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  1. Here is one more from further back on the passenger side. I am going to get black Z71 emblems soon also.
  2. Ok, so I had bought the gloss black emblems that say Silverado and Custom for my Custom Trail Boss. The set that I bought had the emblems for the tailgate, which I put on, but they also have the fender emblems that say Silverado. I am gonna keep my Z71 fender emblems where they are at. I am considering putting the Silverado emblems on my door. Since doors don't come with any emblems on them I am seeking on opinions on placement. I know I want them down low around where the door guards (I think that is what they were called) used to be on the older models. Here are a couple of pictures on where
  3. I have a 2020 Custom Tail Boss with the 6 speed transmission. I have noticed the shifting in my truck every once in a while too. I think it might be a combination of things like driving style, shift points and gearing. When I am just cruising and let my truck slow down naturally, not using the brake, but maintain a little bit of throttle input it downshifts when it goes below 35 mph. I haven’t noticed my Tach bouncing around but then again I don’t really pay attention to it much.
  4. Looks great. I would recommend getting the stake pocket overs, cleans up the look in my opinion.
  5. I totally agree with you. If I wouldn’t take a loss on my truck, I would trade it for one that doesn’t have AFM/DFM.
  6. It will be select 2021 trim levels that will get the delete. You would also get a $50 credit. Mileage wouldn’t suffer that much in my opinion, Chevy even said the hit would be a 1MPG difference.
  7. Sorry that didn’t work. The last thing I can think of is take the truck to autozone, o’reilly or some place where they can check your battery and charging system. If the battery is bad or the alternator is not charging properly then that could also cause the auto start and stop not to work. I am going based off of the experience I had with my Malibu. The alternator was bad, it would charge my battery intermittently. I don’t know how long that went on for but that caused both of my batteries to go bad (the Malibu had 2 batteries). That happened twice in 1 year. I don’t have to worry about that
  8. I am not sure if it will help, but how hard are you pressing the brake? I don’t mean like slamming and skidding to a stop. Are you a light touch and only press enough to stop? When I had my 2015 Malibu, it had the auto start/stop on it. Depending on if conditions are meet, if I just used enough pressure to stop the car, auto start/stop wouldn’t engage. If I press a little harder on the pedal then it would engage. Try pushing the pedal a litter further after you come to a complete stop.
  9. Mine didn’t update all day Sunday, even through power cycles. All the settings were correct. Sometime during the night while I was sleeping it updated because Monday morning it was right.
  10. I agree that it is a coding issue either with Apple or GM, more than likely with GM. I have had the same issue when I had my 2015 Malibu. That didn’t come with Apple CarPlay, just the MyLink system and it would randomly reboot or freeze when I had my phone hooked up to it through usb. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be fix since technically it doesn’t affect the safety or drivability of the vehicle, just the convenience. I have a 2020 Custom Trail Boss and it has done it 5 times since November when I received the truck. Just recently it started to index my phone every time it’s connected
  11. You should be able to add SiriusXM to your radio but navigation you can not.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but how deep down the rabbit hole are we talking about? I’d like to weigh all my options and see how complicated each one is to do.
  13. I have a 2020 Custom Trail Boss with the 5.3L AFM and 6 speed transmission. If you want better gas mileage, that combo is not for you. I get on average between 12.8 and 13.3 MPG. At the time of purchase in my area, the 5.3 and 6.2 in either 8 or 10 speed transmissions were very hard to come by and the wait for them were a couple of months out. All in all I do not have any regrets about the purchase, just small gripes like in cab storage and the lack of cup holders in the back. Based on what you have already researched and listed out, I’d say go for the LT, that would be the better op
  14. From what I have read, you should be able to do this. If you look up the RPO codes for your truck, look for IOS or IOT. If you have either of them then you will be able to do the upgrade. If you have IOR, like I do, then you’re out of luck. You will get navigation and HD radio if you don’t already have them. This doesn’t not control wireless charging. If you have a jump seat, you will have to swap that out for the center console and all the parts that go with it to get wireless charging. Or find a different solution/mod for wireless charging.
  15. I have a pair of these as well. They are stupid easy to install. What is nice is the fronts don’t have tape, only the rears. My only complaint I feel that they are not wide enough.
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