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  1. Yes, I dealt with this a few months ago. Turned in my truck for service, was shuttled to Enterprise, and they only had a Hyundai. They let me take it and said they would bring me a GM vehicle to swap with it as soon as one was available. The service didn't take that long, so they never swapped it.
  2. I bought the Rydonair 9" via ebay (brand new). Great reception, great looks. and doesn't hit my garage door frame (which was the whole reason I wanted something shorter)
  3. Silver Ice LTZ Texas Edition Has de-badged fenders & doors and stock 20s. Other small mods include window tint, black grille bowtie, and nerf bars. Recently installed black tint covers for the orange front corner lights, just don't have a pic yet.
  4. Did some searching this morning, found this video. It appears I need the yellow wire on the grey BCM connector. Originally, I didn't want them on when the door is opened, but will probably do it this way so they come on when the door is opened and come on when the headlights are turned on...
  5. I would like to add extra interior lighting on my 2019 Silverado 1500 LTZ and want to tap off of the correct circuit. If anyone has done this properly, which pin number and what color wire do I need so these extra lights only come on when the interior lights (dash knobs & buttons) come on based on the headlights being turned on? I searched this forum, but only found answers for courtesy lights (that come on when the door is open).
  6. I haven't found this in the manual yet, but here's my experience on my 2019 LTZ: - Push and release (depress) the power button, and the audio mutes. Depress again, and the audio comes back on. - Push and hold the power button, and the system turns off
  7. Some forum members have posted about transmission & shifting concerns in the general section (instead of the engine / driveline / exhaust section). One of those is below and has a lot of info. And a search on this site will bring up multiple other posts as well. Info: Occasional harsh downshifts during deceleration = TSB 19-NA-244. Resolution is reprogram the TCM. Shake / shudder during light acceleration = TSB 19-NA-121. Resolution is to flush fluid and install latest high perf. fluid. Post:
  8. Interesting indeed. And like others have said, I respect the creativity and craftsmanship...
  9. For trucks, the list is short... 2005 Silverado 1500 CC SB LT 5.3L (black on black) 2019 Silverado 1500 CC SB LTZ 5.3L (silver on black) For other vehicles, the list is longer. My 2005 Silverado used to be my extra vehicle, now I moved to a Silverado being my daily driver.
  10. I have the same engine & trans combo in my 2019, and just hit 8k miles myself. No big change in mpg yet, and my driving habits and commute are relatively consistent. Seems some other variable must have changed, that's quite an improvement. Certainly hope my truck does the same, but not counting on it (LOL)
  11. Mine occasionally has this symptom as well, but not very often. It's covered by TSB 16-NA-361. Dealer instructions are: "Tell customer the first shift of the day may be harsh from 1st to 2nd gear. Compare the customer's vehicle to like vehicles. Do not replace any parts." If I let off the brake pedal a little slower, or keep the brake applied just one or two seconds longer after putting it into gear, the symptom does not occur. Mine seems to occur if I do things quickly, which aligns with the TSB information about the initial clutch fill time.
  12. Occasional harsh downshifts during deceleration = TSB 19-NA-244. Resolution is reprogram the TCM. Shake / shudder during light acceleration = TSB 19-NA-121. Resolution is to flush fluid and install latest high perf. fluid. My 2019 with 5.3L & 8-speed had these two symptoms. Dealer verified symptoms and applied resolutions, now it shifts great with no issues. Hope this info is helpful.
  13. This is page 75 from my 2019 Silverado manual. It appears you have to enable this in vehicle personalization and also use remote start. Yours may be a little different since it's 2 years newer.
  14. My 2019 5.3L / 8-speed only has 7k miles and, when I bought it a few months ago, noticed two concerns. After a trip to the dealer, they updated the TCM and changed the fluid. Now it drives and shifts great, no issues. Newer models (2020+) will come with updates from the factory that address these concerns. The biggest issue(s) with the 8-speed were with the prior generation trucks (up to 2018).
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