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  1. I have an 18 with cocoa dune. Wear jeans 90% of the time. Never an issue with mine
  2. The manual does say that about an active OnStar plan. Never saw anything about Bluetooth. I always have my phone with me and it always connects. left mine in auto and it eventually changed. No OnStar subscription.
  3. 2018 Sierra. Drove about 2 hours yesterday. An hour this morning. Still an hour behind. (Yes it's on auto).
  4. Thanks, this will give me a good start. I found an 1100 page pdf on GM Upfitter that I browsed briefly. Seems to have everything electrical. Should be a good read when I start nights later this week. I have unlimited paper at my disposal, but I probably need a few toner cartridges to print it all out at work lol.
  5. Back again, next winter season, same issue. Completely random no starts via fob. I don’t have app access unless they offer a free trial. I haven’t taken it to the dealer yet, but I will soon. I only use the remote start in winter and everything was going well, until it didn’t start before leaving for work (11/22/19). Since then, I started an excel spreadsheet with date, time, temperature, method (fob 1x/2x or key), failed ( Yes or No), and info columns. The 1x/2x for the fob is my way of keeping track if I only used I once or hit it again to get another 10 min of warming up. All entries are 1x. Thinking about it now, I should have kept track if it was running or not when I put the key in and left. I kept track of every start, even with the key. I was hoping to see a pattern or something that I can take to the dealer to help pinpoint the issue. On 12/19, it started fine with the fob. Made a stop at a gas station 15 min later and used the key (log entry 37) to start it. When it was cranking, it just stopped like I let go of the key. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. I noticed it a handful of times since I owned the truck, random times, random seasons. The next failure came at log entry 100 (weird lol) and it was via the fob. Same story, lights flash once. Since entry 100, I’ve only been keeping track of remote starts. Today, entry 120, 10 degrees, failed with fob, lights flash once. I was pissed off all the way home lol. I have zero faith with my dealer and when I take it in next, I will go to a different one, hoping a different set of eyes may solve the issue. I know there are wiring diagrams out there, but does anyone have a ladder diagram of the remote system? I’ll trouble shoot it myself (not the dealers way of trying it a few times and say “looks good to me”). A ladder diagram would be beneficial so I can see what permissives need to be met in order for the fob to work. Plus what volts or ohms the items require to tell the truck to start via the fob because all conditions are met. I know hood, doors, low oil, low fuel are some, (all?) until then, I’ll continue with my log. Since this has started to be an issue and the sometimes random key start hiccups, I’m leaning towards a bad ground. Somewhere.
  6. I was a first time black vehicle owner and also my last lol. Not technically black, I had a 14 LT in tungsten metallic, until last July. It was a labor of love trying to keep it clean. I'd hand wash (meguiars gold class soap), two buckets, one for soap other for rinsing the mit). I'd clay bar probably 3 times (spring, summer, fall). Wax, I forget what I used, but I waxed more than I wanted to because hand washing didn't seem good enough. So I took a flyer on that F11 stuff FB kept advertising. It changed my routine for the better. I'd wash, dry, F11 on like a Monday, stayed clean for days. Sometimes I'd do a quick F11 without washing first (unless it was completely filthy). I didn't feel comfortable using it on dirt lol, like they advertise. I am OCD about my trucks appearance and I never got the dreaded swirl marks anywhere. I'd still clay bar every season, but I never used wax again. Still don't with my white diamond 18 SLT. I know it's probably not the tips you were looking for, just my personal experience with dark paint that is a chore to keep clean.
  7. God, I thought I was the only one who had this. 2018 Sierra, noticed it when it first got cold in the fall, less than 4000 miles at the time. Same as everyone else, 2 spots slightly lifted. Never noticed it on my 14 Silverado.
  8. My settings to enable or disable those features are in the infotainment system. The mirrors are in comfort and convince (I think) and I forget where the window is located, but they are both in there if equipped on your vehicle.
  9. Def sits on the top rails. I had the exact cover on my 14.
  10. I came from a 14 Silverado LT and upgraded this past summer to an 18 Sierra CC premium plus. My 14 Silverado had free remote start via the app for life (from what the salesman said). I was dissapointed when I found out my 18 was 1 month with 2 free months if I submitted a credit card (which I canceled after my 3 month total ended). I complained to OnStar in September (like everyone does with Comcast/DirecTV/etc) to see if I could get some freebies. The lady was very nice and helpful and told me she would give me 2 years of remote access free. So the other day, I got the monthly email and it said my subscription expires soon. I ignored it, bc I got 2 years free! Well leaving work today, it said upgrade and my app was done. I called and the guy said there was nothing on the notes saying anything about my free 2 years. He was a tool bag, talking over me, trying to explain how the app works, I eventually hung up bc I was tired of listening. Annoying that I get told one thing and there is no proof so he probably thought I was making up shit. I only use the app leaving work. I'm too far away for the fob. $15 a month to use it 4 months out of a year? No thanks. Spending 40k on a truck (close to 60k on my current), should be free for the basic package.
  11. They claimed the load tested the battery and checked all components related to the remote start. I don't believe they did. The invoice just stated they hooked up the tech2 and tried to recreate the problem, found no codes, etc. I would think it would have the other stuff listed to keep from chasing their tails for the next time I brought it in. I'll check the battery myself, but if it happens again, I'm going to a different dealer. They claim my OnStar error codes are "probably" from a bad signal from the satellite. They can't even give me an exact reason for the codes.
  12. So I took it in and again.. nothing. I left it overnight so it sits for 12+ hours, in the cold, like it does for me at home or at work. They said they can't fix something they can't replicate, started numerous times for them. No codes, no history (because no CEL). Frustrating. Going to pick it up and ask to see what was done other than starting it remotely. Would like to see my battery listed as something checked as well as whatever switches would keep it from starting.
  13. Premium Plus SLT gives you all what you want. Unless you want the extras that the Denali gives. I wasn't willing to go there this time. Got a good deal at Laura's Buick/GMC on my 18 SLT CC premium plus back in July. Worth the 4 hr drive one way for me. When I was searching new inventory, I think I selected cooled seats and moonroof which put the lowest trim in a CC premium plus.
  14. I've read that elsewhere on here that it will store the info without cel. How do you tell the service advisors that you know it does when they and the mechanic tell you otherwise, and they are the "experts"?
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