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  1. Dumb question time. How is the radio controlled, does the iPad control it. Are all the original programmed graphics displayed on the iPad?
  2. The trick is: you can purchase the older, 2014 / 2015 cup holder in any finish you’d like. Remove / separate the outside lower cover from the top trim and liner then pop it in place into a 2016 / 2017 center console upper trim. You can separate the top trim from the lower cover by inserting a plastic trim tool into the seam at the end of the lower cover near the ball detents and separate tithe top from the bottom. GM designed the newer upper trims to use the same cup holder trim pieces without the lower cover. The new cup holders are only available in axiom and carbon black.
  3. Thanks, I’ve found a newer part number that is the same part. Gm # 23467147 if that helps anyone else.
  4. Hi everyone, I’m looking for a cup holder for a center floor console for a 2016/2017 Silverado/GMC 1500. The part # is 23495230 / cup holder, upper trim “burnish”. All the part sites I visit say it’s a discontinued part. I haven’t been able to locate one on eBay either. If anyone can give me a lead I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, I’ll take a look, how was the quality? Is yours body matched or chrome? This may be my route. I didn’t know if a previous years bumpers fit the 2015 body and brackets. Do you have a pic? Thanks again helping out.
  6. Thanks for all your inputs. I’m one of those guys that was supposed to be able to afford the “high country” p/u, ( as some posters in th past have written ) but could only buy an LT. Family , house, colleges, dogs, & life in general takes precedence. I also enjoy working on my truck. I’ve made many upgrades with the help of some fine contributors to this website ( especially P Gamboa). Center console, auto-dimming mirror, heated steering wheel, paint matched front bumper, & interior trim are some of the upgrades I’ve done. I guess I’m writing this diatribe because it bothers me when contributors get down on someone who upgrades with OEM- parts and gets scolded for not just buying the “top of the line” as they were fortunate enough to do. (I couldn’t care less about their station in life, don’t condemn mine). Working on my truck is a relaxing hobby for me. All that said: I’m sticking with GNC/Chevy parts, so I’m trying to find specific part numbers which fit the 2015 body. Thanks again to the contributors taking your time in providing helpful info.
  7. Hello, Is there a rear non-corner-step, painted rear bumper w/o sensors available that will fit a 2015 Silverado 1500 4x4 LT. I am changing the front bumper facia from chrome to body matched paint. I would like to change the rear bumper to match and not have the corner steps which I don’t use. I think the lack of corner steps is a cleaner look. If someone has the GM part number for this I’d really appreciate it. It’s just my opinion, and I enjoy putzing around making my truck the way I want it. Thanks
  8. I have off road carbon. The pics aren’t great due to lighting, I was just asking if there was bezel and vent trims to match.
  9. The previous pics show the reverse tartan. I don’t have it. My Silverado has a black interior. The off-road carbon trim is a dark charcoal gray carbon fiber.
  10. Thanks for your input. I actually have the “off-road carbon” trim on the doors and center console. The dash center bezel and vent trims are the “synthesis”. I had heard or the “reverse tartan” but couldn’t find an image to see if it was close to the “off-road carbon”. I see that is is different. Thanks for your pics.
  11. Sorry, I’m a newbie im looking for the off road carbon trim for a 2015 Silverado. I have the center console and door trims in off road carbon, I was wondering if there were center bezel and vent trims to match. Thanks
  12. Hello, Has anyone seen the center bezel and vent trims in “off road carbon” trim color. Can’t find part numbers for them so I don’t know if they were ever offered. Thanks
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