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  1. The bottom switch quit working about a week after. . They replaced upper tailgate switch and bottom switch getting replaced this week. So in case you run into the same issues there is 2 switches and not one like I had thought.
  2. Took it to the dealer and they ordered me a new switch and of course while it was there it decided it wouldn’t open up on its own. However before leaving we couldn’t get the top to open at all and still not working. Bad switch. Now just waiting on the parts to arrive.
  3. Last weekend I washed my truck and afterwards the upper tailgate was unlatching itself on its own. After Tuesday didn’t have any issues with it doing it again. Washed my truck today and I notice when I open any of the doors the upper portion is unlatching itself again. Anyone else have or had this issue. Truck is a 21 Denali 2500. Thanks.
  4. I went with rough country kit instead. So far it rides and drives great and zero complaints.
  5. Thanks. I did put the rough country shocks on and it rides really good. The tires I was worried where gonna be loud as my last tires where Toyo RT’s. The KM3 ride really good and very impressed with them so far. They are a little louder than the Toyos but I have to say they are quiet for a mud time. I’m really liking them so far.
  6. And here she is. 37x12.50r20 BFG KM3 with rough country 3” level/lift kit. Rubs frame at full lock just a tad and no trimming of anything.
  7. I wanted to go with a toyo rt as I’ve had those on my last truck and love them however they are hard to get right now. They have the BFG KM3’s in stock so I’m probably gonna go that route.
  8. I wanted to go with a toyo rt as I’ve had those on my last truck and love them however they are hard to get right now. They have the BFG KM3’s in stock so I’m probably gonna go that route.
  9. Thanks for the info. I ordered the cognito 3” leveling kit with new arms, keys and fox shocks and 1” rear blocks. I’m gonna try and go with a 37x12.50. If it rubs at full lock then it’s not a biggie to me as my last 2 did as well but I hardly ever have to turn that much. Ill post pics once I get her done.
  10. Taking delivery Thursday of a new 2500 Denali. Been trying to find which level kit to go with and I cant find a solid answer on if 37x12.50 will fit on the stock 20” tires without having to cut or do I need to go with 35’s? Looking at cognito kit and or rough country with the control arms. Any help Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jason
  11. It didn’t reset over night. I’ll be calling the dealer in the morning.
  12. I was using the nav today and had my iPhone plugged in and infotainment system shut down and does nothing now. In reverse the backup camera comes up but very dim and that’s it. I’ve seen threads a year or so old so is there a fix for this? I took off the negative battery cable and waited a minute but no luck with that either. Anyway I can reset it without taking to the dealer? Any help is appreciated.
  13. Yep I had a 2019 Rebel with the 12” screen. Never again. That truck had other electrical issues and I got rid of that thing as fast as I could. However I do have the black screen that started today on my Silverado.
  14. Several months back I thought I might be one of the fortunate ones that was leak free. Week today I sprayed off my truck and sure enough mine is now leaking. Found a crack in the window frame. Can’t wait to see what happens with this?
  15. Mines not leaking yet that I’ve seen but I did find a crack in the window frame yesterday? Will GM replace it just due to a cracked window frame?
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