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  1. Hi all. i have a feeling the answer is "no" but I'll ask anyway. I was intrigued by Phil Gamboa's old video, where he took the illuminated LED door handles from an Escalade...and installed them on his truck. (Link to Youtube video, if you haven't seen it.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8IgHpyvYN0&t=1148s The exterior handles light up with a pretty attractive glow. But, the handles themselves sell for about $100 each on ebay. I'm wondering if anyone has ever modified their existing door handles with an LED insert?? Basic steps would be: 1.) Remove door handles. 2.) Use Dremel/rotary tool to cut a rectangular cut-out in the door handle. 3.) Insert a flush-mount polycarbonate lens cover....stolen from a cheap running light. 4.) insert LED board, wire to BCM puddle light wire....or switched 12v source. 2x pics attached that show, generally, what I'd be doing, I'm a bit worried that it would look 'cheap' when I finished. But I like to DIY a lot of my own stuff, so I think it would be an interesting challenge. And I CAN'T be the first person to think about this...?? Thoughts?
  2. What is the black "plate" that your fuse/relay box & terminal strips are mounted to? Did you make that??
  3. I doubt it. Looks like a simple on/off switch was used (no built-in timer). And the circuit doesn't go through the BCM, so there's no software to time-out after so many minutes.
  4. Oohhh OK I got you, now. I hope everything works out !!!
  5. If you're not using switches at all, how are you controlling these signals? Guess I'm not entirely sure what you're doing in your project.
  6. Yeah....Aptiv, as well as other manufacturers (like TE Connectivity) don't seem to have a business model where they sell to consumers, unfortunately. So you have to find a Distributor and pray that they sell in small quantities. The Service Terminals are actually listed with the other terminal info, in the Upfitter Document you attached. Just randomly one day, I wanted to see what a "Service" terminal was.....so I Googled it. And they looked like the same female crimp terminal as the 'regular' ones. Though I admit I could not study them in great detail. The CAD drawings/datasheets for these things are also difficult to find; so please take my recommendation with a grain of salt. I'm not 100% certain of anything regarding these pins.....it's just the best info I have available at this time.
  7. Also, I sometimes find results if I search by the Service Terminal p/n. The parts I seem to dig up look identical to the standard ones. In your case: "7116-4112-02" and "7116-4101-08". A few leads to try are: https://www.jameco.com/z/7116-4112-02-Banner-Engineering-Automotive-Female-Terminal-2-8-mm_2231224.html https://nexelec.com/YAZAKI-7116410108/ The Nexus Electronics link has a min order quantity of 50. But it's better than 10,000....
  8. Yeah I've done a ton of homework on Aptiv Pins & Connectors, trying to find parts for my 2018 Silvy. Finding parts that cross-reference/replace the obsolete Aptiv components is a PAIN. I haven't looked into the particular plugs & pins you mention. But I'm curious, now. If I find anything I'll let you know. My company has a Sales/Service account with Aptiv, so I emailed their Tech Support to see if they have a successor part number to the 13849930 and 13849935. It's odd because the Aptiv website still lists these parts as active in their catalog. Weird....
  9. I've been looking at something like this (link below). Not specifically designed for truck beds, but they're 12V, waterproof, and are mounted in aluminium channel. Light bar
  10. There are threads on here that discuss the Upfitter switch bank. YouTube is also a great source for info. Is this what you were thinking of installing?
  11. If you have the tow mirrors that are already power folding....then I think you have the "DQS" option code. Just as an FYI in case you need it in the future.
  12. In the back seat I have a collapsible laundry hamper. $10 bucks at Wal Mart. Good for keeping groceries from being thrown around, and it folds up to stash under the seat when I need.
  13. Also, the GM Body Builders Manual lists the service terminal as "964265-2". Which is very similar to the p/n I list above. Tab size is the same, and it crimps to the same size wires. Perhaps this could be a better match that fits into the plug housing?
  14. I was researching this last month and did a ton of homework. These connector pins are made by TE Connectivity. Their "Micro Timer II" series. The Male side, the Tab, should be 963904-2. The female side receptacles of X500 are made to fit a male tab that's 1.6mm wide, 0.6mm thick. Which is the size of the 963904. https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-963904-2.html Maybe P. Gamboa will jump in to confirm...? I'm not sure what he used. And there are other electronic component manufacturers that probably make the same thing.
  15. So I have searched Google a ton, with no luck. I am curious: has anyone tried to tune their truck in such a way to get the AFM to engage more often? There's tons of solutions for a full AFM delete. I wanna know if it's possible to go the opposite way; and increase the tolerances on whatever parameters the ECU monitors (engine loading, throttle position, etc...) To trigger V4 mode? I don't have a great need to actually do this....I'm more curious than anything....
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