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  1. Easy explanation, the "mils" of the paint was still less than the decal's thickness + original paint and clear behind it.
  2. Happened to me with a Grand Marquis about 11 years ago. One side of the car was repainted. I removed the door moldings and for awhile couldn't figure out why there was a ridge beneath the passenger side molding and not the driver's side. Also the paint didn't match. That was lazy practice but even worse in your situation for a sole decal. They spent way more time and energy painting around that than the cost of the decal - even if it was $100!
  3. Surprised it's not a bigger difference. How was it reading before? Was it spot on? Bigger tires than factory should mean that you're actually driving faster than reported on the cluster, isn't that right?
  4. Looks good, did you have to tune for the speed sensors?
  5. Same for me, this problem showed up about 3 days ago. I'm on chrome as well, fully updated. If I log out of the forum and back in sometimes everything will appear correctly but that does not last for long.
  6. I used 80w90 in my rear differential because I had about 2.5 quarts lying around. Got 75w90 for the front differential myself - I thought that is what it called for? Actually, Amsoil calls for 75w90 and this was the reference I was using. https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/auto-and-light-truck/2019/gmc-trucks/yukon/5-3l-8-cyl-engine-code-c-l83-c-flex/?volume=us-volume 80w90 is thicker but not substantially so. Remember not all that long ago 80w90 was the recommended viscosity for average use and 75w140 was the recommended viscosity for towing!
  7. I'm in agreement here with posters here that say that so as long as you are within the ratings of your truck you'll be fine, and also that these trucks have a very conservative towing rating in our era of "safety safety safety" and OSHA safety meetings for every small cut and bruise at the workplace.
  8. How many miles on the truck? Before you head out, have the brakes on the truck AND trailer are inspected and in tip top condition and also make sure that the trailer brakes are set properly. Lube trailer bearings. Swap ALL fluids on truck, brake fluid, transmission, transfer case, front and rear differentials, and engine oil. Give it the best shot that it has to be happy. I understand buying a new 2500 series isn't all that realistic especially right now, so, drive slow if you have to and when it's necessary, back off instead of pushing it. Also make sure that you have a quality hitc
  9. My 2019 Yukon has the ability to turn off auto lock from the factory. However I wish it has more options. I like to leave it ON. But my wife's Rogue allows you to select when the doors unlock, either when shifting to PARK or when turning the vehicle off. GM only will unlock when shifting into park so that does leave one vulnerable potentially unless you re-lock your doors after shifting into park and idling.
  10. I just went ahead and swapped all of my fluids today as well (not the brake fluid.) Transmission pan drop with a filter change, transfer case drain and refill, and both front and rear differentials as well. I worked alone and used a pry bar between exhaust and transmission crossmember in combination with a scissor jack. Just kept turning the jack enough until I was able to remove the pan, and then I relieved the stress, and then did the same procedure again upon reassembly. Between transmission pan and transfer case I used 2 full gallons of Dexron VI. I did not modif
  11. Only at speed when tires head up most and/or if carrying a heavy load will low pressure hurt them. Or maybe if they are stored in one position for a lengthy period of time as well. Airing down for off road conditions has been a tactic since the beginning of pneumatic tires.
  12. The pan bolts are 80 INCH POUNDS. Videos I have watched show them starting in the middle and work their way outwards to help "stretch" the gasket rather than bind it.
  13. I don't think it is that bad. You can pull down on the exhaust carefully and/or push the transmission or transfer case up. You have people on youtube doing this on their driveway in less than ideal conditions. I'll report back whenever I get around to it.
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