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  1. I went to Keller Chevrolet 3600 GENESEE STCHEEKTOWAGA, NY 14225. I'm still having problems even with the new radio, I haven't been back. I'm just over it. My recommendation to you is to take it to dealer often, log all your work slips, take pics and video with your cell for proof. Once its been in and out 6-8-10 times reach out to lemon law lawyer. I went with Kimmel & Silverman. Process takes a while but having the work orders and proof should get you a settlement, take some of that money and go to an after market radio shop, for under 1k they can isolate the chevy junk, install new radi
  2. Hey everyone, 2019 TB Custom - I had infotainment issues for over 1 year, black screen, touchscreen not working, rear view cam going off while backing up, etc... I think they have me fixed now, the regional tech worked with China for some diagnostics and finally with covid delays came up with a new radio which has a new part number. I was skeptical as this was the 4th radio that was in the truck (also replaced touchscreen and serial cable between display and radio) but its been over a month and a half and not a single issue. I could not go more than a few mins to about 2 weeks without an issue
  3. They just replaced mine with a new part number radio. The regional tech worked with China for diagnostics, they were happy with the results. So far I have had 0 issues with it blacking out or the touch screen not working at all. I would give the part number out but it wasn't on my slip from the dealer.
  4. check state laws, make a doc and note every instance, video it so when they say they can't duplicate you have proof. I'm going for lemon law, truck was at dealership well over 30 days total, 24 of those days were continuous.
  5. Keep a detailed log and keep taking it in for service. GM needs to own this and fix it. Good luck
  6. I have had this issue since that day I picked it up, July 2019, I drove almost 3 hours to pick it up, I was on vacation at the time, pulling out of the dealership and about 5 mins down the road the CarPlay went nuts and I thought it was just me and something I had done wrong so I just kept going. The trucks been at dealership for over 45 days (24 days straight once plus other 2-3-5 days at a time plus other appts when I waited while they looked at it), they have replaced the radio twice, the display screen once, the serial cable that connects them. What I was last told was that China was work
  7. I don't have onstar in mine and just about every time I drive (limited with the Covid thing) I have any variety of issue(s) still.
  8. I don't think its an Apple or CarPlay issue as I have the same results whether my phone is connected via cable, blue tooth or not at all using terrestrial radio. Dealership and GM blamed my phone for months, said it was fixed and I would come to pick it up only to start truck and screen locked, blank/black display, etc.. while my phone wasn't paired and in my pocket.
  9. Customer service just quit calling me back, new in July, been at dealership for days/weeks at a time every month since September, eventually told me China was working on new software to fix it, that's the last I heard from anyone. I hired a lawyer, not sure it will do anything or make a difference but after exploring all options except trading it in at a huge loss to me (why should GM make money off their issues/faults).
  10. Got an oil change at dealer yesterday, no update or progress from China. Guess we all are stuck waiting on them to get the code done.
  11. Updated my original post but forgot about this one, short story is, after 24 days (yes 24 days in a row this time) at dealership, GM engineer stopped in, tested and sent results to China, China responded there are a lot of issues with these, they are aware and are working on software release to fix our radio issues, no timeline for it, did not provide me a case number to reference. I'll assume all this replacing parts, make us videos for proof, etc.. is just a time buyer for them. The configuration/combination should be easily identifiable for GM to be proactive and notify us rather than waste
  12. Also since they messed with and had mine so long, its really a sh*t show now. The thing won't send text messages ever, the screens flop around and change to other things, half the screen will work with touch, the other side just doesn't recognize or ack that I have touched it. Phone will drop while talking, sends it to phone, then it goes to BlueTooth then back to infotainment only to repeat this cycle every 3-5 mins. I seriously hope this gets worked on, fixed and then available to all of us. Its frustrating we have to deal with a sub par product that we were sold at full price.
  13. They didn't give me a case number, I provided all they gave me. They might be able to relate it by going through chevy TAC? That would be my best guess.
  14. I just spent 24 days straight at dealership, GM sent and engineer who tested my infotainment system, sent the results to china, they responded saying there are a lot of cases now for this and they are working on software release to fix it but no timeline known. I've had issues since I purchased in July, finally maybe making some headway with it I hope for myself and everyone else who has got this issue
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