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  1. Finally calmed down after the move. Still looking to find someone to trade.
  2. IncisionInd


    I have one if someone is trying to swap it out for a white body colored one.
  3. Yeah that is very strange... it says it on your own website you should know about it. Well I'm in TX and so there shouldn't be any issues with that, but they do say they wont send to CA. So you may need to ship somewhere else and forward.
  4. https://store.rangetechnology.com/products/range-V8?add=Buy+Now This is the link that i used and i confirmed with Range that it would work. They even reference how it works with E-Assist models on their site.
  5. Hmmm i'll have to look into this because if i can make it i'll just upload the 3D model for people to use and ordering from thingiverse is pretty cheap for people that don't have a printer. Also, because i see you posting about AFM and auto start stop, i just got a new Range AFM and I can tell you that this thing is awesome and you get the full 8 gears in V8.
  6. Hey @3tspapat, I have access to a few 3D printers, what do you think the likelihood of being able to make a part would be? I could fab up a tube with a 90 degree bend, however i don't know about all of the other measurements. I definitely think that it would be able to print something with enough strength to stand up in the engine bay.
  7. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to Bump this thread and see if anyone has had any luck finding a tuner. Looking to just get a little more performance out of my EAssist. @3tspapat Which CAI did you make fit if you don't mind me asking? Would love to look at getting one put on the truck.
  8. Yep. The thing I love most about the car is that the engine is a flat plane crank that redlines at 8250RPM. Sounds pretty sweet too!
  9. When I last posted in this thread I was told that my Focus RS wasn't a muscle car, so I needed to fix that :). Went and traded it in for a 2018 Shelby GT350.
  10. These were purchased from ebay. The guy that I purchased them from had about 3-4 pairs and was able to make me a deal for two sets. I love the @pgamboa harness and highly recommend getting it to anyone that wantes to do this swap. Made the whole process way easier and he was SUPER helpful. I ended up ordering a set from Diode Dynamics. They weren't the cheapest in the world but they are designed and manufactured in the USA and that matters to me.
  11. Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't been responding to everyone on this thread. Soon after I posted this I packed up everything and move half way across the country. Its been fairly hectic but just now getting into the swing of things. I will try and answer anything that has not been answered previously.
  12. Well after posting this I decided to pack up everything and move half way across the country (Texas) for a new job! Excited for the new area and the new career path. Now I am doing IT for an Automotive Finance company and so far I feel like it was a great decision.
  13. Bump... Moving to Texas next month, anyone out there looking to make a trade.
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