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  1. So here is an update to the last dated January 8th. My 2016 has been in and out of the dealer so often that it was pathetic! I did get GMC involved and finally got some thing done. The dealer, at least his top electronic guy< changed all the cables three times, did all the bulletins covering this issue, but the darn truck still did its "Stabilink ain't working bit. So two weeks ago, he changed out the ECM, flashed all the modules as well as the ECM with all the new updates. Then it went off again!!! Ahhh man! So this time he got involved with GM's Electronic Engineering Division and
  2. I simply use the "M" mode and don';t worry. Seems to work just great. Not sure if it goes into the V4 mode when in 6th on the "M" mode. 4th for stop and go and 5th if I got to run a distance.
  3. OK- - - no I didn't know my 2016 GMC 1500 had this V-8 to V-4 mode. So if I run in the M range in 5th gear the drone and the V-4 mode goes away? Is that what I have read? I actually didn't' know what the M was for cause it also has the TOE mode. But I am having fun with it!! It's actually in the shop for the everyday electrical / modem issues that affect all of the 2014--2018 1/2 ton trucks. yuck!
  4. The 2014 to 2018 GMC-Chevrolet 1/2 ton chassis and any vehicle that utilizes that particular chassis seem to have a endless stream of code issues relating to battery cables and modems. My 2016 GMC SLE (Loaded, leather and all sorts of goodies) has had the cables, all of them and some I never knew they had, changed. its on its 4th trip to the dealer now for the stability system issues. The truck seems to not like cold weather, acts up when its under 40 degrees? Weird! I told my wife if that darn truck goes south one more time, it will get sold and I will buy a really old truck, like
  5. My 2016 GMC 1500 SLE has been in the shop 4 times now due to Stabilizer issues, lost of steering, etc. They replaced all the cables and some box that sits up top of the battery. All cables to the steering gear and some control module last time for not communicating. Now it's back in the shop as of last Tuesday for not starting, lost of steering, etc.and I won't be getting it until this coming Monday. This is an ongoing issue with all the vehicles that share the 1/2 ton chassis, Chevy and GMC. (2014--2018) Yup, I also have an ongoing claim with GMC as it being an unsafe vehicle. Twice I ha
  6. May be the body modem? If not, your truck is haunted!! LOL
  7. So we have another who have joined the ranks of "What happened to my steering?" Just to bring mine up to date, i just last week, did the G218 thing and it was the pitts to get to. Everything was great. Then went to the ground cable that went to the frame and found that the dealer tech had replaced it onto the under coated surface of the frame. Wow- - - not too bright as they say. We ground off the undercoating on the frame and the cable end and used a new bolt and reinstalled all of it. Went for 3 days then it started all over again. Then it was OK for a day and I changed the battery d
  8. This is crazy!! Back in the day- - - before computers and such, I was pulling my horse trailer with my roping horse inside of it. Just went to dual exhausts on my 1969 F-100 (390 ci & C-6 Tranny) Taylor Bo (Horse's name) was going crazy in the trailer and he never did that before. I didn't know what was going on.. A friend told me to ride in the trailer while someone else was driving to see what his problem was, yup, it was the exhaust noise. Ended up running the pipes out to the side in front of the rear wheels. Want to know how your horse rides in a regular trailer, just ri
  9. To TXGREEK, that's exactly what my dealer wrote up. Replaced the negative ground cables and they told me it was all hunky dory! hahaha left the lot and the truck went off just like it had causing me to take it to them anyway. So I'm still searching. I'm waiting for some warmer weather here in amarillo so I can get some things done, like the G218 grounding points, especially now that I found out how to take apart the dash to access those things. I just purchased a new battery distribution block and will replace that thing also. Already had a new battery harness installed so that's good
  10. Hey thanks, that stupid thing just fell down last week and I reattached it back up with a tie wrap. Couldn't see where it went, just a connector plug stuffed into it. My truck is a 2016 Sierra SLE 4x4.
  11. Please keep us posted on this issue. Smacks of the one that started with the electric power assist in 1997 that is plaguing pretty much all of us. Often relates to the stabilitrak and grounding issues.
  12. This is interesting. I have filed a safety complaint with GM. Truck went to dealer twice but was told, "Can't replicate issue therefore can't fix it!" Really, here is the service bulletin, just go thru each step like I requested. Oh no, cant do that. " So here we sit. I know some have installed new battery ground cables , one each to the engine, frame and body and have gotten results. One replaced the battery junction block and got results. I was told to take my truck to a dealer and to email GM and they would call the dealer. For what , I don't know, but this will all happen af
  13. The stuff with the Stabilitrack/steering and stuff started in October and have been to a GMC dealer. Was told that they couldn't replicate the issue. Asked them, so what, here is the issue, here is the service bulletin so fix it. Don't just glaze at it, take it apart and fix it. The first dealer actually blew me off so now its to another. I also filed a complaint with GMC and actually got a claim number. I won't let anyone else drive the truck because the steering can be a pit. I drive the wife's car to do things. had lots of suggestion to replace the battery even if it was only
  14. Well I just bought a new battery for this thing. Lesson learned taking the old one out. Got some new band aids on the right hand! So now we will take it for a short ride tomorrow and see if the thing goes wacko. In pursuit of finding ways to perhaps correct things, I just happened to notice in settings that i could reset the vehicle to its default settings? Hmmm- - - OK we did that and now we have a thing on the dash that says I'm an idiot - -- - - big red letters " CA " So I assume that means that I need to re --calibrate this thing at a dealer? If so, why did they put that
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