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  1. Correct on the NAVTV unit, but if the head unit does not send any frequencies above say 15kHz, then all of those frequencies will not be available for the NAVTV, DSP, and amplifiers to use use. The real question is, what are the usable frequencies provided by the head unit. Someone with an O-scope will have to answer that one. Once that is known, then on to the next step.
  2. Nice gear. I have an SD3-10 that will be hooked up soon. What kind of subs you running with all that power?
  3. Just wanted to see if anyone has checked into DYI replacement of the BOSE sub in the center console? Sub Part# 84507689
  4. Just curious, but why do you install the Autostop eliminator when you have a button on your dash to turn it off? I have this button as well, and wanted to know if there is a reason for the install.
  5. Why don't they ever put a description of these? I think if this contains the studs for the power distribution unit, I may just purchase the whole thing. At $38, it's not that bad.
  6. Yes, but just the studs. Does anyone know where I can get them?
  7. Anyone know where to get the studs that mount(slide into the brackets) in the power distribution box on top of the battery? I've checked with the local dealer parts dept., and they have no idea.
  8. I don't have any personal experience, but I seen a lot on these forums about LLJ customs being extremely hard to work with or get their orders in a reasonable amount of time. There's a thread about tearing down for audio system installs. They talk about it there and mention another place to get them that ships very quickly.
  9. I am looking at installing some electrical components on my 2020 Silverado RST. In looking at the battery distribution center on top of the battery, I have a few empty slots, some with a separation about the equivalent of an ANL fuse and Mini ANL fuse. Does anyone know where I can get these studs that slide into the brackets? I have asked my dealer, and no one knows what hey are called or where to get them. I just feel that using these spots, all installations will look clean and almost like OEM.
  10. Are these an easy add on if you don't have them currently?
  11. I got a 2020 1500 RST and have the electric back window.
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