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  1. Still waiting on this my self. Once this virus thing is over, Im curious on what the final verdict was.
  2. So mine got replaced, They left the old one on my car so I took it apart. It is possible to replace the battery, however its not easy and you will most likely break it. Found my battery was still good, but it died due to water damage. Old one was mounted above drivers door handle, I mounted the new one on the inside of the gas door so its protected from water.
  3. Im going to add, mine cleared its self after 24 hours. (OBD Scanner would not clear it)
  4. I have this on my 2019, and the keypad is already dead after 1 year. I have to take it to the dealer to get it replaced.
  5. Im getting U0100, U0101, and U0146 after hooking up my trailer today. Issue is not going away after removal of the trailer. I removed the neg battery cable for a extended period of time, code still shows. Cant clear it using my obd scanner either. Good to know its most likely a false alarm. Ill take to the dealer later in the week.
  6. Thats it, Safelite is telling me $800 without insurance. for the windshield. (+$300 to recalibrate the camera)
  7. Unfortunately I was not that lucky. Mine does not say HUD. I can't tell, can you read the part number for yours?
  8. Where is that stamped? Drivers side or pass? I have the Safety Alert (RED light), but I dont see HUD on mine.
  9. Chris, So I have a SLT with navigation right now. Do you have the part numbers for the new HUD dash?
  10. Has anyone seen a master parts list or a website for the 2019's? I know you can search for any part if you know the number, I am looking to browse and look at schematics and such. None of the part websites I find have anything listed, granted they all use the same parts library from Cox Automotive.
  11. Since 2/4/2019. Ill have to see if its connected to Wifi.
  12. I searched and did not see this yet, I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. 90% of the time I start my truck, this screen appears. No matter if I agree or disagree it comes back.
  13. Its made out of cheap metal. It does bend and hold.
  14. Connectors were the wrong word, as I know they make most wiring harness stock, what I did not know was the windshield. That was the one I was not expecting. Dash, HUD, etc I was expecting. I don't expect its going to be an issue getting the windshield replaced before the HUD.
  15. Yea, mine does not look right still as well. I want to try and figure out to fix it.
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