mush them until I get them made. I wanna put walker 17s on some 32s at least.. 33 I think I gotta take off the mud flap. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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