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  1. Good job! They look great. I have a set in the garage and haven't installed yet. Is it difficult?
  2. This is what I pull. Jayco 25RB. 6000lbs dry, about 6800 loaded with gear. Recurve R3 weight distribution hitch. Truck handles everything just fine. It looks like its sagging pretty good in photo however this is due to the dip in the parking lot. While towing, it's pretty flat.
  3. I've been considering the Roadmaster Active Suspension for my travel trailer needs. https://activesuspension.com/ Watched a video on it last night. Seems to be a well designed product.
  4. Well, my 10 speed did it a couple of days ago. I've experienced the clunk in my brother's 8 speed and I can tell you In my 10 speed it was a down right violent event as compared to the 8 speed. Felt like I literally hit something. I hope this isn't a sign.
  5. Mine did this the other day. I was coming to a slow stop at a decline. It clunked so hard I thought I hit something!
  6. My wife had a Honda Accord V6 with cylinder deactivation. Depending on engine load, the car would run on 6 cyl, 4 cyl or 3 cyl. There was in indicator on the dash that would light up (ECO) when the car was running on less that 6 cylinders. During that time, I could feel a slight vibration. When the car would go back to 6 cylinder mode (going uphill, passing, etc) the vibration disappeared. I have a 5.3 with Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) and the 10 speed transmission. Although the truck doesn't indicate when the engine is operating in less than 8 Cylinders, I can feel it when is is doing it just as I could in that Accord. If I roll into the throttle, the vibration disappears completely....Again, just as it did in the Accord.
  7. I just pulled a 30 ft 6,000 lb travel trailer over 350 miles with my 5.3 10 speed DFM. I used tow/haul mode and didn't have any issues. The only thing I did prior to towing was not tow during the first 500 miles of breaking in the truck per the owner's manual and I performed the truck's first oil change prior to towing per the manual as well. I drive the truck with DFM and start/stop activated and use tow/haul mode. I think the truck is engineered very well and also believe it should last a long time so long as I use it as intended and maintain it.
  8. I have a 5.3 with 10 speed in a 4x4 crew cab High Country. I just finished towing a 6,000 lb 30 ft Travel Trailer through the hills of north Alabama. I didn't feel like the truck needed any more power and the transmission shifted smoothly and never ran hot. I averaged 12 mpg while towing. When driving with the family in the cab and not pulling, I average 22-24 mpg on the highway and consistently 19 in town.
  9. Thanks Erik. That makes sense on manufacturers psi ratings for their vehicles. I also understand the tongue weight may be heavier as well. The travel trailer weight decal has that weight listed with the trailer empty but also with 2 full propane tanks. The added weight I'll see will come from a battery, and of course once we load the trailer with cargo etc. I'll certainly weigh everything to be sure. Thank you for mentioning that.
  10. Here's what I do on my show car: I don't put shine on them per se. After cleaning them, I actually put Turtle Wax Ice spray detailer on a micro fiber towel and wipe the sidewalls. It doesn't leave a shine but instead leaves them looking clean and black. The added benefit of this is that it also puts a layer of UV protection on the rubber. I've used this technique for the last 7 years with excellent results. Here's the stuff I use: https://www.turtlewax.com/en-us/our-products/ice/turtle-wax-ice-spray-detailer/
  11. Thank you for all the replies! I'll boost the pressure while towing to 40 or so and then lower them back down to factory specs for daily use.
  12. I've searched and cannot find the info I'm looking for so, here goes my question. My truck door pillar indicates the tires should be inflated to 35 PSI. The tire indicates max cold 44 PSI. I will be towing a 6000 LB travel trailer with a tongue weight of 650 Lbs. Tires are Bridgestone Dueller AT 275-60-20 Speed rating S. Do I need to increase my tire pressure from the factory 35 PSI to 44 PSI or at least close to it while towing? Thank you for your help!
  13. I think what's important is to research your needs and put them above your wants when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. In my case, I wanted a roomy and comfortable truck that is daily driven and occasionally tows with a family. I ended up with a High Country Crew Cab with the 5.3 and 10 Speed transmission. The truck is perfect for my family and is able to comfortably tow our 7,000 lb travel trailer. Do I regret purchasing a 5.3? No. Why? Re-read my first sentence.
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