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  1. Sorry for the late reply back, and thanks for the answers. The isolator sounds interesting, but I would have to read up on how this works and specifications. The winch spec of 175A comes from the manual, for 3,000# pull. (See below). Although it's a 12,000# winch, I have no need to pull that. Most of my winching has been tree limbs out of the road or camp site. That was with the old 5,000# winch. So perhaps I could get by with a 100A or 80A breaker. The old winch had a 100A breaker and used 6AWG cable, so maybe the manufacturer is worried about startup current? The battery is on the passenger side, against the firewall. The second battery location is in back of the drivers headlight inside the engine compartment. Excuse the dirty engine. Just got back from being on the back roads.
  2. A question for you guys who have been down this road. I'm installing a winch on my 2019 1500-LD dual cab. (CK15753 - 5.3/325). I would like to complete my winch install but I question where should the voltage be taken from. My preference is from the battery, to a 175A breaker, and then from the breaker to the winch controller. Any thoughts on this? I also have been thinking about a second battery as a "just in case" situation. Does anyone know of a GM document with guidelines for operating a second battery? I was thinking of the manual switch which is under the hood where you can run Battery-1, Battery-2, or Batteries 1 & 2. Thoughts on this as well as charging?
  3. Just want to follow up and send a huge Bowtie Than-Q for the suggestion you guys gave. I picked up the necessary hardware and it made a hell of a difference in towing not only my camper, but I got a separate system for my army trailer which has been used for transporting dirt, cords of wood, and even moving a co-worker. First trip of the year went smooth, and most of all uneventful. Next trip is slated for Labor Day. So thanks to the GMC/Chevy family for suggestions and 860 uneventful miles towing!!
  4. What method is there for determining which way the truck was built?
  5. Very sure, Nestor. See the doc in the link at the start of this thread. 2019 was the new body change year, if I recall the dealer's statement.
  6. Tongue weight measured at 629.4# with front sides storage filled. Most stuff stored in back so when we get on site we can unload out the door. One variable is fresh, grey, and black water. That will change day to day, despite a theoretical equalization. Another question, about braking. The brake signal, (Blue wire, Pin 2), is this signal strictly an ON/OFF voltage, or does voltage vary with the amount of pressure placed on the brake pedal, hence the ability to set gain as part of setup? BTW, thanks again for the suggestions. From what I've read it seems like the towing will be safer and more professional than just the Reese hitch and ball, bare-bones configuration.
  7. Thanks, Guys. I'll look over the hitch. Since it's basically where the Reese hitch is located, I'm trying to understand how it does a better job of distributing weight.
  8. I'm out of my comfort zone as I've not worked on suspension since the late 70s. I have a 2019 1500-LT dual cab, and a Flagstaff E19FBS. (Silverado spec attached, PDF). The tongue weigh of the trailer was measured at 629.4# (loaded) When I put the trailer on the hitch, the truck squats enough to make people coming at me think I have the high beams on. If I measure the physical drop of the hitch, from no trailer to trailer on it's 1.9". Not a lot, but enough to piss off people coming at me. The numbers, and the dealer say I'm not overloaded. Any thoughts on my options to keep the back from sagging? I'd like to head out on the highway in September. Any thoughts welcomed. Fred's 2019 Chevy Silverado.pdf
  9. Hitting this topic again as I've been out for a long time due to Covid. (All through Christmas, New Year, and beyond). Is connection 524 and 307 a steady DC signal as long as the turn signal switch is engaged? Or is it pulsing with the turn lights?
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm finding that the 2019 Silverado to be somewhat an enigma. None of the auto part stores seem to have information on the electrical system, but I'm also finding that good mechanical data is scarce. What I was told by the NAPA guy was that 2019 was a "Change Year", and some components were made from stock of 2017 and before, while other stock was from the new 2020 and later vehicle. First time I've heard of something like that. EDIT: I received an e-mail to check this URL... https://www.gmupfitter.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/19_Silverado_1500_Body_Builder_2019.pdf Page 34 may be the page I need, and tapping 524--WH and 307--YE/BN may be what I need. I only need 34mA of +12v to drive the flood control module for lights.
  11. I have a 2019 Silverado 1500-LD double cab. I've been trying to find a good wiring diagram for the vehicle, but there is nothing in Haynes, or on the web that I found. Dealer is of no help unless I want to buy the complete shop set which includes all mechanicals and engine types. The mission: 1). Install cab roof lights. Another message gave me basic info, but no specific terminal numbers. 2). I would like to locate the wires and tap the signal off the turn signal switch to a relay, turning on floods on the side of the grill guard. This is to have better illumination in the direction of turns on logging roads. 3). I would also like to put radios in my truck which we use for comms on the highway and sites. I'm looking for a convenient way to tap for the accessory signal for a relay, so when ignition is off, so are all the radios. It's my impression that there were changes in the 2018 and before, and 2020 and later which do not apply to the 2019. Any help in finding a manual showing accurate drawings, (downloadable or manual purchase), for the 2019 1500-LD would be appreciated.
  12. If you're not interested in the prices, would not one of the Vin Decoder sites work for an inventory of the vehicle?
  13. Old thread, but I'm just now coming in on this. Am I correct that the cab roof light harness plugs into a connection in the truck, or must you "tap" existing wiring for the B+ which feeds the roof array? I'm contemplating putting roof lights on a 2019 Silverado 1500 LD double cab. Haynes and other sources have not been too helpful in identifying electrical.
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