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  1. I can't believe that I just bought a $50,000 Chevy RST truck that has no SiriusXM radio. It never occurred to me that GM would remove this radio and make it an option. It has been on every GM vehicle that I've owned since 2008 and no it's some sort of "option". Frankly, the whole truck sucks. The more that I drive it, the more I miss my 2018 LT. The interior dash is cheaper, the fold down center counsel is less useful (less deep wells and no USB plugs in the storage box) and everywhere I look, it's a worse design than my 2018 LT. Do you want to know what my 2014 Sonic, 2015 Cruze and 2017 Buick Lacrosse have in them....SIRIUSXM radios!!!! AND I didn't have to ask for it in any of the models. I had myself convinced to buy a Ford, I really did; but my dad worked for GM for 30+ years and I've always felt some sort of loyalty to that company. Well, pops is gone and so is my loyalty to this company. Cheap piece of junk. Do you really want to know what a GM customer service agent told me when I called to complain about this? "Sir, you can use a SiriusXM app on your phone and connect it through the Bluetooth". I asked if this was General Motors official position and answer to this problem and she said "yes". Great, I have it recorded and can't wait for a way to use it, if I get the chance. General Motors official opinion is that people should use their phone more often in the car. What a complete disaster of a company.
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