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  1. Thanks for the quick responses, you guys are awesome! I know this is the 2014-2018 forum, but here's what my old 2005 looks like with them. I really like it, the angles on the wheel spokes seem to complement the front end / grille angles. Now that they're installed, next step is to use the Hypertech to correct the tire height.
  2. Would someone please post a pic here of the tire pressure decal from the back side of the driver's door jamb (B-pillar) of a 2018 Silverado Z-71 with factory 265/65/18 tires? Looking at a set of brand new "take-offs" from a 2018 Z-17 (265/65/18) for my 2005 Silverado, want to confirm the factory rated tire pressure and compare it to my truck's factory recommended tire pressure (which originally came with 245/70/17).
  3. Air door stuck on hot?

    Thanks txab, I'll give that a try this weekend.
  4. Vehicle: 2005 Silverado crew cab LT with dual zone HVAC Issue: It was cold this morning, so ran the heater for a while then, when it warmed up, turned both driver and passenger knobs from "90" to "60" degrees and switched air flow from floor to dash vents. But the air stayed hot and didn't change to the ambient temp like they should have. Made the stops I needed and, even after turning off and re-starting the truck a few times as I made my stops, hot air continued to come out of the dash vents. This actually happened to me several weeks back, but it was corrected the next time I drove the truck (which is generally about twice a week). Anyone else experienced this? If so, what's the cause and resolution?
  5. Anyone Live In Spring? Or Houston Tx?

    I'm in Spring...
  6. Oem Trans Cooler Upgrade On 99-07 1500?

    That appears to be what's on the truck (already have factory tow package). I'm wondering about upgrading it to a larger sized cooler that would "bolt on" (or close to it). For example, a 99-07 Silverado/Sierra cooler from a 2500HD.
  7. Oem Trans Cooler Upgrade On 99-07 1500?

    I've definitely considered an aftermarket model (e.g. Hayden RapidCool for up to 10K lbs), but really prefer the factory hard lines over hose.
  8. Has anyone with a 99 - 07 (old body) 1500 and factory tow package ever upgraded the factory trans cooler to a higher capacity GM cooler (e.g. from a 2500)? I have absolutely no plans to tow more than my truck's capacity, but wondering if a version of this cooler from a heavier duty GM truck would directly connect to the existing trans cooler lines (I could modify the mounting as needed). In the Texas heat, you can't over-cool a trans.
  9. Towing

    To be safe, use third (not overdrive). Frequent shifting in and out of OD can quickly overheat the trans. When towing, stay out of OD and take your time to help prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

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