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  1. i got lucky and only had to drive 250 miles from N.E. Ohio to N.W. Indiana. i trade every 2 years and wanted to take advantage of the good trade values before the bubble burst. i missed quite a few of trucks for 1 reason or another in 6 weeks of hunting from Massachusetts to just west of Chicago. even had a 22 ordered but didn't want to take the chance of when it would arrive thinking the trade values would change . i ended up locating the exact 21 truck i had ordered in the 22, it was in transit and i was able to put a deposit on it before it hit the lot. i didn't have to take or give up anything i didn't want, got lucky but it took some persistence. i traded a 20 LTZ HD i purchased in august of 19 when the new models came out and got more money on the trade than i paid for it 22 months ago.
  2. traded my black 20 LTZ for a 21 cherry red tint coat high country, got a great trade for my 22 month old LTZ .
  3. my order for a 22 got submitted this past friday (6/4) and the dealer was pretty specific that he had no problem honoring the employee discount but wasn't going discount it any further, which iam perfectly fine with, for me that's how it has always been done in my area, plus incentives of course but this time i'am 300 miles out of my area so i wasn't sure how they would do it . i'am just happy that they were willing to honor it. my dealer had 2 allocations , he checked and said there were no constraints on what i ordered and the order has been submitted so , so hopefully this one will happen .
  4. just make sure the dealer knows which GM discount you are using as mentioned in one of the previous posts so you get the correct pricing and you can also make sure they give you the correct pricing..
  5. i considered the multi flex and do like being able to stand closer to the bed for loading and unloading and the load stops but i decided on the standard tailgate because i didn't want to give up the power up and down feature.
  6. LOL, since she has to get you the number.... you may have a problem there
  7. i wonder if many dealers will negotiate in todays truck market? even on a factory order. it will be interesting to see since it seems like many are selling their current inventory at or above msrp. by chance do you have any family members that are current or retired GM employees. the discount is cut and dry and if your dealer chooses to accept it there is usually no negotiating.
  8. they are in Dowagiac, iam 50miles south east of Cleveland, right on the Ohio /Pa line about 4.5 hours or so from you and 5 hours from the dealer. a few of my buddies have found and bought trucks in Michigan within the last few months. good luck with your search, if you don't have any luck where you are let me know and i will give you his contact info, the only experience i have with the dealership is what i have listed so hopefully all the good stuff continues
  9. he is reordering the 21 now as a 22. i had to make the decision on the tailgate ,everything else is the same. what he said was he will place the order in the system Saturday and it should be accepted soon, then we wait for production in mid July, he also said retail sold orders are getting built fist. he told me last week that he thought the 21 order wouldn't be accepted and that by the middle of this week he would know that for sure and he would also know his 22 allocations. he seems to call me on Thursdays with updates. i read somewhere that the dealers get their allocations every other Thursdays. when he placed the 21 order it was on a Saturday and within 15 minutes of me hanging up the phone he text me the preliminary order confirmation along with the order number. I've never met him since the dealership is 300 miles away in Michigan but he sure seems straight up with the communication. i also asked him about constraints ,he asked the sales manager and said there were no constraints on 22 high country's. i could here him checking with the sales manager when he answered some of my questions that he didn't know the answers to. i hope this is all accurate info.... thats what i know so far ,we will see how it unfolds. this dealership had the same truck on the chevy build and price site. i hit the click and shop button to purchase the vehicle at 10pm on a Wednesday nite, at 9am Thursday morning i found out someone did a deal on it just before they closed on Wednesday nite and i missed it by hours or it would 've been in my garage 3 weeks ago. i trade my trucks every 2 years and this one has been challenging to say the least.
  10. got a call from the dealer this morning saying the 21 i had on order from mid may isnt going to happen, so i decided to just order a 22 the exact way i wanted it and end the craziness, LOL. good luck to everybody trying to hunt a 21 down
  11. really no changes for 22. multi flex tailgate, some kind of seat belt adjusters and no more brown and a green added. thats it. i think the biggest surprise for 22 is when can orders be placed? my dealer says 7/1 and when will production start? my dealer says 7/12 and then how long is build time? nothing is normal as we know it. but who knows what will really happen . only time will tell and then there are the constraints, what are they? when will they be lifted? it is just plain nuts. id rather order a 22 but if a 21 can be found at least you can see what you are getting. i've been searching 1000 miles ,3 different colors , LTZ's and High Country's in the morning and in the evening and really no luck, but i sure have missed quite a few and only by hours on some.
  12. iam very interested in the answer to the same question also. the exact same thing has been happening to me, i have missed 4 trucks by hours within the last 7 days and have also expanded my search out to 1000 miles, added a few different colors and even 2 models to my wish list. i have also noticed that they are not removed very fast either after they are no longer available. there was a truck that i know was no longer available for 2 1/2 weeks and was still listed as of 2 nights ago. its looking like i am just going to order a 22 but was trying to take advantage of the current trade values by finding something in transit or in stock.
  13. yea, all the same mentioned problems for me too, goofy icons, jumbled text, tried different browsers no difference, almost unusable. whats up??
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