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  1. I just got a 1972 C10 with a 350 and 3-speed transmission. My clutch pedal has way too much play, so I was going to adjust it today. When I was under it, I noticed it was adjusted all the way out (I probably need a clutch, but I'll take the inspection plate off to verify soon). The concerning part is the front of the adjuster is almost right against the header. I've only had the truck a short while and I'm slowly bringing it back to life. Is this most likely an after market header because of the spacing? I can't find any markings on it to say what it is.
  2. Can anyone show me a picture of a throttle cable bracket for an 85 C10? Someone stole the carburetor off the truck before I bought it. The owner still had the box for the Edelbrock 1406 he had on it (383 engine) so I put the same model back on. The problem is they took the bracket for the throttle cable and I can't find any answer to what I need to hook up the throttle cable to the carb. The bracket the throttle and kickdown cables click is still there, but I can't figure out how hook it to the carb arm. Edelbrock told me to get a bracket that's basically a flat piece of metal with some holes drilled in it but it doesn't help.
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