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  1. I'd do this if it was $50, tops. But not for what they want for this badge.
  2. Salesmen say a lot of things that they are unfamiliar with, so beware.
  3. If you sell private party you won't have to worry about trade-in value which is always crap regardless.
  4. Electric only vehicles are a poor choice for long distance driving period. A hybrid option with a smaller engine recharging the batteries would make a lot more sense. I believe they somewhat jumped over hybrids and went straight to full on electric. The technology isn't there yet.
  5. Maybe they thought it was the oil filter but instead of it's the oil filter adapter. Who knows. I won't know as I can't see it.
  6. No problem. Hope it helps. I am also really surprised as you say G218 by the driver side and passenger side A-pillar doesn't exist on your 2014. That just can't be! And that ground was a major fault for the 2014-2015 and possibly 2016 pickups as well. With the dashboard sound insulation getting trapped between the ground eyelet and body. I'm thinking you missed it or weren't looking in the right spot?
  7. Glad to hear that. I remember these pictures from the other thread!
  8. It goes down low to the frame behind the wheel liner, behind the tire. Tightening it might not be enough. Check for wax undercoating or corrosion between the terminal lug and frame.
  9. You have no G218 ground near the Driver's side A pillar? There's also another on the passenger side A pillar, same area adjacent to the windshield. Another major ground is beneath the battery, behind the fender liner on the frame. Passenger side. Wheel does not need to be removed to accessed, only turned full lock to the left. Pull back on fender liner towards the bottom and you'll see it.
  10. They do have a magnet on them I believe. The fill plug for the rear differential in my 2019 does at the very least (no drain plug as you're supposed to remove the cover.) The front differential also has a magnet on the drain plug, but not on the fill plug, since the front differential has 2 plugs. If you want to know for sure, the dealer may be your best bet. I can't imagine it costs more than $15.
  11. These are the only 3 floor liners I have from SmartLiner. I do have a mat in the 3rd row right in front of the bench seat but it's just a generic full length mat that I used to have in a Toyota Camry years ago. The 3rd row never gets used. For my cargo area liner I have a couple of nylon entryway mats with rubber backing from the hardware store covered with a tarpaulin that act as a liner for everything behind the 2nd row captains' chairs.
  12. Thanks - awesome! It's fact that this 4th light fixture was only available on the 2015 model year. I'm beginning to wonder if it was also only available on the extended length SUVs as well. The standard length SUVs don't have a lot of flat roof behind the 3rd row light. If I was going to add lights it would probably be on the plastic trim adjacent to the tailgate.
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-NEW-Rear-Axle-Housing-Fill-Plug-ACDelco-93439312-/193629149165?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 Is this the right size? The compatibility chart may be inaccurate.
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