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  1. How can I reach you... got some things that you may be able to help with.
  2. Agreed... thanks for the added thoughts.
  3. Thanks for the info and trying to help.... Glad its my money and not yours... you'd be pissed at some of the shit that I buy LOL.
  4. Toyo 35x12.5x22 Open Country M/T's 2" Level Kit Blacked out 5% tint all around Powder coated stock 22" wheels Blacked out GMC front and back. More mods coming...
  5. Yes I could move one from the front to the back and use a 20 inch steelie, but Ive got the money, would rather not have to do all of that and just have a spare that is the same.
  6. Ive got stock 22's on there and was going to pick up another stock wheel, mount another 35 inch Toyo MT on there and keep it in case one goes.
  7. I've got the Denali (short bed) and thinking about getting the Wilwood brakes which require a 20 or 22 inch wheel at minimum for a spare if one of the fronts go out. Would rather have a 1 for 1 swap and not have to worry about changing them out again after the tire is replaced.
  8. Anyone know if a 35" tire mounted to a stock 22" wheel will fit where the spare tire goes?
  9. Thinking about getting the OEM Brembos..... I looked at Brembos web site, and it looks like they dont have a version available that isnt the OEM style... Id prefer to have slotted and drilled. Will def get them if I get turbos added.. until then, I think Ill be OK with stocks. But they are tempting.
  10. I have that already in the Denali. Not sure what trim level you need to have in order to get all of the cameras that are in mine, but it may be something that can be added.
  11. There has to be someone out there making a hack.... hhhmmm Its just a Android OS... cant be that difficult.
  12. Anyone know if its possible to watch a video from a USB drive on the front screen.... I've got a 2019 Denali 1500.... dont see an option anywhere, and dont see video files listed in the USB drive when I browse for them. I know in the past, you used to be able to watch them while the vehicle was in park. Any info would be much appreciated.
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