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  1. My 2020 2500 built 8/19 is also leaking. Just noticed it over the weekend. Small drips in the upper corners of each side, then dripping on the top corners of the back seats, also has stained the corners of the headliner.
  2. i also think the seats are very acceptable, they are firm but seem to be just fine.i just did a 550 mile trip towing the trailer this past weekend and there were no issues in comfort at all but everybody is different. appearance to me is also fine, i prefer the functional look of the GM interiors compared to the dodges myself. just too much going on in the dodges interior for my liking. a quick note on the 6 speed, it seems to do the job just fine. no complaints. so far.... at 5500 miles the truck has been better than i could hope for.
  3. i agree on the turn signals showing in the HUD, that was one of the first things i noticed , in fact i added it to the survey that i received from Chevrolet. off road info is also of no use to me
  4. Mine started doing the same exact thing tonite , only does it in park on the first shift, once in drive or reverse there is no noise when the brake pedal is applied. just turned over 3500 miles on the truck and it has been completely quiet until now. it does sound exactly like a shift interlock solenoid. i haven't had a chance to check it out yet. seems like it is coming from the steering column area.
  5. oops. sorry, i forgot i was comparing the turning radius to my last 2 trucks that were CCLB's
  6. New 6.6, steering ,suspension,turning radius, the entire truck, is much better. the technology is great. i owned a 15 and a 18 HD gas. no comparison at all. much quieter and smoother ride. very responsive in the handling. gas engine does well with the trailer.
  7. they can be installed at any tire shop or local shop that does tire work. you can bring them the wheels and tires off of your trailer and have the tpms monitors installed and then you can learn them to the truck at home when you reinstall them on the trailer, you can buy the relearn tool online or use the air up method that is explained when you set up the truck. either way works fine. or i suppose you can bring the truck and trailer to the tire shop and let them do the entire job.
  8. forgot to mention there is alot of info about this over in the 2020HD section. scroll down through you will find 2 or 3 posts . here are the part numbers for the sensors if you need them.
  9. the only way they will be included with the truck is if they were ordered with the truck. they are a separate $50 option when new. if they aren't on the window sticker they were'n't ordered with it. you will have to buy them or try and talk the dealership into providing them. the xtra cameras and trailer tpms sensors are a confusing issue, i think the pricing for the options/truck should be adjusted to include them when the correct options are ordered. i have noticed that alot of early built trucks didn't have the tpms monitors on the window stickers, most of the ones that did had the fifth wheel package ordered. i wonder if there was confusion from the fellas at the dealerships that built the initial orders and they may not have realized they needed to check the box for them, i would bet the longer these trucks are out you may see many more coming with them. like most options, they surely are cheaper with the truck then buying them later.
  10. these are what i ordered from the dealer. they worked fine for me. notice the different part numbers on the packaging and actual part..
  11. no problem installing them on my aluminum trailer wheels. same tpms sensor part # i used.
  12. That's pretty much what i am seeing for mileage also at about 1800 miles. did a about 140 miles on sunday to check out the highway mileage was around 17 at about 65mph or so. towing the trailer which is 10000# enclosed car hauler about 9-10 depending on the terrain and speed and about 13 or so around town. i feel the same about the new 6.6 gas motor much improvement over my old 6.0's. the Dmax is no doubt a towing animal but my daily driving habits of a 4 mile round trip to and from work and towing the trailer 6 or 7 times a year really don't justify the diesel. i opted for a loaded LTZ and Iam very happy with it so far.
  13. did you ever bring your 16 in to have the dealer check it out? if so did they do anything to try and remedy the problem?
  14. the gm trailer tpms sensors are 433MHz frequency. when i set mine up i learned the trailer tpms to the the module on the truck each way with the tool and by airing up the tires. both ways worked fine. the tool is quicker. i don't know what the max distance is that the module would still receive the frequency from the ttpms but since the module is right behind the license plate as long as the truck is in the hook up position it should work, if the sensors are correct i wonder if there is another problem.
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