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  1. I like the banks version better then pedal commander. Has more fail safes built in and made in America.
  2. I got the gauge with it. If nothing else I can use it to check and clear codes if I ever throw any. Only thing I wish banks would add would be a way to control auto stop. I see other products can do it solely through the obd port.
  3. Just ordered my pedal monster and I dash gauge for my 2020 5.3 rst. I’ll keep you guys posted on thoughts. The product is new and seems safer then the pedal commander. Anyone with experience with banks as a company or their products?
  4. I have heard the bed liner finish can peel. Most are speculating that it has to do with the underside not being sprayed as well. Keep an eye on it and warranty claim it if you see it.
  5. The male version of a Karen is called a Darren. You sir, are a Darren.
  6. Can confirm no issue installing on your own. The only thing that is not covered under the warranty of the gm product is the labor now. So in essence if something breaks they give me the part and I’m responsible for install myself or pay the dealer to do it. Since there is only 3 parts and it all took an hour total I think I’ll be just fine.
  7. This is super nice. This is the way I’ll go when I’m ready to level. Surprised there isn’t more info on the web about this kit for the Silverado.
  8. didnt know this was a thing. very cool
  9. Did you install yourself and have dealer reprogram or did you have dealer install and reprogram? Any issue with warranty if I install it myself and have the dealer do the reprogram?
  10. Totally agree with this. Wanting to complain for faulty issues is fair and I’m with you.. until you flat out don’t follow the vehicle manufacturer recommendations/guidelines for break in and your engine takes a ******.
  11. Damn man. I may get these now. Only complaint I’ve read is how low the brackets hang and how they are noticeable from the side profile. Any input on that?
  12. This post has me second guessing my n fab podium order now.
  13. which nfabs? I went with the podium model. Curious to know if they ends of them are welded shut or not. Don’t get mine till Monday.
  14. which steps did you get? Ordered some podiums myself today.
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