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  1. I don't have onstar and mine will act up when nothing is connected to it or turned on. I also have yet to have an issue other than the backup camera while driving. Mine is always on start up, if it works, it will work until I turn it off. If there's an issue when I start it up, its not going to work the entire time I am driving and an undetermined amount of time after that, sometimes its 10-15 mins, sometimes its a few days later.
  2. Did a drop in at the dealer, truck was just sitting in the back of garage. I asked what was going on with it and was told waiting on the GM engineer to take a look at it. When I asked when that might be, considering its been there for 14 days at this point, I was told they had no idea of what his schedule is or when he might make it around to look into it.
  3. Dropped it back off at dealer Feb 4, got a loaner from them, no calls, no updates since then.
  4. Good luck but I don't think its the USB port. I'm on month 7 now of in and out of dealership, multiple radio, touch screen, cable replacements, I got ahold of lawyer. I can't spend all my free time and dodging work to get it in for more service only to be disappointed when it fails yet again.
  5. I'm going to try one more time and then I will reach out to your lawyer. I don't have the time to keep going to dealership for guesses on the fix nor do I care to drive it anywhere hoping it works as it should. My daughter just got her license and I will not let her drive alone because of the back up camera and screen not working for gps.
  6. Sorry for the delay, was out of town for work. Touch screen locked up again, was fine for a little while and then got the service rear camera error message in R, lost guide markers and then everything started working again. Going to call dealer and see what they want to do this time. I'd think by now they would want me to go away and do whatever it takes to make that happen
  7. So far so good, work log said the cable had a pinched wire and that was causing more resistance, dropping voltage between radio and display. I'll update next week if all continues to go well, if not I will update sooner
  8. IDK if its going to work but I had same issue, 7 months later they replaced the cable that goes from the display screen to radio, its been 4 days now with no issues. They replaced radio 2x and display once over the 7 months and always had issues return within hours or next day.
  9. Truck was left at dealer for 2 days, replaced cable and did 2 recalls (alternator cable check and brake system),. drove it home and it worked. Got a call from GM customer care, offered me 6 months XM for free for my inconvenience so I asked they hold off more than a few hours to make sure it works before we throw out free XM (which I think you can still get for under $5 if you call and say you are cancelling the service) as a gift for my troubles
  10. Cable arrived and I dropped it off, will update if that fixed me or not,
  11. Getting the cable between the radio and the touchscreen replaced today to see if this resolves my issues with the blank screen/touchscreen not working.
  12. 3M used to make a liquid that worked removing factory decals, I've considered removing mine as well
  13. I have found the same thing you have, not recommended. I'm still on GM to fix my TrailBoss radio, replacing the cable from radio to display this week hopefully, 3 radios and a touch screen later
  14. This has been my experience from Twitter DM's as well. I'm about to go see about getting a custom wrap, something like 'ask me why I shouldn't have bought a Chevy'. Maybe pics of it go viral and we can get resolution,
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