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  1. I just want all lights including tasks and cargo lights to come on when I unlock the truck.
  2. I assume you took the calipers completely off the truck and then painted them?
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I have to take it back in the shop next week and I will have to look at what y'all suggested.
  4. I just had a set installed on mine and they make a helluva clunking noise when they lower and close. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  5. Has anyone painted their calipers? I was thinking they would look red like the tow hooks.
  6. For those that Plasti Dipped the badges.....how did you do it? Pull the badges off and paint or tape and paint on truck?
  7. I agree that proficiency is the key to any weapon. A pump shotgun is one of the most basic guns to own, maintain, and shoot. If I am in a dark environment with unknown intruder(s), I would rather throw out a 30" spread of shot instead of a single shot from a pistol or even an AR. I feel pretty confident that at 20-30 feet I could hit an intruder shooting from my hip with a pipe gun. That is my preference and everyone has their own preferences on what they need to feel safe. My 78 year old grandmother had a 16 gauge Ithaca pump that she kept by her bed. As frail as she was at that age, she could put that gun under her "wing" and knock a door off its hinges from 20 feet.
  8. Evans here...just outside of Augusta!
  9. I would love to take them off your hands but TX is a long trip from GA! Good luck!
  10. In my very humble opinion, I think everyone should have at least three guns. First is a gun to conceal on your person so that if someone is threatening your personal space and you feel your life is in danger, you can put several shots in the chest from 4-8 feet. Second would be a revolver that you keep secure in your vehicle with more stopping power and more ammunition. Anything from a 38 "Special" to a 44 Magnum would fit in this category and all about preference. The third gun everyone should own is a pump shotgun kept close to your bed for any sort of home invasion. I prefer a pump because it makes a hell of a racket and easy to shoot and load. I like my 12 gauge Ithaca with .00 shot since I can hold down the trigger and pump as many rounds as necessary. No need to aim, just point in the direction of the danger and fire away. Other than these, you can get other guns for sport that can be useful in some of the same situations but this is my daughters "starter kit"!
  11. Looks awesome. I am wanting the Rigid Midnight SR Series but dang....$999 for a 30" is craaaaazy!
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