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  1. what size tires are you running? I cant imagine why it would rub with stock size tires
  2. thanks for the info! Very helpful fellas. My jaw dropped when I saw this
  3. Was under my truck looking at my exhaust to see how easy/hard it would be to install a cat-back by myself in the driveway with all the appropriate tools and I noticed the cross pipe that holds the cats has a big ole dent in it. Truck is pretty much brand new. Hasnt even had first service. I haven't hit anything and there's no scratches on it. This dent looks restrictive to airflow since the pipe is already squished narrow there to pass under truck Is this a factory dent? Does anyone else have this dent?
  4. Hey all, new to the forum! I've searched this topic around. I see a lot of stuff regarding the 6.2L but not the 5.3 with the 10speed. I've got a 2020 TB with the 5.3L and 10spd trans and I'm curious about 35 inch tires. I'm aware of clearance issues I would have to resolve, that's not what I'm worried about here Couple of questions I couldn't find answers to in search: 1) Can the 10spd with the 3.23 ratio support 35 inch tires or is that pushing it? If I go on to tiresize.com, the charts there are already telling me the 3.23 is not optimal for the 33in tires that come stock with the TB. 35s obviously worse 2) Does the 5.3L have the torque or will I need to do some perf mods? 3) Will my top gears be essentially useless or will I be lugging at highway speeds in top gear and creating extra wear I've seen on IG and on the forum people have the 10spd with 35s but its typically with the 6.2 and I never see anyone talk about re-gearing or problems with wear and tear on the trans (lifetime issues)
  5. Hey all, new LT Trail Boss owner here and Im experiencing a similar click/clank sound during low speed breaking or starting from a stop. If I shift from R to N or from D to N the noise sounds nearly identical. I wanted to listen to the attached videos to see if this was the same issue but the vids are gone. Does anyone have these or can repost? Would be much appreciated
  6. I am also getting a very similarly described noise at low speed when pressing the break, letting off the gas or starting from a stop. Have you found a resolution? I was playing around with this tonight and found the noise to be nearly identical when I shift from R to N or D to N. I have some videos that I want to process as well
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