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  1. The Laramie Longhorn is actually the worst offender that way. The limited is better. But yeah, the stupid ram's head is part of the "brand", and I don't mean brand as in "Ram", I mean "target audience", rednecks, cowboys, macho's etc., I hate it with a passion. Not everybody who buys a Ram fits that description, some just want a truck and the pricing is right, but Ram seems to attract that particular group of people far more than either Ford of GM/Chevy. The 2019 refresh has done a lot in some ways to tone it down. The exterior is more classy than before, but then you still get that oversized ram horn (which grew in physical size). Thankfully my Big Horn is quite civil that way, the price was just too good to pass up. But I won't say I haven't been tempted more than once to grab a chisel and gut the horns off of my steering wheel, it's an abomination.
  2. You can look into the sumo springs instead of running air bags. They are maintenance free and replace the bump stops. They are a progressive "spring", so the more they compress down the more work they do to keep you level.
  3. I think most people like to jump on the bandwagon and hate on the Chevy HD just because that's the in thing to do. It's not "handsome", but it looks tough and rugged, and far better in person. I mean scroll a couple posts up and look at the stuff they were making 50-70 years ago, it was considered a great truck back then. Can you imagine that design style as a 2020 truck? It would get laughed to death. I would definitely consider a Chevy HD from an exterior perspective. The fact that the gasser is only at 6 gears is a complete and total deal killer, and that is the real WTF if you ask me. Nobody is selling 6 gear trannys anymore, except the cummins, but at least there you get 1000 pounds of torque to help out. That new gas engine desperately needs the 10 speed if chevy wants to compete against Ford's massive 7.3, and even Ram 6.4 which is at 8 gears now. Chevy and GMC need to stop futzing around with those old school trannies and do like Ford; 10 speed across the board. They need to do this like yesterday, but no they're just trying to play games and push people into upper trims.
  4. Chevy is generally a little cheaper for the same truck, at least in my area. I think both can look stunning, just depends on trim and how they are spec'ed out. I don't get the "oh noes, the chevy looks like a camaro" comments. For a start, that doesn't mean it's bad, most brands have a design language that carries through into most/all of their models. And if you look hard enough and have enough of an axe to grind, you can find similarities between many models and brands. Chevy - Camaro GMC - Ford Ram - Toyota Tundra Nissan Titan - yesterdays leftovers.
  5. The GMC has improved in this image; the grill is less in your face, the rims are still too obnoxious but better. The chevy looks "off" here. It's missing smoked windows, and has no wheel well liners or running boards, all of which immensely improves the appearance of any truck.
  6. Of these 2 images; the chevy is better hands down. Not a fan of that grill or the rims in the GMC, it's what you call "trying too hard".
  7. I think you missed my point. You're implying that it's stupid or nuts to worry about saving $20 week on gas in a truck that costs 55K. I'm saying "no it's not". Money is not endless, and even if one can afford to spend it, somebody might not want to spend it. The budget can be there, but just not what they want to use that money for. $20 week at 10 years = $10,000. Few people who can afford to drop 55K on a truck, got to that position in life by just hand-waving away that kind of money. I sure as heck didn't.
  8. Why? Your first problem is calling it an "obsession". There is nothing wrong with wanting and needing and enjoying the max power a truck can offer, while still not wanting to pay through the nose for gas. Nobody is going to say "no" to saving money.
  9. As a guy I'm having a hard time parsing your ugly scale. Could you please rework using Miriam Margolyes vs Kelly McGillis, thanks.
  10. Leaving out the more factual arguments of whether it has value or not... I can't drive it. I would always be thinking "should have gotten the v8" the second I want more power out of it. Just how I'm wired, I don't even drive my trucks hard that often (though I am towing). To me the more interesting "non v8" would be the turbo 4. That is the actual replacement for the v6, it's intended to replace the v6 and not the v8 options. Comparing the turbo 4 vs the v6; the turbo has more horsepower, more torque, the torque comes on quicker and stays strong (almost full torque at 1500 rpms or so), gets better gas in city and highway, and can tow almost as much (1000 pounds less; but let's be honest, nobody is towing 7900 pounds with the v6). It's also mated with the 8 speed. I believe the price is the same, they are both base engines, just base engines on different trims. That is the route I would take, if I somehow decided to not get a v8.
  11. Ram has all 3 options: open diff, limited slip, and manual locker.
  12. You've jumped the rails ages ago. "better" when used in the original question, just refers to "better choice". https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/better Either you're just bored and having fun trolling everyone, or you simply are incapable of admitting you messed up and just want to save face by banging out one useless post after another. It's exhausting reading your posts.
  14. I know what you're trying to say, but I thought OP's question was quite honest and understandable. He listed both things in his original question that mattered to him; power and mpg. Think it's fair to suggest that "better" in his case is getting more power without sacrificing mpg too much. Yes, that's still not a 100% exact question, but it's also how discussions happen, nothing wrong with that IMO. Just throw out anecdotes and opinions for discussion, as long as they are respectful. Some questions might have a 100% factual response (how much HP in the 6.2), others (like this) might be more anecdotal and opinionated. The opinion questions and answers are fine, as long as it's obvious to everyone with a bit of reading comprehension that they are intended to be interpreted as opinions. Stating an opinion vehemently as a fact, and refusing to listen, that's just being stupid and childish. The micro penis comments aren't helpful, and keep in mind that there are prius, cuv, and 1/4 ton truck owners who will say the same about guys driving the 5.3 or any v8, just to get groceries 99% of the time. And yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the most powerful engine you can purchase in your favourite truck.
  15. That depends on what the definition of "is" is: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/1998/09/bill-clinton-and-the-meaning-of-is.html
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