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  1. Nice, I’ll definitely have to convince the wife to let me get them. I know the plugs for the bulbs are different since they use H7, but is the single plug that goes to the main harness the same as oem?
  2. Are those the Recon Projector Headlights? How do they look at night? Have you noticed any better lighting than stock? I have been eyeing them for a little while.
  3. I believe, like what most of the others are saying, it is your commute that is sucking your gas. I have a 2020 Custom Trail Boss with the 5.3L and 6 speed transmission. My old job was 15 minutes away and I got on average 15MPG highway, which is close to what my sticker said. My new job is now 30 minutes away and I now get a little over 18MPG highway.
  4. I had just recently replaced the single usb to the dual usb without the sd card slot in my 20 custom tb. It works just fine without the other cable plugged into it. Both USB ports work and they light up white as well. I had plug my phone and my wife’s phone in at the same time and the radio recognized both phones. The only thing that I don’t know is if the usb-c does the fast charging or not. That’s a mute point for me since I drive nearly 40 minutes to work.
  5. From all of the sound clips I’ve heard of different mufflers, I love the Corsa Sport the best. I only wish you could buy just the muffle without having to buy the rest of the catback system.
  6. Why not look into a junkyard or someplace similar and look for a bumper that came with fog lights? You’ll still have to wire the lights you choose but at least you would have the holes already cut out and in the stock location as well.
  7. It depends on what you order from them. As mentioned earlier the floor mates are oversized and I believe they ship from the east coast somewhere. So for me living in Washington the total cost including shipping is more than what I would pay at the dealership. However when I bought the “factory” sub from them it was cheaper with shipping than going to the dealership.
  8. I have the Gator quad fold installed on my truck. I’ll try to get some pictures of it tomorrow. I’m in the east side of Washington state so it doesn’t rain as much as in Seattle. The only leaking I have is around the tailgate when I take it through the car wash. Today it has been raining however and I am moving into a new house. All the boxes where still nice and dry and there wasn’t any noticeable leaking anywhere. According to the specs it should hold up to 300lbs evenly distributed. I’ve had the cover installed since March of this year.
  9. I understand your concern, long story short, my brother drove my dads truck and rear ended someone. Water pump and other things had to be replaced. We had nothing but problems with that truck afterwards. They got rid of that truck after constant repairs. Recently my dad was sideswiped, almost like an angled t-bone really. Tweaked the frame and of course body damage. After it was repaired he had no problems with it and said it rode better. Honestly if comes down to the luck sometimes. Just makes sure you use a highly rated repair shop that is recommended by the insurance company, either yours or theirs, and grill the repair shop with questions. Like if they use aftermarket parts or oem parts. What is their warranty like and such. Make the other guys insurance take care of your rental. You shouldn’t have to pay for that since it wasn’t like you were looking to be rear ended or anything. And as for the depreciation on your truck, it might not be as bad. The way the new/used car market is now it might not have affected it much. Believe it or not, after only having my truck for five days I was rear ended. Low speed impact, $3k in damage and labor. Just for fun we looked at the value of my truck, even with the accident, I can sale my truck for a profit. Sorry for the long post, anyway good luck with the repairs and let’s us know what’s happens.
  10. How long did it take you to install? I eventually want to do this but I have to take time off of work for the down time my truck would be out of commission. I want to see how long i would need to take off.
  11. I think what they are saying is that if you intend to lift your truck and buy this kit then yes the steel springs are 1:1 swap with the composite springs. However if you buy the kit just for the springs and not lift your truck they will not work since they are meant to used in conjunction with the lift kit. This is because they were made with the 2in of lift in mind and not stock height.
  12. In my opinion you’ll be fine. I have the 5.3L 6spd Custom Tail Boss and it pulled our trailer without any issues. Granted we took it camping the first time this Memorial Day weekend and only went an hour and a half away. Our trailer is a 2021 Starcraft Autumn Ridge that has a GVWR of 6500lbs. It went up hills with barely any struggles. I would recommend looking into a Weight Distribution Hitch, it makes a huge difference. I could be wrong but I think your trailer might be light enough where it doesn’t need one but I think it’s close to the cut off limit. What you’re looking into getting your truck will be more than enough to handle it. Here is a screenshot of the specs. I’ll post a pic of the truck and trailer once I get home so I can edit the size of the pic.
  13. I have been debating on doing the swap to tow mirrors. We just bought a travel trailer to go camping, getting too old to sleep on an air mattress or ground. I have been going back and forth because I know I should get them but I hate the "dumbo ears" look. For now I am going with some snap on extensions since they are the cheapest option right now and I will get them before Memorial Day weekend for our maiden voyage in the trailer. I was also thinking, once the truck is payed off, that I could somehow retrofit some K2 tow mirror instead. I know there would be body work on the doors besides wiring to get them to fit and work. I feel that they would look better however, just my opinion. Here is the link to the snap on mirrors if anyone is interested. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TM169WF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Here is one more from further back on the passenger side. I am going to get black Z71 emblems soon also.
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