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  1. The upfitter harness below the dash has accessory/ignition lead in it that you can tap into, I believe it’s fused at 10A
  2. I have a bunch of spare parts from a 2019 Silverado custom and a couple from a 2019 At4 Custom Parts: rear door panels $50 each, intact front drivers door panel no switches or handle $30 passanger door panel no switches $30 drivers trim pad $10 passanger trim pad $20 black both seat skins 40/20/40 front, rear with storage $75 Dash trim pieces that go over transmission hump $10 AT4 parts: Drivers interior door handle with seat memory $20 drivers door lock/window switches with folding mirror button $20 passanger door switc
  3. The arm rest has a black plastic piece in the back when you fold it down, behind it are screws that allow you to fully remove the arm rest. There are also screws in the bottom of the cup holder that allows you to remove that plastic piece. From there you can take the cover off. For the behind the seat storage, they come out once you’ve taken the seat off. Behind the seat are screws that allow you to remove the panels.
  4. My custom 2019 Silverado Custom Trail Boss 18" Fast Wheels w/1" spacers Tail Light Covers Red Chevrolet Lettering Blacked out Silverado and Custom Lettering Black tinted windows Interior: Carbon Fibre Vinyl wrapped trim Dark tint Vinyl wrapped chrome Katzkins Black/Grey leather seats with silver stitching AT4 trim pads, door panels and centre console (with USB/Wireless charging) Future plans: Recon Headlights High Country cluster (if we can figure out steering wheel control for cluster) Sub and amp
  5. I’m in Canada so I got the current set from canadaseatskins but on my last truck they were from eBay
  6. I was able to install Katzkin leather seats myself with ease in my 2015 and my current 2019. If you have a little know how and watch the YouTube videos, it’s easy
  7. I’ve just recently got my hands on a Centre console out of a AT4. I have read the other threads on the swaps but they were on higher model trucks. I have some questions. 1: can I wire the rear aux power to the aux power at the front? 2: can the USB ports be connected to the USB port on the dash or will that be to much for the 7” stereo? 3: and the wireless charger be wired and run with just a switch power and ground? it’s not a big deal if they don’t work but it would be nice if they did. I will have my jump seat with storage and leather for sale onc
  8. I have a Custom Trailboss is this something I can do on my truck? is there a way to do the cluster upgrade with this and add in the steering wheel controls to operate the cluster? is it possible to upgrade the stereo to the 8”? if any of these are possible, would you guys package any of this together?
  9. What exactly is needed to do this on a custom and be able to scroll through the menus? I’ve heard, steering wheel change, clock spring and the cluster. Is this the case?
  10. Both, it’s actually one piece that runs down to the door sill, looks like two though. So you pull the sill up and kick panel out. Be careful on the kick panel, one of the clips is a poor design and I broke it.
  11. Has anyone painted the the textured mirrors and handles before? How has the paint held up. I know prep is everything but what I want to know is if with proper prep will the paint last? Any suggestions would help, these are my planned steps. clean/degrease (suggestions on products)? sand clean/degrease adhesion promoter, 2 coats flexible primer, 2 coats, sand, 1 coat body colour 3-5 coats wet sand clear 2-3 coats wet sand buff with cutting compound mid there anything I’m missing?
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