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  1. I have heard the idle ticking too. Thought it was more motor related than transmission.
  2. I hear that noise too. There are a lot of noises this 5.3 makes that I wasn't accustomed to, but a relative's 2018 Silverado all makes the same noises too.
  3. Interesting. The most I have been is sweaty, which hasn't happened yet in the leather. Never went in there soaking. Will keep that in mind! I have nothing to tow. Likely not to use for truck stuff. Sweat, yes.
  4. What happened to the leather? I have black leather for the first time. I have heard of some high end lighter colored leathers can absorb dye from jeans. Heard a story about that once.
  5. To each their own. It's still more advanced than a 10-15 year old truck fur sure. Even if you think it's bare bones
  6. I guess I wasn't aware that they made the stripped down base model in Trail Boss livery. I suppose it has the 6" touch screen instead of the 8"?
  7. Your 2019 Trail Boss has all of those advanced features, though. I wasn't referring to leather seating. I'm sure your seats are heated. Your infotainment system is top notch as well. There isn't one feature in that truck that is neanderthal in nature.
  8. I have the feeling that once you got accustomed to all of the new creature comforts and technological features, you'd find it very difficult to go back to the primitive lifestyle of an older truck. You really don't know what you're missing until you live it. I felt the same way. I said, who needs a heated steering wheel? And, now I do
  9. Curious to see what codes were set when the check engine light illuminated.
  10. Where is QC then? At the very least why aren't they cleaning the location of the grounds to remove wax undercoating contamination?
  11. That ground you found to be full of undercoating is G141. My 2019 Yukon was also found to have an undercoated G141. Although my electrical issues were a lot more sparse. The only present code was loss of communication with the ECM, so GM TSC recommended replacing the ECM as well. But then the technician found this dirty ground. I'm not sure if my issues will be non-existent from here on out but they were certainly different from yours. This could be a more wide-spread problem, but to my knowledge there is absolutely no TSB that addresses G141 as being contaminated with undercoating. The only TSB where G141 is mentioned is the TSB for improperly heat treated bolts used for grounds that can apparently stretch and loosen up a little bit, causing a potential bad ground. And in that particular TSB, there are a host of grounds listed to check. Although G141 being the main one as it is the main connection between battery and frame, which can cause many problems elsewhere. In regards to the G218 ground you checked up on the dash, as you found, your truck should have been unaffected. According to the TSB for that issue it affected trucks and SUVs built prior to June of 2015, so that would include all 2014 models and some early 2015 models.
  12. I wouldn't trust it. The first time my Yukon was in, they claimed to have performed TSB 18-NA-161. But then when it went in again they found ground G141 to be full of undercoating. If they truthfully performed the TSB to its fullest extent, I would have thought it would be found then and not later?
  13. Here is some more information for a variety of grounds you could check if you have some time. It's worthwhile. Any connection issue has the potential to make an appearance with lower than normal voltage, so, check it out. Although you didn't have any other symptoms, I still think it's worthwhile and free to research on your truck in your garage. TSB 18-NA-161.pdf PIT5562.pdf
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