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  1. Was there ever a general consensus on whether this happens to both the solid glass windows and the ones with the slider? Or is it mainly the ones with the slider?
  2. 1) Good luck getting a new 4x4 tundra crew cab for 37K. Need to forego 4x4 or go with the double cab 4x4 to get to 37k. They aren’t exactly cheap for what you get. Now if you go used, you can get a 2-3 year old tundra crew cab 4x4 for around 35-36k. (I spent a lot of time trying to buy one before I got my custom TB). Also, yes all trucks get bad gas mileage, but 13mpg on the tundra really blows (used to have a 2wd tundra double cab and it struggled to get more than 14.5mpg even with a really light foot and mixed city/highway) Oh, and no factory locker available on any tundra. Flip side is it will basically never break no matter what you do to it. If the next gen tundra gets competitive gas mileage and still manages to have near the same reliability, it’s gonna be a big deal. 2) My custom is exactly what I need it to be and nothing more. Sparse interior doesn’t bother me one bit, i actually like the simplicity. It would have actually bothered me to pay thousands more for stuff I don’t really care about or use that much. Everyone’s priorities and “needs” are different.
  3. The part that is curious to me is that there are hundreds of thousands of these trucks on the road at this point. If it was a purely software issue, and they all have the same software loaded, then I would think way more people would have issues with this, but there are people with thousands of miles on theirs with no issues.
  4. That would make a lot of sense based on what it feels like to me. It’s almost as if on slow acceleration the engine decides “oh wait I have 350hp not 150...” and then lunges a bit without me changing the pedal position much.
  5. I would say yes it does hesitate sometimes and then have a rough shift into the next gear. I’ve read the 6 speeds can be clunky but are generally reliable so I’ve tried to ignore it. As long as it doesn’t break long term I can live with its quirks.
  6. Ya I’d be curious exactly what said 4 million miles were like...ain’t no way they were all real world miles. Or if they were they overlooked a lot of issues.
  7. I’d rather have a two bulletproof solid axles on my truck. Guess I should have bought a ram power wagon
  8. I have the 6 speed as well. On a slow acceleration from a stop the shift from first to second gear sometimes makes the truck lunge a bit. I’ve got 3,000 miles on it now and it seems to be smoothing out a bit though. Sometimes on downshifts it feels kind of clunky too. I’ve tried to just ignore it and not let it bother me because other than that it drives great.
  9. I’m a taller guy and I find that the Custom trim level seats without the lumbar adjustment don’t provide enough support for longer trips. I bought a lumbar pillow thing and, although it’s better than nothing, it still doesn’t feel that great. I’ve been eyeing the wet okole seat covers with the option for the inflatable lumbar support that you can adjust the firmness and position of. Has anyone else had to add lumbar support to feel comfortable?
  10. Have you had yours done and not had any issues?
  11. For those that have had the brake failure, how does it manifest exactly? Does it give out right when you press the brake pedal? Or does it happen mid way through trying to stop?
  12. Ya I’m pretty terrified after reading all of this to have mine reprogrammed. It’s not due for service for another 4,000 miles so hopefully they can figure it out before then.
  13. How long has it been since your last brake failure?
  14. You still have the mechanical push through on the brakes. Not power assisted obviously at that point but it’s still there.
  15. I’ve been curious what the percentage of trucks with this happening actually is. I have a feeling it’s either really a lot of them due to a design flaw, or a very small amount whose owners all end up here to talk about it.
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