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  1. Yup I did, but now I don't know if this has made it worse. At the same time I did the block, the dealership rotated tires. So now I'm paranoid as to whether it is the tires I'm feeling, or if I messed up the angles with removing block. I always had seat vibration, but the steering vibration has gotten bad. I guess I will rotate tires back and see if it makes a difference. Thank you for your help
  2. Good info. Seems like many did need to rotate the shim on theirs. But seems like they were all experiencing vibration at slow down. Mine is at the steering wheel mainly.
  3. Was thinking of adding this 1/2" block since it would perfectly level it since right now it's about 1/2 lower on the back. Do you think this will help if it is an angle issue? Adding this would only be a 1.5" difference from stock. http://www.calvertracing.com/store/lb02-lowering-block12-thick-w-916-pin-p-203.html?zenid=1018cbcf65810c1d68bc22221d3b2c1a
  4. Hello guys, I could use some feedback from some of the experts on here. So I have a wicked steering wheel vibration, also a very noticeable vibration in my drivers seat. I feel it the most at 40 mph, but its constantly present from 30-80mph. Here's my dilemma. About 2 weeks ago I removed the rear block from my Trail Boss. The block was 2". For those curious, I wanted to level my truck and this was a way cheaper options, plus I like the easier accessibility now to the rear bed. I went to a shop and had them make me new u-bolts since the stock ones would be too long. When I was there, the owner told me that there is a slight chance that I would develop a drive line vibration do to angles changing as a result of removing my block. He did tell me that he didn't think this would happen, but told me that is is a possibility. U-bolts were torqued down to 120 ft/lbs. In my opinion, I think it's the tires. I have taken these in 3 times to get balanced and evaluated. The dealership told me they ran all sorts of tests, to include a picoscope sensor and drove it for 40mph. Dealership told me that they were within "tolerated specs" from both GM and Goodyear. However, an independent shop I took it to said all 4 had excessive road force numbers and took a lot of weight to balance. So at this point, I am not sure if its my tires or the fact that I removed the block, or maybe both. My question is this: How likely is it to develop a drive line vibration due to removing the block? Should I add a shim to the rear to adjust the angles? I would appreciate any feedback. I don't want to spend 1K on new tires if it is indeed the block that made it worse. Thank you!
  5. All good. Just giving you a heads up that it hasn't really helped much for most of us.
  6. Yup that's the "fix" that everyone has been getting done that's not fixing anything.
  7. Yes! Same problem here with my Trail Boss. My friends RST does the exact same thing also! So annoying. Let me know if they find a fix
  8. Mine has done the exact thing and scares the shit out of me. Anyone know a fix?
  9. That sucks man! I wonder if yours is just a lemon? I always thought that the 6 speeds were supposed to be pretty bullet proof. Maybe I was wrong
  10. Sounds good. I'm going to review over all this tomorrow. Glad Geico has this. Geico has been great for us. Use them for home and auto. Thanks again
  11. Thank you. So buying from Geico, is this essentially an extended warranty then? Does it cover as much as say something from GM would?
  12. Thank you Sir. I have Geico, so maybe I will look into that. I do need to get something though. I need this truck to last me at least 7 years.
  13. We can buy extended warranty right up until before the factory warranty expires right?
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