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  1. DIY alignments are more tricky especially if adjusting beyond toe (camber/caster - good luck!)
  2. I saw this ad recently for 4 Tahoe wheels and tires for sale. Looks to me to be the exact same type of tire wear;
  3. Thank you. I believe I am going to stick with what I have for now as it is more than sufficient for my needs. However occasionally the CarScanner app has given me the ability to scan differently for certain vehicle models, if I recall it gave the option to scan "unconventional" and has tiers. The next time I am given these additional options I will be sure to take a screenshot.
  4. The sensation of having the rear G80 locked is much different. I rarely feel that because it is rarely locked, but I have felt it backing out of my driveway before when it is dry, when I have pulled in the night before in 2wd when it was slick and snowing. That is a totally different sensation.
  5. Tripling in price throughout 2 decades is a steal these days. Most things have increased at least 30% throughout the course of the last 2 years.
  6. I have never seen any other tire manufacture last as long as Michelins do, however. And yes I have seen certain OEM tire brand wear out with less than 40,000 miles on them when there is no alignment issue either. That is really odd. Planned obsolescence. I think that's what they're planning for with our vehicles too, being electrified, and on top of batteries being complicated and expensive to replace, I'm also hearing word of "structural batteries" integrated into the unibody construction that absolutely can not be replaced, ever. Progress! I imagine that eventually, if this is the course we take or are forced to accept, that the used car market may eventually cease to exist?? And it's just crazy for me to hear that some of the new Hummer Electric models are around $150,000??? By the way the Federal Reserve Chairman says this is the strongest economy in 40 years, so you had better believe what they be telling you to believe!
  7. That is definitely true. Throughout my driving of 18 years I have only had a handful of alignments and only after performing the replacement of steering or suspension components. It's not something anyone in my family has put a lot of thought in to so as long as everything drives straight and the steering wheel is centered. If there isn't a problem my family has never gone looking for a problem to blow money on.
  8. I see what you are saying - your alignment technician aimed to go for as close to the center of the spec as possible. my alignment tech aimed for being "within spec." I actually dropped by the alignment shop about a half hour ago. I was told everything was perfectly normal because they are steer tires and that the alignment is perfect because it is in spec "as can be seen on the sheet." He mentioned that if the alignment was off that the outside tread block would be experiencing wear throughout rather than on the very edge like I showed. I was hoping that they'd put it on the alignment rack as a courtesy to check, but obviously they are too busy and overworked and unenthusiastic to do so. So much for that. He also said that I need to keep up on tire rotations every 6,000 miles otherwise I'd blow through tires in 25,000 miles. That doesn't exactly sound right to me, but I informed him that at about only 4,700 miles I wasn't even at the need for a first rotation yet either.
  9. That's unusual. One person says it's fine the other says it's a disgrace
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