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  1. Thanks! Nice V! I really wanted white as well, they are a bit hard to come by. I do like the black, but it's a pita. I do want to get a project truck, like an old C10 eventually if the wife will allow it.
  2. Thanks! still need to take it out for some better photos, but here are few just from messing around in the garage. The interior has carbon fiber accents and is a mix of leather and suede materials. It comfortably fits people in the back, and it's quite long so the trunk is a decent amount of space.
  3. Just saying goodbye to the truck family for now. I was on here for awhile but remained mostly quiet; but I received plenty of good information from this forum, also hope I helped some others. Saturday I traded in my '15 Denali and stayed in the GM family for now. The new daily is a gorgeous '18 Cadillac CTS-V. It's a bittersweet step and was odd to drive away from the truck a last time, it was my 4th GM truck and first vehicle I bought new. I loved my truck, and I took pride in ensuring I took good care of it, but I also was pretty disappointed with it's faults (as a
  4. No worries it’s hard to capture the photo with little space. The photo is as if you were laying under the dash, under the steering wheel area, looking up into the dash from around where the pedals are. So if you kinda lay in that area looking up at the dash area (it’s a pain to fit in there) you should be able to find that hard drive looking thing. It’s got a wiring harness coming out the back, Tap it with your finger a few times and see if it makes a noise.
  5. Replying to this because I just recently solved a rattle that was driving me crazy. My rattling sound sounded like it was coming from the left part of the dash behind the headlight/4wd selector between that and the upper left tweeter cover, but this was just the way the sound bounced off things into my ear. It sounded like springing plastic (sorry weird comparison) but it actually came down to a module that looks like a hard drive behind that dash that is around the steering wheel column. You can can get to this without pulling off panels, but removing the under steer
  6. I have a '15 Denali, which I have had since new, it's the 6.2 with the 8sp, but other than that should be somewhat comparable. The 22s do ride harsh in comparison with many other vehicles, you can tell they are also quite heavy wheels when hitting bumps, but they look dang good. The transmissions software is not great, I don't think it will kill longevity, but be ready for some clunks. My truck has been in for numerous issues since owning: -A new torque converter -> it was vibrating in small specific speed intervals -Starter shield was hitting som
  7. I seem to remember an old thread on here, I think it was that you have to manually start it every nth time (not sure what number n equals). As in, you can't remote app start it a bunch of times in a row without a few manual ignition cycles. Was some software limitation they implemented. This might be different, as I thought the key fob counted as a manual start, but something to consider.
  8. A little bit outside the Boston area itself, I had purchased my "new at the time" 2015 Denali at Swanson Buick and GMC in Acton. They are a tiny dealership, but haven't been in a few years as I moved out of state. I didn't do an order through them, as the truck was on the lot, but was overall satisfied with the dealership. Best of luck, Dustin
  9. Just recently moved to Texas, and it's ironic because I have been dreading the hail but I love thunderstorms in general. My rental townhouse's garage is only 20ft so I stick out a few inches; but can at least get most of it in given I catch a storm. I have been lucky in that the hail we have got has only been pill size so far. Hoping to find a house that can fit the truck, but many of the houses around here have small garages.
  10. The bumper is a bummer. I luckily had a good dealership that was willing to repaint, a few months after I bought it. I covered it with suntek clear film after the repaint and it has stopped the chipping almost completely. If you do get it repainted, look into clear wraps before you take it on the road. Makes a world of difference.
  11. My 15's clear scratches just by looking at it... Looks great 10+ feet away and when you get up close in the sun, forget it. I use two buckets, have grit guards, and I am extra cautious, but still seems to be too easy to mark up. I need to have a detail/polish soon. I regret the black... it just looks too good clean.
  12. Thanks for the replies! Appreciate the opinions on people/places. I will have to check with the townhouses water usage policy, takes so dang long to wash, would be hard to go unnoticed. Regards, Dustin
  13. Hi all, I am relocating to the Northern Dallas area suburbs, I have a GMC and my wife does as well. So I am looking for suggestions of people who may have had experiences with any of the local dealers/service centers in that area. (Chevrolet or GMC as they will ultimately service both). I am quite a stickler when it comes to the details and quality of service, so any input would be greatly appreciated. I normally try to do much of the work on my own vehicles, but since I am renting a townhouse, most of my tools will be in storage until I find a more permanent place. I am real
  14. So for me, it was the joint in the bottom right of this photo, it was coming from behind the half circle plastic sheathing. A couple of lifts and slams down, the issue pretty much went away, if I hear it pop up again I just do the up/down of the seat and it goes away.
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