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  1. Steering assist is reduced

    So record it next time it happens and show it to the Service Manager. Drop it off there and tell them to give you a loaner until they figure it out. Tell them you don't feel safe driving it. Call GM and let them know also. I don't understand why people just take the first BS excuse dealership tell them and leave without a fight.
  2. Sudden oil loss

    Any word if this has been fixed by Chevy yet? Any particular build dates this effected? I'm worried as hell now
  3. Rear wheel liners???

    When ordering part # 84263801, do this come with all the screws, clips, etc needed to install it, or do we need to buy those?
  4. Wow this is nuts. Are you sure you were not in Auto? Still this is crazy it wanted to put you in 4LO while driving.
  5. GREAT news! DFM disable coming soon

    Hmm I could have sworn I saw something on their website and it says it does both. I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure I saw it somewhere. If I am wrong, I apologize. I would call them to confirm
  6. GREAT news! DFM disable coming soon

    https://rangetechnology.com/start-stop/ From reading their website, this stops auto stop/start and disables DFM
  7. GREAT news! DFM disable coming soon

    It's out already.
  8. Interesting, I did not know that. I thought everything was the same except for the lift.
  9. I honestly don't think the ride is that bad and I have a trail boss with very knobby tires. I came from a newer 4runner and the ride quality is about the same honestly and I'm very picky on ride quality.
  10. 6 Speed Transmission

    Dang, I was hoping it was something that would work it's self out after a few thousand miles. Guess not.
  11. So two different things I am noticing with the way my transmission is shifting. First, multiple times now as I am slowing down for a red light, the light will turn green before I am fully stopped and I will give the truck gas to get moving again, and it hesitates pretty bad. It'll barely move. I have to press on the gas pedal hard to get it to start moving again. The second thing I have noticed is when picking up speed from a full stop, I feel as if the truck is "spuddering" along. It doesn't feel like a smooth transition between gears. I can only describe it as if you're trying to run and a buddy keeps taping you on your back and pushing you forward as you're trying to run. I am thinking it's either the transmission or maybe its the knobby tires I am feeling as it's picking up speed? On the highway it's great, but around town this truck does not like to coast or move slow. I can feel almost everything this transmission does around town. I have also tried using it in L5. It feels better, but the above two things still happen. I have the 5.3 with 6spd. It only has 900 miles on it.
  12. Removing Rear Block on TB

    Thank you. What did you torque them down to? Any pics of your truck after install?
  13. Removing Rear Block on TB

    Nice!! Can you please tell me which blocks you went with? Did you have to replace the u bolts? Any pics? Thanks
  14. Trick to getting tailgate to release?

    Mine started sticking again. Press the button and I hear the lock clicking, but door doesnt come down
  15. Trick to getting tailgate to release?

    I had the same problem with mine since day one. It was not opening at all. I had to forcibly wobble the tailgate while pressing the button. It was getting stuck on the locking mechanism somehow. Took it to the dealer and they lubbed everything and it seems to be fine now. They said it just needs to "break in" haha it's a new truck, that should work since day one.

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