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  1. Well, that’s partially correct. It also used the VVT to create back pressure against the engine to aid in the slowdown. Still widely considered an exhaust brake. The VVT actuation is what I want to toggle on and off at my discretion.
  2. My ‘21 LM2 computer performs similar to yours, it is never off by more than a tenth or two (typically even reading lower mpg vs hand if it is off). I’m shocked (and very pleasantly surprised) at just how accurate it is. I still log every single fuel up/service etc but it is nice to confirm that what I’m seeing on my dash reflects how the truck really is performing.
  3. I had been watching your thread and it turned out awesome. I think the aerocab gives a great look with how it's designed, I just don't like how it seemed the sides looked funny and out of place. I didn't see many good pics, but the way you integrated your Lightshield is the way to go. No worry about how it looks from the side. This is good so I don't need to buy the lightshield, but I'm afraid the aerocab will eventually win and get ordered.
  4. Alright, I just cant believe how pleased I am with the results at night! Precisely the look I was going for and very glad I did not go with the 11mm lights.
  5. I really like the look of the AVS AeroCab, but I wasn’t sure how it looked from a side profile. The Lightshield is also pretty sweet but I didn’t want to spend the money, lol.
  6. I'm not a big modding guy, but I do enjoy making the truck "mine" with a few subtle changes. One that I did today, and that I'm surprised I haven't found any other examples of, is doing the triple LED Raptor look, but instead of the LED's going in the grill, I put them in the plastic panel/deflector that is attached to the front of the hood. Install was very easy. I used the 6mm Oznium Amber LED's off Amazon (you could likely use the 11mm for more lighting, but I wanted subtle) and ran the wiring through the hood, down to the passenger-side hinge, and finally an add-a-circuit connected to the IGN MISC fuse. I couldn't find a DRL fuse so if anyone knows specifically what this fuse controls, please let me know. In the end, I wanted the hood lights on at all times, not just with my parking lights, so that's what I did. As I said, I'm surprised I hadn't found anyone else that did this, but I am so pleased with the results I wanted to share in case there were others out there wondering about doing it. If you tied the LED's to your parking lights, I bet you could blend/hide the lights right into the deflector to hide them during the day using some window tint. Sorry Chevy guys, I think this is only for the GMC with the panel on the hood? Its a fun, easy mod. Do it. Rockin
  7. As a follow-up it would be pretty amazing to be able to program the commanded VVT position to increase or decrease the braking you feel at varying loads. Just one more thing to think about.
  8. Hi Everyone, Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I have searched this topic high and low across the net and can't find an answer so I'm either terrible with Google (very likely) or no one has yet asked the question. I recently sold my business and was able to finally transition from my HD trucks down to a nice 2021 Sierra 1500 with the Duramax diesel. I absolutely am loving it, except for the fact that I cannot actuate the exhaust brake independently of using Tow/Haul mode. I know the brake doesn't do a ton but I can certainly feel the difference, even when empty, when it comes to stopping and I had gotten used to having that exhaust brake feature on all of my late-model diesels for the business. I have searched this topic high and low across the net and can't find an answer so I'm either terrible with Google (very likely) or no one has yet asked the question. Question is, has anyone been able to isolate that circuit such that a bypass can be made to a switch enabling/disabling the exhaust brake independently of using Tow/Haul mode? If not, is it something that someone would be willing to look into? Thank you, Rockin
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