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  1. I'm using the eaz-lift Recurve R3 weight distribution with sway control hitch. My Travel Trailer is about 7,000lbs loaded.
  2. Well, I'm not sure if this is helpful or not but I have the 2020 5.3 10 speed combination. It tows better than my brother's 2017 5.3 Silverado with the 8 speed. It gets up to speed better and when towing there's a 1-2 mpg difference with his 5,000lb loaded car trailer. I currently use my 2020 5.3 10 speed for towing a Jayco 25RB that's roughly 6800-7000lbs loaded. It got 10-13 MPG in driving conditions varying from mountains to rolling hills and a little flat. Proper towing gear is always used (weight distribution hitch with sway control). I believe GM has rated the new 2.7 to be able to tow similar weights as the 5.3 due to engineers saying it's cooling capacity is good enough to do so. You may still consider it as it may get a little better day to day MPG. Over time that will add up.
  3. The only thing I saw in my user manual was to change the transmission fluid under severe driving use every 45,000 miles. Page 444.
  4. I agree. My brother has a 5.3 8 speed and my 10 speed does in fact feel more responsive.
  5. I frequent RV and Travel Trailer forums and have read positive attributes to using gas or diesel engines. These were points that were brought up by both Casual Campers and Full Time RVer's. Benefits of diesel : Diesel will get better mpg towing and empty. Diesel has more torque at lower RPMs. Benefits of gas: Gas costs less per gallon. Although a minimal cast, you don't need to run DEF fluid. If an engine has trouble while you're traveling the back country, you're more likely to find someone who can work on a gas engine versus a diesel engine. Diesel mechanics are more expensive than gas mechanics in my area. Then you have maintenance to consider. Maintaining a gas engine is usually cheaper (fewer filters etc..) The 3.0 Diesel has a belt that needs to be changed at around 150,000 miles (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Some RV forum members also mentioned the payload of their truck was less with the diesel engine because it was heavier. If true, this would hinder your GCWR or Gross Combined Weight Rating(the total weight of your truck and trailer loaded with gear and passengers).
  6. I have a 5.3 with 10 speed and pull a 6900 lbs loaded 30 ft Jayco 25RB with the 3.23 gear with no issues at all. The 10 speed does indeed make a huge difference. I wanted the 5.3 because I didn't want to have to use the premium fuel GM says to use with the 6.2. I use a Recurve R3 weight distribution hitch with sway control. Here's my Tow rig and travel trailer setup.
  7. I know this doesn't help your current situation but If you haven't considered one, get yourself a good dashcam. When I'm in my truck the cam records video and audio. It quite possibly could have caught what happened to your truck and you would have some proof.
  8. I've noticed that my 2020 High Country's ride quality has improved after putting about 5,000 miles on it. If your new truck doesn't suffer a manufacturing error you may get a better ride after things break in.
  9. Thanks! Yep it's a Jayco Jay Feather 25RB. 30 ft in length, 6068 lbs dry 7,000 lbs loaded. Really nice trailer and pulls absolutely great.
  10. It seems that everywhere I go I see social media posts, forums and articles about recalls, problems and complaints about folk's trucks. Well, I'd rather read why people like their trucks. Kudos to those who can post without anything negative! I'll start. I like my 2020 Silverado High Country 5.3 10 speed 4x4 because it comfortably seats my family and dog. The truck pulls our camper and for a full size truck it gets good fuel economy. The bed has been more than capable of holding anything we've needed to put in it. The North Sky Blue Metallic looks amazing with tinted windows. I plan on keeping it for a long time.
  11. I pull a 30ft, 7000 lbs loaded travel trailer with my 2020 Silverado 1500 High Country Crew Cab 5.3 10 speed, 3.23 gears. No trouble towing through hills or flat terrain. I use a Recure R3 Weight distribution hitch with sway control. I suggest deciding on the travel trailer first before deciding on the truck to pull it with.
  12. Stock Bridgestone Dueler A/T tires on my 2020 High Country 5.3 10 speed. I pull this 7000 LB travel trailer with no sway and the stock tires are fine. I do use a Recurve R3 weight distribution hitch with sway control.
  13. I know this isn't the specific answer you're looking for but I have a 5.3 with 10 speed and 3.23 gear. I pull a 30 ft travel trailer with a loaded weight of 7,000 lbs. So, to answer part of your question, I don't believe you'll run into an issue of a lack of torque.
  14. My truck has the factory Rancho's (High Country with Z71). Will switching to Bilstein help when towing?
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