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  1. thanks for the link for the new 2020 cameras. i haven't bought any yet, i have been waiting for some info on the new 2020 model camera . as you mentioned, not much info here locally either from the dealers. the details and compatibility of the tpms system and the accessory camera system have been a huge grey area and it seems like we all have to learn as we go.
  2. first connect the trailer so you can access the app. pick the"trailers" tab on the top of the screen push on the pencil next to the connected trailer on the screen.(pic 1) pick "tire pressure set up" on next screen (pic 2) pick "next" on the "select number of sensors screen" (pic 3) pick "next" on "learn sensor screen" (pic 4) the next screen is where you can edit tire pressures(pic 5)
  3. i set my ttpms sensors up a few nites back but couldn't remember what the max psi choice was and didn't know if they could be edited with out a new set up. they can be edited once set up and the max psi setting looks like a 100psi. mine are set for 80psi with E-rated tires
  4. i have the same noise on a 1 month old 2020 ccsb 2500 HD, no sunroof. it makes the noise every morning on the same turn on my way to work. from inside, it kinda sounds like it is coming from the passenger side rear corner of the roof. the first time i heard it i thought something hit the roof also. i heard it from the outside of the vehicle while i was washing it too. it is coming from the rear roof spolier/high mount brake lamp area. i was washing the roof when i heard it so at least i was up kinda close to it. curious as to what it is but cant imagine it is too much to worry about.
  5. PTT is the RPO code for the TPMS sensors which are shipped loose if you order them with the truck or can be purchased separately through the parts dept. you need U1D advanced trailering system installed at time of build to be able to accept the TPMS (PTT) . the TPMS module is behind the license plate. look back through the older posts about this and a fella sent in a picture of it.
  6. i just traded a 18 2500HD with the 6.0 and 4:10's in on a new 2020 gasser. towing a 10,000 pound enclosed car hauler the mileage was about 8 -9 depending on the terrain and average speed of 70 mph, without the trailer around town was 11.5-12 and on the highway was about 14-15, i had a '15 2500 HD with the same power train also and it was about the same.
  7. a fella on this site posted this link a while back before you could even order anything, i studied it for a long time to determine what i wanted to buy and what came with what. it takes a little time to learn how to decipher it but the info is awesome. https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/proddesc.jsp?year=2020&butID=1&regionID=1&divisionID=1&vehicleID=21694&type=0
  8. U1D Advanced Trailering System, includes checklist, trailer maintenance reminders, trailer security alerts, trailer mileage, tow/haul reminder, trailer electrical diagnostics and Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System module 1 - Included and only available with (PCM) Convenience Package II or (ZL6) Advanced Trailering Package.-- -- A1
  9. yes, that is correct. LTZ or High Country for the transparent trailer view . You need the technology package and i believe the power folding/extending mirrors with the side view cameras.
  10. i posted a couple on the other page for 2020 HD picture thread , it's the blk ltz https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/227692-2020-hd-picture-thread/page/2/#comments
  11. nice looking truck !! where did you get the vent visors? i haven't seen any 2020's in the aftermarket and i checked with my dealer 2 weeks back and he said they werent available yet?
  12. you are right about that,they are much bigger than the 2018 2500 i traded. i was worried about the same thing as far as the height goes. i only have a 7' header and the onstar fin clears by about 1 1/2- 2"'s. a fella on this site was nice enough to send me a picture of the clearance so i could confirm it . it is close but makes it.
  13. the GDI is ok and makes power, just have to keep the carbon cleaned out of it. BG chemicals and cleaning process is amazing. we use there systems at the shop with amazing results. many dealerships are now recommending their chemicals also.
  14. here is my opinion. i have towed a 10k pound enclosed car trailer since the early 90's. my first truck was a 88 1500. after my first 100 mile trip i sold it and have used 2500's with the largest gas motor available and have never considered a 1500 with any drive train again. i know the trucks have improved greatly since then. but the weight of the tow vehicle and increased stability make for a much more pleasant trip. the new 6.6 gas motor will do a fine job with a 10k trailer. i took my set up to the scales this weekend and my trailer was 9200#'s loaded and ready to go. i have driven plenty of 6.2's at work but never with a trailer behind them. it is a spunky motor and will set you back in the seat but i cant answer how it will pull a grade with a loaded trailer (depending on trailer weight). the salesman and literature say you can pull the weight with a 6.2 but what they dont tell you is how a 1500 compares to a 2500 for safety and stability . the new 6.6 gas motor can pull a grade on the PA pike in central PA while out passing a truck with no real issue and have great stability and braking. you may be surprised how nimble the new 2020 HD'S are once you test drive one. i can pretty much say that you wont be sorry if you decide to buy the HD over the 1500. it's hard to do a comparison of the HD feeling like a dog as compared to the 1500 since the 2500 is a heavier vehicle. if you are towing a 5-6k trailer on a relatively flat terrain and short trips i would probably use a 6.2 and a 1500, but anything heavier and longer trips use a 2500/3500 with the gas or d max depending on the trailer weight /size. like i said just my opinion from what i have learned over the years.
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