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  1. Window tint question

    The factory "tint" is just for privacy and offers no heat rejection or UV protection. I tinted by rear windows with 5% and the two front windows with 20%. The darker windows sure does help with this Texas heat, let me tell you and the added privacy is also great. I can sit in the back seat and no one even knows I'm there.
  2. Underseat Storage Compartment (Rear)

    Here's a pic of the parts listed for the GM underseat storage, it does look like they could be made pretty easy with some flat bar.
  3. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Mounted my fuse/relay box and ran the input wire harness in the cab. Used the side grommet by the door hinge, took like 15 minutes. Just need to hook up the power, ground, switches and lights. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Nice foglights, are those the 4" pods?
  5. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I'll post some after. Definitely would like to get them installed this weekend but we've got rain in the forecast.
  6. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Got my fuse/relay box ready to mount in the truck, just need to get a stretch of good weather so I can get out and do it. Also ordered some of the dual LED foglight brackets from Amazon, ran me like $38. Might try to get those installed too at the same time.
  7. Does anyone know if the two wires for lock/unlock are there at the plug and just not pinned for it? I'd actually like to add the remote lock/unlock feature to my tailgate. Came out the other morning to head to work and my neighbors 14 Silverado was sitting on bricks and missing the tailgate, my truck was parked on the street that night, guess I got lucky.
  8. thoughts on mods and truck warranty

    I've never had any issues, in fact, I've been complimented on my USB charger I added for the rear seats and asked where I got it done. I also have the diode mod for cargo lights and I've taken my truck in for AC repair via the warranty and regular oil changes, not a word was said other than the one I mentioned. If I were to take it in for any electrical issues though, I would remove the diodes just to be safe. It gives them less to pass the blame to.
  9. Aftermarket Inverter

    I agree on making sure it's fused properly. From the looks of it, it seems as though the second battery was added just for the converter and it is a very clean install. Either he himself does nice work or he paid a pretty penny to have it done. Either way, clean install and I too wouldn't mind having one of those in my bed. I rarely use the one inside
  10. $50 and under modifications

    Stakes are getting high guys... What LEDs did you use though, inquiring minds would like to know?
  11. Wheel/Tire Question

    Thanks man, this site is really good at making you want to spend more on your truck. LOL I'm still planning on doing either a 4.5" or 6" lift, maybe when these tires wear down and I need to replace them. I want to put some 35s on these wheels.
  12. 15BlueSilverado's '15 Deep Ocean Blue CC LT

    Latest update: I've purchased the dual 3" LED fogs to replace the factory ones but just haven't had time to install them yet. I just got the lights for now, no brackets. I think I'm gonna use another member's idea and mount them to either the plastic housing or the bracket that holds the housing in place. I've also bought a fuse/relay box to add to the truck to make adding additional accessories that much easier. Plan on mounting this on the second battery tray. As for the switches, I'm planning on adding the factory switch panel with the 4 additional AUX switches that goes under the AC controls and the factory Offroad light switch that replaces the original light switch. Since these pics were taken, I've replaced the two 5 port connectors with one 8 port for a cleaner install. I also installed a quick connect plug for the switch inputs with a 7' pigtail going into the cab, in case I need to remove the fuse/relay box for any reason, I can just unplug it and disconnect the outputs, power and ground. On the other end of the switch pigtail, I'm going to add another 8 port connector somewhere under the dash where I can just connect the inputs from the switches.
  13. 15BlueSilverado's '15 Deep Ocean Blue CC LT

    Right now, I'm sitting at just over 45k and I've had the truck just over 3 years now. Actually its been 3 years and 5 months. Same here, I love this truck and everything I've done to it, I plan on keeping this one for a really long time.
  14. 15BlueSilverado's '15 Deep Ocean Blue CC LT

    Sorry for the late response, I'll try to get some close ups and post them up. I just cleaned the surface really good and wiped it down with alcohol, then just used the 3M tape that came with the lights to stick them on, they've held pretty damn good so far, I'm impressed. Only thing now is, they've gotten a little dim and I need to replace them so I hope they come off easy. LOL
  15. AUX switch install

    The 1" LEDs in the rear bumper steps I got off Amazon, dirt cheap, came in a pack of 4. Those I just wired into the reverse lights, one at each light. The pigtails that came pre-installed with the LEDs were just long enough. They throw pretty good light for what they are and its more to the left and right rather than straight to the rear. I got them to light up the steps though, cause I like to do a lot of night fishing and where I go it's pitch black, so they help for that. For the step lights, I used a bed-light kit I got from Auto Zone for like $25. Those I tapped into the trailer harness and I put a switch in the bed as well so I can turn them off and on from there. I still haven't added the wheel well lights yet, been doing some research on which ones to go with still. Not sure if I want RGB or just single color. Yeah, I do need to update my build thread, thanks.

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