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  1. If you would happen to look into shipping(lol) I may be interested in them. But I'm in WV. so shipping would be a killer also
  2. Did readylift redund your money for the lift?...... I should have waited and seen how other people liked the lift. from everything I had read before ordering it, nobody had any complaints or concerns. Did you have to replace your cv axles lapoolboy?
  3. Thanks brianc636 for your response Advance ended up having bands and a crimper that worked. ...if anyone is considering this lift, I strongly suggest having a heavy duty wall mount spring compressor. I had 3 of the 2 piece heavy duty spring compressors break on us. Very very very scary moments.
  4. I just puts a 4" sst superlift lift kit on my 2019 new body silverado ltz z71 4x4. Long story short, I thought I separated the passenger side axle inside the inner boot so I cut the bands and to see what if anything I could do. Well the replacement bands from autozone doesnt get tight enough on the axle. Do I need to buy a new axle? Can someone (dealer) fix this one? What can I or do I need to do. .. Please help
  5. Also would like to know location price and if you would ship.. thanks
  6. Didnt realize how much I liked it till I dont have it anymore. Lol
  7. Sorry if this topic has been discussed or discussed in depth, but I just bought a new body style silverado ltz 4wd iridescent pearl tricoat (sorry for the little bragging but I love this color and truck) am I missing something or did gm do away with the pause rewind feature on the radio? I hope not it was in my 15 and I sorta just expect it to be there anymore.....again sorry if this has been discussed
  8. Tried sending email but wouldn't send if you could send me an email I'd appreciate it. [email protected]
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