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  1. Add me to the list. Mine went black today and said "Service Rear Vision System" but came back up right away. When it did come back up, the lines were missing though. Reading a few pages back, where it was said that it's happening if you immediately try to reverse immediately after starting the truck may be true. It did it for me within seconds of startig my truck and putting it on reverse.
  2. I always get lines when backing up while pressing the brakes. Happened since day one. This is new.
  3. Yup same exact thing except my screen was black. It came back up within seconds but the lines were gone. Done this twice now. So tired of the issues with this system.
  4. No way mine was updating since I wasn't anywhere near my WiFi at home and mine is a Custom so no OnStar or any sort of Satellite connection.
  5. Mine started doing this today. Screen went black then the message came up. It came back on its own and then the backup guide lines were gone. WTF. Any definite fix yet?
  6. I wouldn't get the 8 speed. I am pretty happy with my 6 speed though. If I were to buy now, it would either be a 6 speed again or 10. The 8 speed is the reason I didn't buy the Colorado ZR2
  7. Do I wish my TB had the 6.2? Sure! Do I regret not waiting for the 2020 TB with 6.2? Nope! For me, the 5.3 is plenty and way more peppy than the same 5.3 in my 16. Weird. I will say, I do LOVE the Range AFM disabler. No more lag.
  8. I had a long ordeal with my truck. Here goes. Truck came with stock C rated Duratracs. They were loud but were pretty smooth. Few thousand miles in I started getting a constant vibration at anything over 65. Multiple balances later, still issues. I figured maybe tires were bad. At this point went with Falken Wildpeak AT3W in E load. Horrible even after multiple balances, but to the tire's credit, I think the guys who did my balances did a horrible job and these were E rated and were going to feel rough no matter what. Switched to Firestone Destination AT2 P rated. Again bad vibration and hopping even after two balances later. Switched to Bridgestone Revo 3 in E load (Firestone wouldn't sell me the P rated version for some reason even though they did before) and out of all of them, these were by far the smoothest but still very rough and vibrations. 3 balances later, got rid of them. Today I went to Discount Tire and tried their Cooper ATP in P rating. I think I finally found my tires. These so far (driven about 100 miles) are the smoothest and quietest out of the bunch, not to mention a lot cheaper. I'm a little worried switching to a P rated tire, but I rarely tow, and I do go off road but nothing too crazy. Mainly fire roads around town. Hope I made the right decision, but so far I love them. I can enjoy driving my truck again.
  9. I was actually thinking about those two things myself! Changing rims, and also do the water test on my wife's brand new SUV which is super smooth.
  10. You tell me. I took this today in the smoothest road out here going about 75.
  11. Only thing that stopped me from buying a Tundra was that during test driving, all 3 ones I tried had an annoying gas pedal vibration. Otherwise I would have been all over it.
  12. Yup count me in on this. Constant seat vibration. Gone through 4 sets of tires and multiple balances. I'm on a set of Revo 3 tires now which are a VERY mild AT tire. I saw the discount tire guy calibrate the road force machine in front of me. All 4 tires road forced perfectly. Still have issues.
  13. Same. Gone through 4 sets of tires and balances, still there. Sometimes she rides smooth as glass, and other times I get a shake/hop like you on the same exact highway I had been on where it was fine prior. Had a driveline shop inspect and balance driveshaft, and check angles. Everything came back fine. Mine started developing the symptom out of nowhere. It was super smooth during my 50 mile test drive, and the weeks following that. Then out of nowhere it slowly started developing the shake/hop. I'm tired of dealing with it. Not sure what else to do. Dealership is worthless of course.
  14. 16mpg!? Man I'm getting 17-18 on my Trail Boss with the 5.3 and I have a heavy foot.
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