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  1. A few things could be going on. Worn out/sagging motor mounts, worn out/sagging cab bushings. Either and or both can cause linkages to be slightly out of their intended locations. Linkage pivot points can wear as well over time. Stack all of these smaller possible misalignments and it can add up to interference issues or things not residing exactly where intended. You say "headers", do you mean tube headers, or are they cast manifolds? If true headers, then no they aren't factory. And yes, headers can present clearance issues if not just the right model (sometimes even if they are), or if other stuff is not exactly where its supposed to be (see paragraph above). If cast, they could be factory, or on a truck this age they could have been replaced with just about anything over the years. These 50yr old trucks can be a lot of fun in this regard. Welcome to the club
  2. 2018 Silverado Custom Crew Cab L83/6L80E. Zero Mods- Well, I did trim the tabs off of the lower front air dam to add a bit of approach angle after tearing one side loose on the deer lease. 187,000 miles as of 5/31/22 Failures to date: * Water pump about 50k * Transmission at 97k (covered under extended warranty, cost me an xtra $1k to get a crate unit instead of LKQ, so got a 100k warranty with the replacement). * Hail Damage at 120k, replaced roof panel and hood, PDR multiple other dents. * Water Pump about 140k. Went ahead and replaced t-stat at the time. * Rear brake pads at 175k. *Transmission a week ago at 187k, barely under warranty, no warranty on crate unit but no cost either. On my own in 9k miles. Maintenance: Oil change every 6k with Valv full Syn 0-W20 and Puralator Boss filters. Trans service at 50k mark, both times. Air filters as needed, checked every oil change. On my 4th set of Cooper Discoverer AT 275/55/60's. This weekend she'll be getting new spark plugs and wires, and full service, including rear diff fluid change. Only three things nagging at me now. One is a slight engine temp fluctuation, floats between 207ish up to about 215ish on occasion at hwy speeds, suspect the grill shutters, looking into mod'ing them. Modified the shutter system last weekend. Took 2 long blades and 2 short blades from each side of the assembly, leaving only those necessary for the motor/linkage to function. Temp swings have disappeared, sits right on 207 now, and transmission cools down faster on the hwy than it used to. Second is prolonging the life of these JMBX torque-converter failure-prone transmissions. Thinking of the pill flip mod and possible trans tune. Third, it almost feels like I have a motor mount failing. Feels like a slight movement in the drive train somewhere when I start from a dead stop, like it's taking up slack before power is applied. Surprisingly, I am happy with and love my truck. I'm sure I'd be a little more grumpy if I'd have been out of pocket for two transmissions at this point.
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