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  1. Mines not leaking yet that I’ve seen but I did find a crack in the window frame yesterday? Will GM replace it just due to a cracked window frame?
  2. Fabri Clean by chemical guys works really well and you can get it off Amazon. As far as protecting the fabric if you are wanting to waterproof them/preventing fading from UV then I would say go with 303 fabriguard. You can also use it on carpets. Just read the directions before applying.
  3. Garyo, Yes you do need a code that you will be able to print and take it to your dealer. Are you active or retired? I only ask because I think the GM discount only applies to those two categories. I could be wrong though. Jason
  4. Absolutely! I have the aeroskin on mine as well and I’ll take scraping bugs off rather than filling in paint chips
  5. Thank you everybody for the replies. I can rest easy now!
  6. My oil pressure is reading 40-45. Is this normal? Pardon my ignorance for not knowing.
  7. So which one of the windows has the most problems? I have the VITRO E9 (Jun 19 build Mexico) and knock on wood hasn’t leaked. Bought the truck on 3 October. JB
  8. As promised. Here is the UPR one for the 6.2.
  9. I have the UPR one on my 2019 6.2 and was easy to install. I’ll try and get some photos tomorrow and post.
  10. June 2019 build and purchased in October. No issues so far other than the fan speed not showing up on the screen when you turn up or down and it’s only done it once. Knock on wood....
  11. Anyone have issues with their forward collision after leveling their truck? Mine green vehicle light comes on in the instrument cluster as soon as it detects a vehicle but always stays green. Doesn’t change to amber even after adjusting the gap. It’s not so much of a big deal that I rely on it I just want everything to work as it should especially with the price tags that are on trucks nowadays. Thanks.
  12. Tommy I went with the motofab 1” rear block from amazon. I’ll try and take some pics tomorrow and post. I’ve attached the rear block kit I purchased.
  13. Thanks. I got the moto fab 1” blocks off amazon and gonna get those installed tomorrow. Other than that not sure what else to do next
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