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  1. I lowered mine after a 2.5 inch lift and 33’s. 1/4 turn each.
  2. It could be that the All Terrain wheels are different than some of the other models. I measured my studs and measured the pockets, then did a little math. I would have gone with more narrow spacers if the studs were shorter - I didn’t need to go that far out to clear the UCA’s , but now I’m glad I did. Thanks, I’m happy with how it turned out.
  3. I just applied the 3M rocker panel kit on my 2018 All Terrain today. It covers behind the front tires, both lower doors, in front of the rear wheels and behind on the bed. It was my first time installing, but it wasn’t too difficult. Worst part was trimming around the little plastic trim on the lower front corner of the bed. The film wasn’t cut to go around it. That being said, I plan to have a professional do the front end.
  4. You can use 1.25” spacers without trimming the studs if you keep the OEM wheels. The pockets in the OEM wheels are deep enough. From my measurements, a 1.25” spacer is the limit without having to trim. Not wanting to trim the studs is the reason I went with 1.25” - didn’t want to trim either. Your 1.5” spacers will work fine if you keep your stock wheels and they have the pockets. Not sure if all the OEM GM wheels have them.
  5. Yes, they are the OEM wheels with 295/55R20 Toyo Open Country M/T’s. I also have 1-1/4” Bora spacers installed.
  6. I found a NIB BAK Bakflip F1 on Craigslist for 400 dollars. Installation took approx. 45 minutes working alone. I've seen a few negative reviews on these, but I figured for that price, I couldn't go wrong. This is my first tonneau cover, so I really can't make a comparison. It was super easy to install, fits well and I like that it's practically invisible from the side.
  7. My thoughts exactly. The only issue is that the dealer only has one (1) bolt in stock. Probably why half the bolts weren't installed.
  8. I was under my 2018 All Terrain this week and found that half the bolts to the tubular steps on the passenger side were missing. Each bracket calls for two bolts and they had only installed one per bracket, which caused some serious flexing issues. Wonder if the trucks are transported to the dealer without the bars installed and the dealer installs them once the truck is delivered? Truck has approx. 150 miles on the odometer.
  9. Old thread but a little more info on the subject. I just installed a RC 2.5" lift on a 2018 and after the install, the stock tire was very close to the stamped steel UCA with 1/4" spacers - about 1/16" gap at full lock. I ended up sending the slip on spacers back to RC, ordering 1-1/4" Bora spacers and installing 295/55R20 Toyo M/t's. Now there is plenty of room between the tire and UCA, but I had to tie back the inner fender liner felt with zip ties to keep from rubbing. I'm not sure a 285/55R20 would have fit my truck, as RC states. 275/60R20 - maybe.
  10. Thanks, man. Next on the agenda is clear film on the rocker panels and a tonneau cover. After that, I'm calling it a day..............for now
  11. I just installed a RC 2.5" lift and 295/55R20 Toyo M/T's on a 2018 All Terrain with a 5.3. Stock setup, round trip to work and home I got 22.7, according to the DIC. After mods. I got 21.7, so considering the speedometer difference after installing the tires, a little better than 21.7.
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