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  1. The recommendation to "see yur dealer" might be for liabiitly reaons. You would be amazed at what people so for these days. I adjusted mine (LEDs on an LTZ), it's very simple. This video may help...
  2. NIce, and thse look bright enough to be supplemental front driving lights!
  3. The overall diameter of the 17" spare should be the same as your stock 20" wheels and should fit from a diameter perspective. However, a 20" wheel and tire will be wider, so you need to see how much farther it hangs down when fully winched up. Maybe try removing the spare and one of your wheels and perform a test fit?
  4. My 2019 LTZ just started doing this intermittently. Rolls down fine. When I pull up then release the button on the driver's window for it to fully close, it stops at about 1/3 of the way up then reverses and goes all the way down. If I hold the button the entire time, it will close. I'll try cleaning it first.
  5. I was told by my dealer that you can buy an extended GM warranty as long as the vehicle is still within the factory warranty period.
  6. Here is my experience with my 2019 Silverado LTZ. Had the trans fluid flushed and reprogram done to address known shifting concerns, all covered under TSB / warranty. No other issues, love the truck and would buy one all over again.
  7. I'm not certain, but believe this is a safety related feature on all newer vehicles. If someone was to stop their vehicle without first putting it in park, and the doors were unlocked, they could start getting out of the car and run over themselves. Then, instead of that person taking personal accountability for their own stupidity, they would sue the car manufacturer, hence the car manufacturer has to make a change to protect stupid people from themselves. Go look at your lawnmower and you'll see at least one decal indicating that you should not put your hand near a moving blade. DUH! [/Rant Off].
  8. My truck is silver, so I painted the gold part of my steering wheel logo silver. Looks great, matches well with the chrome and silver interior accents, very happy with it.
  9. The ignition needs to be on (by depressing the start button without your foot on the brake pedal), but the engine does not need to be running. Here is pate 132 from the owner's manual (from my 2019).
  10. cOld29 is correct, it's showing you the drive direction of the vehicle.
  11. Thanks txab. For now, I'll hope this is fixed permanently. It's happened to me 3 times now, where the issue of being unable to post or reply typically lasts 3-4 days.
  12. I did a quick search for "GM dark atmosphere" and found this link for leather interior colors: https://www.leathermagic.com/general-motors-interior-colors/ Here's a picture of some of the ones with "atmosphere" in the name:
  13. I believe atmosphere is grey, and dark atmosphere is a darker grey (almost black)
  14. Thanks txab, and do you know when they did the most recent site upgrade? Just trying to understand the timing to determine if that was the cause of this most recent issue.
  15. txab, did the admins respond or implement a fix? After 4 days, I can finally post and respond to posts. But this happened before, so I would like to confirm whether they found the root cause and implemented a fix.
  16. Mine originally came with GM dealer-installed running boards. They were nice, I just wanted a different look, so changed to tubular. Very happy with them.
  17. Yes, I dealt with this a few months ago. Turned in my truck for service, was shuttled to Enterprise, and they only had a Hyundai. They let me take it and said they would bring me a GM vehicle to swap with it as soon as one was available. The service didn't take that long, so they never swapped it.
  18. I bought the Rydonair 9" via ebay (brand new). Great reception, great looks. and doesn't hit my garage door frame (which was the whole reason I wanted something shorter)
  19. Silver Ice LTZ Texas Edition Has de-badged fenders & doors and stock 20s. Other small mods include window tint, black grille bowtie, and nerf bars. Recently installed black tint covers for the orange front corner lights, just don't have a pic yet.
  20. Did some searching this morning, found this video. It appears I need the yellow wire on the grey BCM connector. Originally, I didn't want them on when the door is opened, but will probably do it this way so they come on when the door is opened and come on when the headlights are turned on...
  21. I would like to add extra interior lighting on my 2019 Silverado 1500 LTZ and want to tap off of the correct circuit. If anyone has done this properly, which pin number and what color wire do I need so these extra lights only come on when the interior lights (dash knobs & buttons) come on based on the headlights being turned on? I searched this forum, but only found answers for courtesy lights (that come on when the door is open).
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